What You Need To Consider When Buying Male Pug Puppies

What You Need To Consider When Buying Male Pug Puppies

Let it be admitted that in the world of dogs, there is no superior sex. Some of the characteristic traits of males and females, though different in some aspects, are seldom considered to be advantageous in absolute terms. It depends a lot on the way the differences are interpreted. What might seem to be advantageous for some pet owners may not be so for many others?

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If you adopt a male pug puppy, you have to care for it in the same way as you would do for female pug puppies. The same applies to training as the same methods are applicable for both sexes. Female pug puppies need to be spayed in order to facilitate their habit of staying in the household. It ensures that the sexual desires that can go awry during reproductive cycles are kept under control. Unless you are a breeder, even male pug puppies need to be neutered for the same reasons. Hence, there is no reason why you should have a gender bias.

Breeders are sellers with a difference

Puppies of all types are sold on the internet and this has made it very easy for buyers to locate the perfect puppy that they want. If you come across any offering that displays male pug puppies for sale, have a close look at the website to determine the status of the seller. Some of the sellers could be individual pet owners. Pet stores and breeders are also available on such websites.

Although it means business for all, breeders are slightly different from others. They have a vision about the animals that they are passionate about. Selling does help them make money but it is not an end in itself for breeders. They look beyond it as they care too much for the animals. The emotional attachment that breeders develop with the puppies drives them to ensure that the cuddly pugs get good companions and safe homes that would be a lovable place for them.

Breeders are trustworthy

The pet-friendly attitude of breeders demonstrates how much care they take for the pets that they trade in. Buying from breeders would ensure that you get a healthy and spirited pug puppy that can spread happiness in the household. You are ensured of the right pedigree of breed that is duly certified and authenticated by supporting documents.  It gives you complete peace of mind because you know exactly what you are paying for. The trustworthiness of breeders is also high because it is their goodwill and reputation that keep their business going.

Some of the best websites that you should check out while searching for male pug puppies are Pug Now, Next Day Pets and Puppy Spot to name a few.

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Procedure for buying

If you are new to online buying of pets, here is a brief overview of the steps that are involved in buying.

  • After you have shortlisted a few puppies during browsing, send out an inquiry for each by using the link provided on the website.
  • The inquiry initiates the buying process as the agent responds to it with more information and pictures about the puppies.
  • The interaction with the agent is followed by an exchange of e-mails that confirms acceptance of the order, provided you agree to the terms and conditions of sale.
  • This is then followed by payment according to the payment guidelines, and once done, the shipment is arranged.
  • Flight booking is done for shipping the pet, and the seller gets a confirmation from you after the pet has reached you.

Do not be carried away with excitement on the arrival of the pet. Make sure that you get it checked by the vet within 48 hours to be sure that everything is fine.

When you don’t want to buy online

If you are not a fan of the idea of buying your first pug puppy over the Internet, there are ways for you to make the purchase offline as well. There are numerous pet stores all around the US. No matter which state or city you live in, you are sure to find a reputed local pet store that can offer you the healthiest breeds of pugs. To find the local pet stores, you may browse through the common household book, the yellow pages! You may call up the store in advance to know the availability of pugs. If required, you may also place a request for a particular breed or mix of a pug, and the store may arrange it for you.

Shipping puppies is an art

There is every reason for you to be sceptical about how puppies are shipped by air in the absence of proper knowledge about it. However, your concerns are all well addressed by the seller (breeder) who has the right expertise and experience in shipping it with utmost care and compassion. The pet puppy is kept inside a crate provided with a proper arrangement for breathing freely. Once onboard, the puppy is taken proper care of by the airline’s staff. The food for puppies and the feeding instructions is taped to the carton for use in transit. Frozen water is kept in the crate so that the puppy can make use of it when needed. The flight time could be anything between 4 to 6 hours. twin pug

A comfortable and safe journey

To make the long journey comfortable, the puppy is provided with a fluffy bed made from shredded newspapers inside the carton.  A pig’s ear chew is kept in the carton that the puppy would love to spend time with. In case it feels insecure a sock with the scent of the breeder is left inside the carton.

Breeders are puppy lovers

Breeders are so much in love with the puppies that they can hardly bear the sight of a sick puppy. They take all measures from quality food to de-worming and regular check up by a vet to ensure that the puppies they deal in stay healthy all through even after being adopted. Proper health certificate and registration papers are provided in support of the authenticity of puppies that are sold. The claims that breeders make are supported by documents, leaving no room for buyers to be suspicious about the purchase.

You need to assure proper care

Every purchase of puppies has to agree to treat the puppy in a humane way and take all responsibilities that are expected from an animal guardian. It is only on this condition that breeders are willing to part with the puppies.  You will also have to agree that post-sale, the breeder will be allowed to inquire about how the puppy is doing at the new place and that you are obliged to respond to such calls.

All puppies sold by breeders are guaranteed for sound health so that if any pre-existing condition of the congenital, hereditary or genetic disorder is found to be the cause of its death within 2 years, a free replacement of the pet is assured.