What Should Buyers Know When Buying Female Pug Puppies?

What Should Buyers Know When Buying Female Pug Puppies?

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever!” The wild craze that pet lovers have shown for pugs is just a case in point to support the claims of the poet who has penned the expression. For many, these small and cute creatures that take no time at all in becoming a member of the family are considered to be majestic in their ability to spread happiness and joy. As the quaint little animal hovers around the household, there is always a stream of energy and happiness that it exudes. The highly energetic dogs have the rare ability to lift spirits in a way that is perhaps rare among pets.  Having a pug at home means you are assured of oodles of sunshine and happiness emitted from these diminutive dynamos.

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Puppies are now available online

Reading up to this you might find enough reasons to look for resources that can provide you with a pug puppy that can light up the household for quite many years to come.  The easiest way to locate sellers is to browse the internet where you would find numerous websites that offer female pug puppies for sale. Indeed, this does not mean that they do not have male puppies to offer. Sellers do not have a bias for gender as both male and female puppies constitute their inventory. The choice of gender lies with the buyer. In order to decide whether to have a male or female puppy, you should know about what the differences are in terms of characteristics, behavior, temperament and physical attributes of the kind you want to buy.

Female pug puppies need more care

First and foremost, you should know that if you choose to have a female pug puppy, you need to be prepared to take quite a bit of extra care for it as compared to its male counterpart. When you adopt a female puppy, you need to know that you have to encounter the problem of heavy shedding. But then why do people still prefer female pug puppies? By knowing in advance about the problem that you might face, you can take some action that can reduce shedding. The action that you take can have a dual effect because it would also take care of some other unwanted issues that accompany the reproductive cycle of female pugs.

Get it spayed

Animals are unable to control their sexual urges that occur naturally. Therefore, to get the female dogs domesticated by keeping their sexual activities under wraps, the only solution is to get it spayed. It means that you need to ensure that the puppy is duly sterilized or spayed at the time of buying or adopting. This would mean that the pug has its sexuality suppressed, and it would relieve you from some embarrassing moments. Not having it spayed would mean that the dog enters heat reproductive phase two times a year when male dogs would chase her relentlessly, and even the problem of bleeding that takes place at such times could make your home dirty. Spaying relieves you of embarrassing and awkward moments that the pet might expose you to.

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Dual benefit

By having the pug pup spayed, you are not only able to suppress its sexual desires and even circumvent the biological needs, but the problem of shedding is also minimized.  Usually, heavy shedding that happens after every heat cycle is completely kept under control and you can avoid the eventual pregnancies that can cause even heavier shedding. Spayed female pugs are thus at par with the male ones as far as shedding is concerned. Pugs are already known for their shedding problems, and not having it spayed could be quite a disaster at home.

Reducing the health threat

There is yet another advantage of getting pug puppies spayed. Spaying involves removal of some of the reproductive organs like the ovaries.  Eliminating the ovaries eradicates the risks of ovarian cancer that can be fatal in many cases. With so many benefits, spaying puppies before buying would entail an additional cost that you have to bear.

Timid and easy to train

Considering the temperament of pug puppies, female pug puppies are somewhat timid as compared to males. At least from 6 months to 3 years, this trait is quite evident. Male pug puppies could be slightly defiant during this phase. Those who want to have an easy adoption are thus inclined to have female pug puppies that are quite mild in their manners. Female pugs are easier to train and can be more active because the male pugs are lazy and have a laidback attitude.

Websites as trading platforms

There are some popular websites that help puppy buyers meet sellers throughout America. It provides the perfect platform for selling dogs of all breeds including cross breeds from a wide variety of species. The Oodle marketplace that you find at http://dogs.oodle.com/pug/for-sale/sex_female/ has a huge inventory of pugs.  Pictures of puppies accompany every offer along with the price. A brief description of it is also provided. The website recommends meeting the seller and evaluating the puppy before taking a final decision about the purchase.

Another website http://www.hoobly.com/e9j2C/black-male-pug-puppies.htm also carry as listing of sellers offering pug puppies for sale. This website caters to the entire United States and the number of listings that are offered from each state are summarized to make it easy for searching. This saves a lot of time too. Breeders get listed on this site to have easy access to buyers.

In addition, there are many other websites of similar nature that you will come across. old pug

It’s a matter of preference

Why some people choose female puppies over males is purely a matter of personal preference. There might not be any scientific reason behind it at all. However, it would be a mistake to interpret the choice as a battle of sexes. The choice of gender of puppies purely depends on the perception of the buyer about any specific gender that attracts him or her.

Pugs are pugs no matter whether you adopt a male or a female. Regardless of the gender, the humorous and spirited qualities of the species remain the same.