A Detailed Guide on Michigan Pug Rescue for Pug Enthusiasts

A Detailed Guide on Michigan Pug Rescue for Pug Enthusiasts

While most people love their pugs to death, there are those who get a pug with a lot of excitement only to realize later on that it is too much of a responsibility for them. An abandoned pug is one which has been surrendered by its owner for various reasons including a financial crisis, allergies, divorce, relocation of the family to name a few. These abandoned pugs are then rescued by NGOs and animal shelters. These organizations are responsible for bringing a pug out of an abusive home or environment.

You can also participate in this humane act of rescuing pugs if you are a pug lover by either adopting or sponsoring pugs in Michigan. The donations given to pug rescue shelters are fully tax free. Further, we will discuss about a few major pug rescue organizations in and around Michigan. You can approach these organizations for the purpose of adopting or surrendering a pug.

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Michigan pug rescue organizations

Michigan Pug Rescue or Pug Luv

Michigan Pug Rescue which is known popularly as ‘Pug Luv’ was a formed back in 2000 as a nonprofit 501C(3) organization by a group of volunteers, registered in the State of Michigan. There is no physical rescue facility maintained by Pug Luv, but all the pugs rescued are housed at private temporary foster homes. For those who want to meet pugs for adoption, there are events conducted by the organization for this purpose.

Website will be updated with the availability of foster home and the pugs which can be visited three to five days prior to each event. Interested folks can simply click on the request to meet button on the webpage to get appointments. However, as foster homes are private houses of individuals, these are not open to public unless allowed. Pug Luv doesn’t have any affiliation with breeders.

Pug Rescue Network

Pub Rescue Network is a renowned agency with their tagline as “Because there is a wonderful, loving Pug waiting for you.” By adopting a pug through the Pug Rescue Network, you do a godly act of saving the life of a pug. The rescue organization is not against breeding, but they only associate with careful breeders that are ethical and experienced.

At Pug Rescue Network, excellent care of pug health is ensured by following the below protocol.

Each pug is comprehensively examined by an experienced and licensed veterinarian.
Rabies-1 year DHPP vaccinations.
Fecal test done.
Spay or neuter if there is no significant health risk.
Standards heartworm test and further treatment if needed.
Heartworm preventative measures are taken.
Treatment of all other illnesses, malnourishment, and medical problems.
Quality and nutritious dog food.

Mid-Michigan Pug Club

Mid Michigan Pug Club is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, which was formed back in 1978. It also has an affiliation to the Pug Dog Club of America. As pugs are the most among various categories of dogs surrendered, the primary focus of the club was shifted purely to Michigan pug rescue. The pugs surrendered to the club are cared for at the foster homes and thoroughly examined by a veterinarian. After adoption the pugs are placed into a permanent homes. An adoption fee of up to $400 is also charged based on the age of the pugs and the continuing medical needs.

Mid Michigan Pug Club also publishes three to four newsletters every year with information on pugs for adoption, club event announcements, and testimonials of adopters, as well as discussions and expert articles about general pug health issues.

Adopting a pug

Adopting a pug from a rescue shelter is an act of kindness as you are actually trying to save the life of a pug in need. Pugs purchased from an actual pet store or puppy mill perpetuates puppies for-profit industry, whereas pug rescue is a pure non-profit volunteering.

However, you should not be in haste while adopting a pug. It is a commitment you are going to make for years. Your pug is supposed to be an additional member of your family, so you need to be well prepared for it. If you are new to pug parenting, learn as much as possible about the characteristics of this breed and choose one that is an ideal match to your lifestyle and personality. The procedure includes:

Step 1: Application and Review

You have to submit an application to the pet rescue organizations (three of the major ones in Michigan have been discussed above). You application will be reviewed and you will get official information on whether your application has been approved or rejected. Upon getting approved, you can schedule a visit to the facility.

Step 2: Personal discussion

Next, you can contact a rescue volunteer to discuss about the specifications with regards to the personality of the pug your are looking for. Feel free to ask questions and also expect to answer several questions that they may ask to confirm your eligibility.

Step 3: Home visit

Through the home visit, you get to know more about the pug you are going to adopt as well as to see whether it can get along well in your environment.

Step 4: Adoption day

If the home visit goes successfully, the exciting day of welcoming your new member comes up next. Ensure that you keep all the supplies ready including dog bowls, food, various treats, fixing a dog door (if necessary), collar, crate and a leash etc. On that day, you also need to sign the adoption agreement and pay adoption fee if any. Also make sure that you get the certificates and updates on vaccinations, heartworm tests, fecal test, health exams etc.

Post adoption, you can coordinate with the pug rescue volunteers in terms of the progress of the pug you adopted, treatments needed if any, and also to clarify your doubts related to pet parenting. Usually, the adoption fee is not charged as the price of the pug you adopt, but rather to cover the expenses and other costs involved in nurturing the many other dogs in their care. You can also be generous to donate more for this purpose, which if done for 501(c)(3) nonprofit dog rescue organizations, is completely tax free.