The Pacific Rescue Pugs Are Extremely Affectionate Dogs To Pet

The Pacific Rescue Pugs Are Extremely Affectionate Dogs To Pet

Do you love pugs a lot? Do you believe that when you will buy a dog for the home or family you will choose a pug in the first place? Are you short of money to get one from the dog breeder? Well in that case, if you are sure you would love a pug no matter what, because you love this affectionate dog breed so much, you always have a way to own one. This is by getting a rescued pug. You get rescue pugs at pug rescue homes or shelters. And if you are living near Idaho, Oregon or Washington then you have a brilliant place to find the sweetest rescue pugs. It’s the Pacific Pug Rescue non-profit organisation.

What is Pacific Pug rescue?

Pacific Pug Rescue is an organization which is a totally non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. It runs totally on charities and funds and donations from the common man. The aim of the organization is to rescue pugs, and find them a home. There are pugs in many places that get mistreated, or lose their home due to some ill fate. The organization collects them, and gives them shelter, food, love, and care, till the pug is lucky to find a new foster family and home where it may spend the rest of its life.

Why own a rescue pug?

It’s a brilliant idea to find your companion from the hundreds of dogs who are waiting at rescue homes to be adopted by a loving and caring master. You would have invested otherwise in buying a pup from a dog breeder. And you still can do that. But when you look at the noble cause that a homeless dog gets a new home, while you get a companion, and the fees you pay for the adoption is used for taking care of many such helpless pugs with total care, you enjoy an overall satisfaction. We all try to make our lives meaningful in several ways, and this is no small a way to make your life meaningful, when you just don’t bring home a pup, but you bring home a rescue pug, which badly needed a home.

Pugs of different ages

When you are getting ready to become a foster family for the Pacific rescue pug, you will have to decide which age of a pug you will be taking with you. Pugs get rescued at various ages. Some are still pups, while some young, and some senior. And there are some pros and cons with every age group.

smiling pug

Why you would get a senior rescue pug?

You would go for a senior age group pug, if you need a calm and composed lap dog which would company you, and stay beside, but not become destructive with things at home. It’s not a tendency of older pugs to shred or chew on things, or break items and play mischievously. Older pugs won’t do that. Rather they will be a matured and calm companion. If you are not willing to handle tantrums, and want a peaceful way to begin as the master, you should go for the senior pugs. They are really classy. But you must remember to care for them with full preparation, get a health insurance, and never forget giving it ample attention. A pug gets bored easily if it doesn’t get the attention from the family or master. Hence, you must play enough with it, and cuddle it.

Why you may choose to get a pup rescue pug?

There are pros and cons of getting a pup too. If you get a pup in a rescue pug shelter, and feel tempted to get one, you must know first that pug puppies are not as calm and composed as the young and seniors are. Rather they can be a menace for you. Nothing at home will be left in one piece until it turns 2 years. A pug puppy can be very mischievous, playful, and extremely naughty. It will eat things it should not, tear and shred things it should not, and run here and there, jump and play, and warm up the whole house with it’s funny and sometimes irritating activities. Yet you will always love it for the funny and sweet thing it is.

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Do you know all about the pug?

A pug may be your first pet. And in that case you must gain a thorough knowledge about it. Do you know that a pug is really prone to eye injuries for its eyes being bulging out and face being flat? You will have to keep it safe always. Do you know that these cute doggies have the habit of getting into trouble by jumping unnecessary heights and snapping off their leg bones? You must take care here too. Do you know that they can eat almost anything and all inedible items you may never think of can be gulped down by them as they are a greedy eater? You have to keep that in mind while pug proofing the home.

The pug sheds 365 days a year, and without a vacuum cleaner you won’t be able to manage the massive pet dander here and there. You have to be careful that it never brings on a trouble by reverse sneezing. And in this way there are so many things you will have to take care of, and know in details to manage a pug the best.

So many Pacific rescue pugs are waiting at homes to get owned by loving masters.

You can always extend your loving helping hands towards a rescue pug to become a foster family. A lot of pugs are rescued every week and month. And they all deserve to get a good owner and a nice family. Hence if you have no such inclination to bring home a small puppy and you just need a loyal and lovable dog that will give you all the love and loyalty in return, get a rescue pug, and bring it home.