Kentuckiana Pug Rescue – Details to Know about the Rescue Groups in the State

Kentuckiana Pug Rescue – Details to Know about the Rescue Groups in the State

If you are planning to add a pug to your family, one of the most wonderful and kindly act is to adopt a pug through a reliable pug rescue program. The rescue groups get the pugs in need of loving homes after abandonment or surrendering due to various reasons. There are a few such facilities at Kentucky offering a reliable opportunity to get a lovely pug in need to take home.

Like any other pet animal, pugs may also let loose, lost, or given up due to behavioral difficulties, sickness, old age, or surrendered due to a divorce dispute, relocation of the owner, or demise of the caretakers. There are also cases of pugs being abused and neglected. These pugs are then rescued by the volunteers and taken to shelters. Whatever the reason for their ill fate is, rescued pugs are lovable animals in need of a caring home for the rest of their life.

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Through adoption, you give a pug a new life and a loving home to be at. In fact, you are changing two lives with this act of kindness, of the pug’s as well as yours. Rescue pugs may come in various sizes, ages, shapes, and conditions. Some are still puppies and many others may be older, some may be in good health, some others may need special care. A few may be well trained. However, some others may need training to deal with the behavioral issues. Most of the times, rescue is the last chance of survival for the pugs as all their other options are exhausted, and you can be a part of this rescue process.

Further we will discuss about the major facilities in Kentucky and Indiana that offer pug rescue services, which you can approach in case of planning for an adoption.

Kentuckiana Pug Rescue

Kentuckiana Pug Rescue (KPR) is a reputed non-profit organization registered under 501(c)(3) and incorporated in year 2001. The volunteers of the organization are dedicated to take care of placement, rescue, and resettlement of the abandoned, unwanted, neglected, or abused pugs, by giving them a second entry into a loving and caring home forever.

KPR primarily focuses on taking the pugs from states of Kentucky and Indiana regardless of the health condition, age, and temperament. All the pugs saved by KRP receive critical medical care, immunizations, routine vaccinations, and various types of treatments as needed. These pugs are spayed and neutered prior to the placement and also receive fecal testing and heartworm.

Kentuckiana Pug Rescue is made over the base of those dedicated volunteers and caretakers who deeply care for the pug breed. They know about pug behaviors, health issues, temperament, and personality to provide end-to-end care. The volunteers are dedicated to gather, analyze, rehabilitate, and place the needy pugs at appropriate homes.

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However, KPR does not have a facility where one can come and visit the pugs. The rescued pugs are temporarily placed in the foster homes where they are cared for and evaluated by the volunteering family until one finds it adoptive house.

Bluegrass Pug Rescue

Bluegrass Pug Rescue Inc. (BPR) is a well-known, community based organization with statewide presence. Engaged in the mission of pug rescue, BPR actually does not have a physical facility to accommodate the pugs. In Kentucky also, the rescued pugs are placed in various foster homes which temporarily take care of the pugs until they find new adoptive homes. However, the adopters can view the bio of available pugs and pictures on the website. Once the paperwork and evaluation is over, you can visit the pugs in person before taking home.

BPR receives the pugs for adoption from various situations. Those who are found as strays, left at the vets or groomers, dropped off at the shelters are being found by the BPR volunteers. Pugs may also get abandoned due to unwelcome family situations like illness of the owners, shift to a distance place, divorce ending up in a situation where one cannot provide the needed care to a pug.

Once being found by the volunteers and ending up in rescue, these pugs are placed at foster homes and also taken to the vet for updated vaccinations, medical care, and procedures to be administered if needed. Spay or neuter and heartworm are also administered. Medical conditions or behavioral issues if any will be disclosed prior to the adoption.

Along with getting indulged dedicatedly in placement of pugs, there are many other activities that are also administered by BPR like fundraising, outreach, public awareness, and administrative tasks for pug wellness. All BPR volunteers have other full-time jobs and family, so the adopters need to have enough patience and understanding throughout the process of adoption to successfully accomplish it.

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Pug Rescue Network

Pug Rescue Network (PRN) is a widespread network with operations in various US states and has its presence in Kentucky too. The organization was founded back in 2004 with a vision of saving the pugs in life-threatening situations. There are dedicated volunteers serving PRN to well accomplish the goals of locating, retrieving, caring for, and eventually placing the rescued pugs in appropriate new homes for life.

PRN puts for the opportunities for the compassionate pug lovers to embrace a neglected, abused, forgotten, or misplaced pugs with compassion and offer them a wonderful home and caring surroundings to lead a happy life. To make sure that each of the rescued pugs gets a chance to find an adoptive home, PRN evaluates each of the rescued ones for temperament, health, and overall disposition. They are taken to vets, made updated with vaccinations, and provided with medical treatments if necessary. PRN also doesn’t have a centralized facility or shelter where the adopters can meet the pugs, but these are kept at foster care homes until a permanent adoptive house is found.

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Making an adoption decision

Adoption of a pug is not a decision one should rush into. If is a life-long commitment to be made, so needs to be accomplished effectively. The adopted pug will become a valuable member of your family, and you should also have enough time and facilities to care for it. Remember, no breed is ideal for everyone. So, you need to learn in-depth about the pug characteristics and needs to identify if adoption is the right option for you.