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Pug Breeder

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So, you are planning to get a pug dog? That’s great! These short-snouted breeds are utterly adorable. They are cute, easy to maintain, and very friendly.

Although pugs are not the liveliest breeds, they are still reliable companions. Remember that this breed is a bit more serious than other small dogs. They are fairly laid-back. They don’t bark or chew much.

Despite that, pugs enjoy companions and are very affectionate. They get along with other fur babies and children, too. Undoubtedly, pugs are excellent companion dogs!

Moreover, a pug breed is extremely easy to keep. But it is more prone to obesity. So, proper diet and exercise are a must. They do not do well in very hot and humid weather. This breed tends to snore, too. Why? Because of their short muzzles. Too hot temperatures can lead pugs into heatstroke.

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A healthy pug breed can live up to 14 or 15 years. So, if you want one, make sure to give your fur baby some daily exercise. This way, you can prevent weight problems.

Grooming is also important for pugs. It keeps facial wrinkles clean. It also prevents their dense coat from shedding. You should gently wipe your pet’s face with a wet cloth every day. It will prevent stained snouts.

Finding a reliable pug breeder is not too difficult. This breed is pretty famous worldwide. So, if you wish to have a pug from a breeder, please continue reading.

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How to Choose a Reliable Pug Breeder?

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Remember that you can rescue, adopt, or purchase a pug puppy. Pugs are very cute. They are also very curious and enjoy discovering new things just like us. Finding a reputable breeder seems impossible. But it is not. However, choosing pug breeders requires research.

Thankfully, our team has gathered all resources. It will help you find a reputable pug breeder. Remember to choose the one with healthy pug puppies.

Knowing some important details is an important step in being a responsible pug parent. Whether adopting or not, it would help if you were prepared.

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So, how do you choose a reliable pug breeder? Please keep reading.

Ask other people for recommendations.

Of course, talking to people can help you. If your friend has a pug, ask where they got him. You can also ask a veterinarian. This specialist can help you because they see lots of pug puppies. Most veterinarians give trustworthy references.

Meet breeders online or at local dog shows.

Most reliable pug breeders attend local dog shows. Some of them also run a website. Did you see a cute pug on social media? Slide into the owner’s DMs and ask about the breeder.

Visit a breeder’s place.

It is always best to see the puppies’ shelter in person. We should avoid any “parking lot” transactions. Why? Because a responsible pug breeder is proud to show their kennel’s home. Besides that, a responsible breeder allows customers to visit and tour the place.

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Pug breeders should not also cage these fur babies for long periods. Make sure it is not also a puppy mill. A place with high volumes of pups is a red flag. A responsible breeder considers the parents and their babies as family members. They also treat them with love and care.

Besides that, they should allow you to spend time with the dogs. Make sure that they are friendly. These fur-friends should also socialize well with people and other animals.

Make sure a breeder has an excellent partnership with a licensed veterinarian.

A reliable breeder works closely with a licensed veterinarian. The doctor should examine each pug puppy. He should also provide parasite control and immunizations. This way, the breeder can provide you with a complete medical record of each fur baby.

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Besides that, a reliable breeder considers veterinarians as a support system. They should allow at-home visits. This way, an animal expert can monitor all puppies. He can also offer specific examinations.

Working with a licensed veterinarian is important. It will help the breeder get an idea of the possible medical conditions of a particular breed. The doctor can also refresh their knowledge and bring more information about pugs.

Check if they practice responsible mating.

You should also check if the breeder practices responsible mating. What is responsible mating? Pug breeders should take genetic predispositions into account. This way, we can reduce potential inherited problems.

Moreover, they should present documentation about the pup’s parents and grandparents. They should screen for all hereditary breed problems. Some common problems are heart conditions, eye problems, and hip dysplasia.

Provides documentation of pedigree and other registration papers.

As we have mentioned above, a responsible breeder should have all the documentation. Some breeders can also provide a written contract. It is a guarantee that your preferred pug puppy will undergo a pre-purchase examination by a veterinarian of your choice.

Once you find medical problems, you can return the puppy, and they will provide a full refund.

Visit an American Kennel Club/AKC breeder.

American Kennel Club AKC Registration

We highly recommend you to visit American Kennel Club or AKC. This pug dog club offers 100% AKC puppies. All of them are in excellent condition.

If you want to see available dogs, please visit their website. AKC-registered pug puppies have pedigrees that trace their heritage. In-kind, you will know what to expect as your fur baby grows.

AKC also practices responsible mating. All puppies here have predictable activity levels, grooming needs, and temperaments.

This pug dog club is available in the United States. This organization can help you find the best breeder near you.

What to Ask a Pug Breeder?

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So, what are the questions to ask the pug breeders? This question is one of the common we have seen in social media. People want to know what to look for in pug breeders.

In this section, we will give you the ultimate list to ask. We will also give some warning signs. It will make you decide when to walk away.

Yes, you might see one pug puppy that caught your heart. But are you sure it is the right one for you? Are you sure it is healthy? We know that it is easy to say yes. But you should look into the deeper details.

Many pug parents did not research well when they go their first-ever pug puppy. Unluckily, some of their dogs did not end up well. Remember that pugs are a famous breed for several health problems. So, you should be very careful in your questions and decisions.

