Getting Involved in Pug Rescue Buffalo as Volunteer and Pug Adoption

Getting Involved in Pug Rescue Buffalo as Volunteer and Pug Adoption

Pug Rescue is a very popular activity now with many volunteering organisations all across the United States. The actual objective of this initiative is to rescue the pugs, which are either abandoned or neglected by their owners. Many people are considering the option of adopting a pug than purchasing it from a puppy mill now.

Along with getting a friend for life, this is also an act of kindness in which you give a second birth to a poor creature, which otherwise could have been euthanized at a killing center. The people of Buffalo can approach the following rescue organizations to consider a pug adoption. Not simply with an adoption, but if you are interested, you can also be a part of this all-volunteer organization by offering your valuable time and effort regarding fostering for rescued pugs, volunteering for vet care, transporting the pugs, helping in administrative tasks, etc.

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Buffalo Pugs & Small Breed Rescue


Buffalo Pug & Small Breed Rescue Inc. is a not-for-profit organization, which is registered as a 501(c)3 all-volunteer corporation. None of the board members, staff, or volunteers of Buffalo Pug & Small Breed Rescue as salaries. The organization was incorporated in August of 2003 and offering unrelenting services to the needy pugs for about than 14 years now. All cash donations to the facility are fully tax exempted. You can verify the tax-exempt status of the organization by checking it on the IRS website.

The current board of directors of Buffalo Pugs & Small Breed Rescue includes:

  • Ernest J Gainey III  as President
  • Jenn Wheeler as Vice President
  • Stephanie Thompkins – Board Member
  • Vanessa Gillette – Board Member / Fundraising Officer
  • Sandra Provorse – Board Member / Events Officer
Surrendering a pug

Buffalo Pug & Small Breed Rescue Inc. also offers the option to surrender your beloved pugs under unfortunate circumstances like a death in the family, financial crisis, or a relocation, etc. You can approach the administrators and fill in a form. A thorough assessment will be conducted, and if eligible, your pug will be taken in by the volunteers to be placed in a foster home until they find a permanent placement for it. The entire procedure may take some time to find an appropriate foster home and to complete the formalities.

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Rescue and adoption

Buffalo Pug & and Small Breed Rescue places all the rescued and surrendered dogs into foster homes within 200 miles of the Buffalo and Rochester region of New York. Those who are planning to adopt these dogs within the same region can submit an application directly through online. Those who are out of this area may need to visit the websites as or to find a rescued pug in your region.

There is a non-refundable donation required for adoption, and you also need to sign an Adoption Agreement to be legally bound to the adoption. The donation for adoption varies based on the dog’s age, health conditions, and other demographics.

  • Before approving the adopter application, a home visit and reference check will be done by the volunteers.
  • There is no scoping shipping the dogs or delivery at the doorstep.
  • The administrative staff put in their best effort to accurately assess and find a perfect match for each pug, but there is no warranty of any kind offered.

Pug Squad


Pug Squad is a comparatively newer name in the field of pug rescue in Buffalo. The group is there for only a few months now, even though the volunteers working for the squad have several years of experience of in rescue. However, even during this short period, has fully succeeded in forging a few highly appreciated relationships.

The group now functions in close association with BPSBR (Buffalo Pug and Small Breed Rescue). There are many foster coordinators working along with Pug Squad regarding facilitating foster care home for the rescued pugs and finding permanent homes.

Pug Squad also facilitates auctions, which is a common platform for the rescue centers and adoption enthusiasts to come together and make deals. Along with pugs and pub mixes, there is also focus on another small breed of dogs too. The volunteers are vigilant on finding out the desiring pugs, which are found abandoned or neglected to be transported to the available foster care home and vets.

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All the pugs rescued are spayed, neutered, and appropriate medical care is offered to each pug. So, those who are adopting pugs through auctions can be reassured about the shots, vaccinations, and health status of the pugs.

Adoption is not the only way to join hands with Pug Squad, but there are a lot of other ways too to volunteer and contribute towards pug rescue. You can think of donating pug items or bid on items which are displayed online. You can volunteer for transporting pugs to vets and back or open doors of your house to serve as a foster home for the rescued ones. Those who have little time to spare for all these can at least share the volunteer posts to reach to more people.

Volunteers are the heart and soul of the Pug Squad team. From writing pug care blogs to planning big events like auctions or fundraising shows, volunteers do it without a single penny as remuneration. So, even if you have just 3 minutes a week to spare for volunteering, it is worth to be spent for these helpless little animals. Some other things you can do to help pugs include:

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  • Event Coordination – To help execute some fundraising and auctions in the tri-state area.
  • Help in transporting – Drive the pugs from shelters or the surrendering owners to appropriate foster care homes. Also, take pugs to the vets and back to foster homes.
  • Promotions – Share the posts through social media and enhance public engagement with the Pug Squad.
  • Recruiting volunteers – Influence others to work as volunteers for Pug Squad.

There are few other nation-wide networks of pug rescue facilities also functioning at Buffalo with volunteers across the places. Being a part of one such organization for non-profit volunteering or adopting a pug to save it from death is a blissful experience.