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If you are to ask, where did the Pugs originated? Judging by its look, can you name where? Thanks to the documentation made by a Chinese Philosopher named Confucius in 551, it has been known that pugs were actually considered as royalties in China. They are considered as priced possession by the emperor. And a sign of honor if you are able to receive one as a present.

It was not long before other countries took notice of this short mouthed dog.During the 16th Century, it has reached East India then European Countries through gifts by the Chinese Royalties to their allies and business partners.

Physical Profile

What Confucius describe in one of his written artifacts is the description of a short mouth dog. This actually best described a pug. With a compact body and a glossy smooth coat. What makes them appear soft and gently is their lack of skeletal brow ridge, making their eyes look drooling. Also, another noticeable feature is their round head with lots of wrinkle covering their eyes and make them look extra lovable. Their ears are high set which can either be described as rose or button.

Diet and Nutrition

For pug puppy, three meals a day is recommended As for the adult, you have to consider the amount of exercise or activity your pug is doing to at least compensate it with the number of times it should be fed.
But for the diet, you can choose from a variety of manufactured meal for your pet. However, consider that it is still best to prepare a homemade meal where you can ensure healthy options. Choose fruits and vegetables as snacks like a carrot which is low in fat. Buy for the best meal option for your pug, you may consult your vet or breeder for an advice.


Coat. It may be glossy smooth but it does shed a lot. So make sure to use soft bristle brush teeth. Your pug will surely eat whatever you feed it. So make sure to regularly brush its teeth with canine toothpaste.
Eyes. With its lack of prominent brow ridge, a tendency is its eyes can easily get dirty. So just use alcohol-free wet wipes to remove the dirt. Ears and Nose. Use alcohol-free wet wipes or cotton pads to remove dirt lying on the layers of its skin folds.


In history, Pugs become less popular because it is said to be an unproductive dog. Well, that’s the best part I suppose. If you live in an apartment or if you don’t have a wide space at home, this cutie is a must! It literally lies and would spend days couch potatoing with you. In other words, Pugs are really home buddies. But will definitely love you unconditionally. So be sure to spend time with your pug. May it be just sitting next to each other while you watch a movie or browsing your phone. He will surely be happy.


Be it known that because of the pugs genetic condition, he is most likely to experience the following:
Dry eyes
Ear infection
Skin allergies
But don’t freak out. Just make sure to groom them regularly to avoid the extreme conditions. Best as well to visit your vet once in a while for a thorough health check.