Guide To Pug Puppies For Sale Near Me

Guide To Pugs For Sale Near Me

Where can you find a good seller and the right pug puppy for your family?

Pugs are among the top 20 small dog breeds found in American homes. They are steadily climbing the rankings in terms of popularity. They are extremely adaptable to small apartments and can be trusted to stay alone for a couple of hours while the owners are out. They have also been voted as one of the safest breeds of dogs to be let around children.

As the popularity of pugs, especially fawn pugs have been steadily growing over the last few years we have been noticing a phenomenal increase in the number of people looking to sell pug puppies online. People have been buying and selling dogs online for a very long time now. But the hyperbolic increase in the demand of pug puppies is opening windows of opportunity for puppy mills to sell their puppies online without the requirement of stringent quality control and verification methods.

So where can you find reliable breeders?

Finding reliable and responsible breeders who adhere to ethical practices of dog breeding can be hard to find. But a good breeder with authentication from kennel clubs can mean getting an even tempered puppy with good health. A good breeder will also make sure that the parents have their registration certificates, so your pug puppy can have his in due time.

The most likely place to spot a puppy includes dog shows and good vet offices. You can also contact local, registered breed clubs for their references or you can ask the American Kennel Club or AKC for their personal breeder referrals.

If you know anyone with a pug of exceptional good health, temper and breed recognition certificates, you should go ahead and ask the person where he got his puppy from.

What are the questions you should ask the breeder if you want to buy a pug puppy online?

Firstly, we would urge you to visit more than one website to verify the breeder’s credentials. Secondly, make sure that your breeder can set up a meeting with the puppies and their parents where they currently live.

If your breeder is hesitant about letting you meet the mother or has quite a few number of puppies (more than 10) for sale at the same time, scoot. These are telltale signs of a puppy mill business and you should not be enabling it.

Question 1: Where do the puppies currently live?

Answer: “in the house with their mother” should be the ideal answer. Make sure that the puppies have had human contact before you welcome them home. Puppies that live with a family in their early years are more adjusting, happy and easier to train.

Question 2: Is it possible to meet the parents before the deal is sealed?

Answer: the answer should be a confident “yes”. Most ethical breeders know the concerns regarding the training process, temper and health of the puppy after he/she grows up. Meeting with the parents gives you an insight into their temper and personality. Also, it is the litmus test for purebred pugs.

Question 3: Are there other litters bred this year that you can choose from?

Answer: if the answer is a “yes” you might be dealing with an unethical breeder and chances are, the health of the puppies will be compromised. An ethical breeder usually raises one or two litters per year. The limited number of puppies ensures that they get enough nutrition and care.

Question 4: Do the parents have health clearance? If so, is it possible to get a copy?

Answer: pugs are one of America’s favorite small breeds, but unfortunately they are also the ones plagued by a plethora of congenital disorders, genetic diseases and conditions. This makes it mandatory for the good breeders to provide documentation from independent agencies like the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals and the Canine Eye Registration Foundation.

These certificates are extremely necessary for pugs to register them at the AKC and prepare them for dog shows. These health clearance certificates are supposed to clearly state that the parents and grandparents (who should be certified pugs, if you want your pug puppy to be purebred) have been tested for genetic problems.
It is advisable that you research a bit on the hereditary conditions that most commonly plague purebred pugs before you get your puppy. This will give you an idea what tests you should be looking for in the health clearance documentations.

Question 5: How old is the mother?

Answer: we have seen that certain diseases don’t show up until the puppies are about 2 years old. So your breeder must be able to show some kind of authorized age proof for the mother pug. Responsible and ethical breeders do not breed pugs that are younger than 2 years.

If you have spotted a cute pug puppy for sale, these are the few questions you should be committed towards asking the breeder. The medium of your contact will hardly make any difference if your breeder can make sure that you are able to meet the family and owners of the pugs.

On an additional note, if you are not interested to breed the puppy you will be buying, a good breeder will always help you get a hold of a contract that will take care of spaying or neutering the puppy. Your breeder should also be very upfront about the health problems inherent of this breed and any behavioral issues that pugs may have.

Be ready for a myriad of questions from your breeder

If you are buying the puppy from a good breeder, you will be asked a slew of questions. Asking questions to be sure about the puppy’s health and well-being is not just a one-sided privilege for buyers. Breeders who put in a lot of effort to take care of their dogs and the puppies always try to make sure that the puppies are going to a good home. Also, don’t be too glum if you are not allowed to take the puppy immediately after booking it. Good breeders do not let go of their puppies before they are at least 8 weeks old.

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