Colorado Pug Rescue – A Few Directive Insights to Those Who are New to It

Colorado Pug Rescue – A Few Directive Insights to Those Who are New to It

If you are a pet enthusiast and specifically interested in pugs, it is a great idea to explore the opportunity to find a lovely pug through the pug rescue program. Usually, pugs without homes reach to the local rescue groups and their affiliates, and can be adopted by someone who is interested to take up their partnership. You can visit the Colorado pug Rescue official website at

pug in a bag

A pug may end up at a rescue shelter for many reasons. Some of these common reasons are:

  • Pugs may let loose
  • Given up by the owners
  • Lost
  • Behavioral difficulties
  • Sickness
  • Old age
  • Abandoned over a divorce dispute

Whatever the reason is, these poor four-legged rescued animals are in need of care and homes to live. By adopting a pug through a rescue organization, you are getting involved in a divine deed of saving its life along with giving it a home.

Pug rescue basics to be aware of

The rescued pugs may be found in any age, shape, size, and physical condition. Some of them may be little puppies, and a few, on the other hand, may be too old. Some may be in better health and some other in need of intensive medical care. A few of these may be well trained, but some others may have behavioral problems and may need training. Some may be traumatized or abused too.

There are a few things you need to know if you are planning to offer a better living to these poor creatures. At the first point, you must be an apt fit to rescue a pug. You need to have the financial means to care for a pug and also should be capable of meeting the veterinary costs, which may be one reason these pugs become homeless.

If you have been taking care of pets for long, and have a knack for providing training by yourself, then a pug which needs training may be a good match for you. If you are new to this, it would be ideal to adopt a pug that is well trained. If you don’t mind making extra effort to take care of your new pet, you may consider getting a disabled pug that may be suffering from conditions such as blindness or fractured limb. Many people still wonder how a pug ends up at rescue, let’s see how.

Pugs reaching a rescue

The answer most of the times is obvious and straightforward; it is the result of humankind’s bad decisions, selfishness, unkindness, or inhumane acts. People sometimes tend to do bad things, in some cases due to the circumstantial pressure and some other times deliberately. We cannot expect all the dog owners to be kind pet parent. On one hand, they want to enjoy all the benefits of having a pet. On the other, they don’t want to tolerate the chaos related to it. If it tests their limits, they simply abandon the puppies.

puppy pug

There are many other reasons why pugs end up at rescues with no reasons to blame the owners. There may be many circumstances in a person’s life with no way out than giving up their pugs and they do it with pain. The most common reason is relocation from one place to another, and unfortunately they find that dogs are not permitted by the new homeowner. This is also the case in many of the apartments too.

Most often, people don’t do the needed groundwork before getting a pug. Being unaware of the downsides of owning a pet, they soon become unhappy and want to get rid of the pug for various reasons. People choose these little cute beings for its beauty, but the pug personality is not suited for everyone.

Some other general reasons for giving up the pets include:

  • Death of spouse
  • Loss of a job
  • Financial constraints to care for a dog
  • Divorce
  • Major life events or ailments where one loses the capacity to care of a pup

All these result in the need for someone to give up their pug to programs like Colorado pug rescue so that they can find a better home. Those who love their pugs, but are forced to give them up bring them to such rescue organizations.

Some other times, the pug owners fail to train the pugs properly and ultimately make them badly behave to the owners as well as others. Even if trained properly, some dogs tend to misbehave unintentionally. Many people also get pugs as gifts, but don’t know how to bring them up. In all such cases, the owners soon tend to give up and want to get rid of the pugs.

For many such reasons, a large number of people treat their pugs as disposable objects and just throw them out without any hesitation. The good owners always find the kill-shelters unacceptable and the no-kill shelters always full, the obvious choice becomes pug rescue centers. Pug rescue organizations work on finding a new home and caregiver to these animals and ensure justice to them. The commendable efforts put forth by such organizations are a labor of love. Such pug rescue organizations exist in all major cities.

A few things to know about pugs before rescuing

If you want to rescue a pug by adopting, there are few things you need to know about them at the first point.

  • Pugs tend to shed off a lot of hair
  • Pugs love to socialize and they love to be around people
  • Pugs are friendly even to strangers
  • Pugs are the most sensitive type of breed with high sensitivity to cold and hot temperatures
  • Pugs may grunt, snort, and snore
  • Pugs are foodies

On adopting a pug, you need to research well by visiting the local dog shelters before making a decision. Ask all essential questions to the coordinators and get satisfactory answers for all your queries.

You may also have to take your time to observe the pug you are planning to rescue to identify whether it will be comfortable in your environment. Rescuing a pug is a genuine act of kindness and care to other living beings in the world. So go ahead and do it proudly, but effectively!