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These dogs are very hard to resist. Why? Because of their cuddly squat bodies and cute squashed faces! You might feel tempted to take the cutest pug and go if you are a first-time owner. But, please don’t. Before proceeding, you need to discuss with the breeder first.

Ask all the necessary questions. Make sure they answer truthfully. You can ensure that your pug puppy will fit your lifestyle by doing this.

Note: Be suspicious of breeders offering low prices. Remember that pug puppies have high maintenance. It is not a cheap breed. If the price is too good to be true, please walk away. Low prices can be a sign of unhealthy pups or irresponsible breeding.

What are the requirements for taking home a pug puppy?

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Of course, you should ask for the requirements. They should ask about your lifestyle, family, and personality. They will also ask for IDs and other proof. This way, they can guarantee that you can pay for the pug’s needs.

Reputable pug breeders ask lots of questions. Why? Because they care about their puppies’ lives. The breeder wants to know that you can give a loving a life-long home.

You should also expect some invasive questions. How much time do you stay at home? Do you live in a condominium? House? Do you have a yard? How will you train the puppy?

Please be honest in answering all questions. Remember that a responsible pug breeder wants to make sure you are responsible. All questions will help them decide if you and your preferred pup match.

Can I meet the parents?

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Sometimes, pug breeders can allow you to meet both parents. However, some male parents are not owned by the breeder. Usually, the mommy dog is more likely to be available. Hopefully, your breeder will allow you to bond with her.

Once you meet the parent/s, please observe her behavior. See how she responds to strangers. You should also check her temperament. She should be kind and trusting, too.

Also, meeting the parents will give you an idea of your puppy’s eventual size and appearance. Fur babies inherit most of these traits from their parents.

What is your experience with pugs? How long have you been breeding pugs?

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Ask dog breeders about their experience in pug breed. They should be knowledgeable about proper mating. Pugs here should have a proper diet. With enough experience, a breeder can tell you specific health problems.

Remember that a reputable pug breeder will speak truthfully about their experiences. Regardless of whether you are a first-time dog-buyer or not, their answers will show their experience and knowledge.

Did the parents undergo medical tests?

Of course, you should ask about the parents’ medical conditions. Ask to see heath and certification paperwork. Remember that the parents’ pedigree and registration documents are essential or pure-bred dogs. You should also receive your pups upon purchasing.

However, some pug breeders withhold the documents until the pug dog is spayed or neutered. It will still vary. It depends on the breeder’s contract.

Knowing the parents’ health history will give you an idea of your pup’s health. You should look out for hereditary issues, such as heart, hearing, and eye problems.

Moreover, remember to ask how old the parents are. Pug dog should give birth above three years old. This way, they have already developed unseen genetic health issues. We highly recommend purebred pugs above four years old, to be sure.

When can I take a pug puppy home?

Usually, you can only take home your preferred puppy once he is at least twelve weeks old.

Do you provide a health guarantee?

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Pug puppies should have updated vaccinations. You should ask whether a vet has checked these fur babies. You should not buy unvaccinated puppies. Why? Because of distemper and parvo. These diseases are highly contagious. If your puppy has not received his vaccination against these diseases, he is at risk of severe illness. Some also die from parvo and distemper.

You should ensure that your puppy has received at least the first batch of vaccinations. It should have been administered before the two months mark.

We should not take shortcuts in getting the pugs we want. We should not overlook these things because the world is full of viruses.

Vaccinated puppies have enough resistance to viruses. This way, we can guarantee enough protection outside the shelter. It may seem hassle. But defenseless puppies are very vulnerable to death.

How do your pug puppies socialize?

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Some pug parents often overlook this question. It is very important. We wanted you to add this to your list. Why? Because it is important to see how the pugs socialize with each other. Compatibility is the key!

Pug puppies should feel comfortable in a home environment. They should also learn how to adjust and not feel stressed in new environments.

Ask about the possible temperament. This question is more important if you have kids, cats, few or lots of people in your home. This way, your breeder can help select the right pug for your family.

Ways to Improve Your Decisions

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Learn about pugs

Pug puppies have unique needs. This dog breed need a different feeding and, sometimes, training. It also requires some maintenance. Pugs have folds in their faces. We need to clean it at least twice a week. We should also familiarize ourselves with potential pug health problems. Learn the risks and how you will deal with them.

All pugs are prone to eye problems. It is due to building eyes. Their eyes are usually more exposed than other breeds. This breed is also prone to heatstroke. They have flat faces, making it hard to breathe in hot weather.

Understand the Breeding Standards

Breeders should follow the proper pug breeding standards. They should choose suitable mates. This way, pug puppies can inherit the appropriate physical characteristics and temperaments.

Taking care of fur babies is like a full-time job. Breeders should give enough time and care for each pup. Their responsibility is to provide a safe ad warm place for parents and their babies. They should also have enough funds for veterinary expenses.

Besides that, a breeder should have a basic understanding of the parents’ genetics. Everything about the babies’ looks and heath will rely on the genes passed by their parents.

The more knowledge a breeder has, the more likely they can produce healthy pug puppies.