Details About Pug Puppies For Sale In MA, Massachusetts

Details About Pug Puppies For Sale In MA, Massachusetts

You have dreamt of a beautiful pug puppy for years on end. You have carried all sorts of research and established that indeed this is the breed for you. Well, nobody ever told you some things about pug puppies for sale in Ma. At, we ensure that you know all that there is about pugs. Therefore read on, and at the end of the article, you will be able to tell whether this breed is a perfect fit for you.

What nobody told you about pugs

To start with, always have it at the back of your mind that no two pugs are similar. Just because your friend’s pug is a snug does not mean that, yours too will have the same characteristics. It wrong to judge all pugs by your experience with just one or two other pugs.

small pug

Generalizations about pug puppies that tend to be true:

  • A female pug puppy will be more hyperactive and pushy compared to a male one.
  • Male pug puppies are always laid back and easy to handle compared to their female counterparts.
  • Black pug puppies tend to be active and busy all the time. They are more aggressive and show a much bolder attitude.
  • Fawns, on the other hand, tend to be more laid back and less aggressive.
  • Reality with a pug puppy.

Often, everyone and every site will talk to you about how pug puppies are sweet, cuddly, affectionate and laid back. While all this is true, nobody will prepare you for the horror and shock that you will experience when you have your pug puppy settled at home, and you discover that your sweet pug is a whirling dervish of energy who only sleeps with one eye open and the next minute is all over the house racing.

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Even with all the sweetness and cuddliness of your best friend, expect some mischief such as nipping, gnawing, jumping, chewing, shoe destruction, pulling on clothes and general mayhem that will leave your house a total mess.

The reality is that no pug puppy is a couch potato. They are all crazy the magnitude of madness, however, ranges from one pug puppy to another. At least until the age of two years, be sure you will not have a couch potato. After two years, your pug puppy may or may never change for the better.

If you buy pug puppies from a reputable breeder, they may finally get the temperament when they grow older. However, with pug puppies, expect to see mega loads of energy. If you are purchasing your pug puppy from a pet store, or newspapers adds, then you can never be sure of the kind of temperament you will end up with, in your house. You could be lucky and get the stable temperament, which is the perfect definition of the breed. If you are not lucky, you might land a high energy and high drive animal that will take several years to settle down, that is if it will ever settle down.

Taming the high drive

That pug puppies can drive you crazy does not mean that you should not get yourself one. There are tactics that you can use to tame your little man and make him use the energy in the right way. Look for an activity that will make the pug puppy work and think. For starters, engage your pug puppy in obedience training. Even if it is just for two hours that will take a toll on the puppy’s mind and take off the edge of the busy dog.

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Company keeping

If you have an extremely busy schedule or you will be away from home half the times, then a pug puppy is not the ideal choice for you. Reason being, pugs were created as social animals. They need people who will engage them and keep them company. Just like children, pug puppies brains need activity and stimulation to develop. If you leave your pug puppy caged for 8 hours be ready for action and activity when you get home. For this behavior, they are known as Velcro dogs. Therefore, if you do not want a dog that will be all over you wherever you are including the bathroom, then a pug puppy may not be a good choice for you.

Weather and climate

As a resident of Ma, ensure you get a pug puppy from the same region. Pug puppies are affected by extremely hot or cold weather conditions. Getting a pug puppy that has been breed in the area you live in will give it a higher survival rate. It will also make it easy for you to take the pug puppy out for walks without it being affected by the weather and seasons.

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Before visiting pug puppies for sale ma, ensure you have read and understood the other side of pugs that nobody ever told you about. If you find them compelling, then you may go ahead and contact for a perfect little pug puppy.