Guide to The Right Way of Buying a Pug Puppy in Connecticut

A Brief Guide to The Right Way of Buying a Pug Puppy in Connecticut

Having the reputation of being man’s best friend, dogs are the most widely adopted pets in households across the world. Dogs have the ability to enrich our lives and subsequently become a member of the family. Pet lovers are attracted to all kinds of dogs per se but when it comes to adopting it in the household, the smaller breeds seem to be more attractive. Space limitations could be one of the reasons for the inclination towards smaller breeds like pugs. The blunt face and large eyes of the diminutive creature with a dark patch outlining its facial contour has such a compelling appeal that you cannot keep away from it. Rather you tend to get closer and cuddle with the highly spirited playful canine.

It is only normal that you will come across a lot of websites and advertisements that offer pug puppies for sale in CT. Instead of being carried away by the claims that the sellers make, be prepared to verify those claims with the help of your knowledge and experience aided by some dependable and expert vet who can accompany you to the seller. How to make the right moves in buying the best pug pup has been discussed in this article.

Pay attention to pedigree

Pet lovers in CT are greatly drawn to pug puppies that are in good demand. It’s very good business for pet stores that are eager to satisfy the needs of pet lovers. However, you have to be careful in buying pug puppies so that you get home a healthy puppy that could be counted as a member of your family in due course. In order to lay your hands on purebred dogs only, take a look at its lineage or pedigree. This points to the family from where it has descended and adds true value to the breed. The pet store should help you in this regard.

Types of sellers

Dogs are sold from pet stores that not only trade in pets but also deal in everything related to it. From food to accessories and clothing you can find whatever you need for pets at the stores. Then there are exclusive outlets of dog breeders that sell dogs only. Experienced breeders raise pugs only with the intent of selling them to reliable people. The third type of sellers that you could come across comprises of animal rescue groups that regularly offer pug puppies to animal lovers. Once you have identified a few sellers, you should check their background to know about their business integrity which points to the reliability for providing healthy puppies of good breed.

Health concerns of pug puppies

Not having a vet accompanying you when buying pugs can be a disadvantage because it would deprive you of the opportunity of evaluating the health of the puppy which is extremely important. Regardless of the breed, the puppy that you buy should have a satisfactory health history. Pugs in particular are prone to having breathing problems, and they also have a tendency of getting obese. Moreover, the vaccination record of the puppy you select has to be checked for compliance. This is particularly important for stray puppies that are rescued and subsequently offered for sale. The vet accompanying you can conduct a prima facie health check and identify any concerns that may be concealed under apparently healthy looking puppies.

Gather information from the web

The internet has opened up endless opportunities of gathering information on any topic. You can access a host of information about buying and selling dogs, and can get valuable tips about what would be the right way to buy pug puppies. Pet sellers of all kinds have websites that provide exhaustive information about the breed that you are looking for.

Connecting buyers with breeders

The website is dedicated for pugs only in the region of Connecticut and connects buyers with breeders who tend to be more authentic than the other sellers. The website includes a directory of pug breeders and you could find one easily near your home by entering the zip code of your locality. The website also lists dog rescue shelters for those who would like to adopt pug puppies from such places. However, it does not offer dogs for sale. is another website for Connecticut dog lovers that can lead you to the pug breeders.

Buy from here

All information related to the dogs that are sold through various websites is available to buyers including the pictures of the pups. You will know all about the breed, age, sex and color of the dogs being offered from sale except the price.

Every dog is given a name for easy identification as you would find in that caters to dog lovers of Connecticut exclusively.

Select from the internet

With dog sellers going online, it has now become extremely convenient for buyers to do good homework before taking purchase decision. Every detail that you seek about the shortlisted puppies is now at your fingertips. Viewing the lively photographs creates an instant connection with the puppies as you would also come to know about their likes and dislikes as well as behavioral patterns. This gives good indication about how well mannered the lovely puppy would be once inducted in your household.


Know the right ways of buying

The websites also provide enough content that are useful for educating dog lovers that provides much insight into the ways of buying pug puppies that are just right for you. Having done with the primary selection on the basis of website information available, the final rounds of commercial negotiations happen face to face with the sellers. This is also the time when you get the opportunity to touch and feel the puppy that could become your lovable companion some day.

Insist for the Certificate of Health of the puppy from the seller. You can even get a health check done to ensure that the puppy you buy is healthy and safe for keeping at home which can add to your joy and happiness.