Pug Rescue of New England - Some Top Organizations in The Area

Pug Rescue of New England – Some Top Organizations in The Area

There are many pet lovers who are looking forward to the most kindly act of adoption of pets, which are badly in need of a loving house to be at. Pug rescue is increasing in demand lately as these are the most adorable and friendly breed of dogs to bring home. Adoption from pug rescue shelters is really a godly act, which can change the life of two individuals at a time — the pug you rescues as well as yourself as a caring and responsible pet parent.

If you live in New England and are looking for opportunities to volunteer, foster, or adopt at pug rescue, here we will discuss some of the best organizations for you to check out. Adopting a rescued pug is not an overnight decision to be made in haste, but you need to check various aspects of it before bringing one home. We will discuss the essentials to be considered in terms of rescuing and adopting a pug in the forthcoming articles, here let’s have a quick overview of the pug rescue centers in New England.

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Pug Rescue of New England (PRoNE)

Website: http://pugrescueofnewengland.org/

Pug Rescue of New England (popularly known with the abbreviation as PRoNE), is a fully non-profit rescue organization, registered under 501(c)(3) and functions with a network of volunteering foster homes.

The mission of PRoNE is to find caring homes for the surrendered and abandoned pugs found in all six states of New England. All the pugs at PRoNE are made up-to-date on the immunizations shots, and spayed or neutered prior to being put into the foster/permanent home.

The operation of Pug Rescue of New England is supported with the collected donations, adoption fee, and other funds raised through various events like Pug Social annually and PRoNE 5K etc. Pet lovers can contribute to the organization to help the pugs by making donations online.

  • To adopt pugs, an application fee is there of $10 per application.
  • The adoption fee at PRoNE is $400 on average.

Each of the PRoNE pugs is completely vetted and checked up prior to adoption including all shots, heartworm test, spay/neuter etc. Pugs also receive the Heartguard and get all the medical issues addressed. If you want to volunteer at pug rescue in PRoNE, there is no fee required to enroll. You just need to be of age 18 at a minimum to work for the organization as a volunteer.

PAWS New England

Website: https://www.pawsnewengland.com/

PAWS New England was established in 2005 as a volunteering organization by three of its co-founders who are passionate about animal rescue. It was first started in the name of Tipton Treasures for the first three years of its operations and then the name was changed officially PAWS New England in the year 2008 upon getting the non-profit registration approved.

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As of now, PAWS New England consists of more than 100 volunteers actively involved in the rescue and fostering initiatives. All these non-paid volunteers donate their time only for their love towards these poor animals. There are many rescued pugs being nurtured at the foster care homes ready for adoption at PAWS New England.

The organization also has many veterinary partners offering care services at reduced cost and taking care of the health of the pugs. The organization also works in close association with a few transportation companies which help to bring up more rescued animals.

The foster network of PAWS New England is the life vein of its operations, which continues to grow over the years. Along with offering services at New England, PAWS also works in association with various groups across Arkansas, Tennessee, Missouri, Texas, and Louisiana etc.

Adopt A Pet

Website: http://www.adoptapet.com

It is a non-profit, volunteer-supported pet rescue organization functioning at New England area. The organization only accepts the pugs from New England area and only adopts to the NE area. The organization doesn’t take pugs from the puppy mill auctions. The puppy rescue services of the organization were started about 26 years ago.

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One of the founders was Doris Aldrich, who also founded the famous Patriot Pug Dog Club (which is a closed club for pug breeders and handlers to present their pugs in AKC shows). The members of Adopt a Pet initiative are not breeders, but pet-loving volunteers who are passionate towards the pug breed.

Anyone in New England can be a part of this initiative by offering foster care homes, volunteering in rescue, or by adopting pugs. The most important need is to get long-term foster caregivers who can take care of handicapped and old pugs.

There is no centralized facility or shelter where the adopters can see the pugs. All the rescued pugs are sheltered at the foster care homes throughout all six NE states. You can get information about the pugs under foster care on the websites with details mentioned. The adopters can also access the pictures and there is also an outreach program held by the facility to make people aware of the organization.

Adoption fees are $300.00 for pugs under 1 year of age, $250.00 1-7 years old, and $200.00 7-10 years old. There is no set fee of the pugs over the age of 10, but donations are accepted. Before adoption, all the pugs are evaluated thoroughly for the temperament, updated vaccinations, done spays/neuters, and addressed to all existing medical problems.

Forever Home Rescue New England

Website: https://www.foreverhomerescue.org/

Forever Home Rescue New England is another well known 501 (c)(3) rescue organization located in New England and devoted to saving the life of pugs and other breeds. The facility follows Massachusetts rules and regulations regarding quarantine, transportation, and adoption of rescued dogs.

Open Houses are conducted by Forever Home Rescue on almost every Monday between 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. and in some cases, it will be also held on Saturdays at 106 Adams St, Medfield, MA. Along with pugs, there are other breeds of dogs for adoption. The goal is to find the dogs permanent and loving homes. The adoption fees at Forever Home Rescue include the transportation fee, veterinarian charges and spay/neuter procedures, quarantine fee, and altogether the cost of adoption may range from $350 to $450. bench sitting pug

If you are planning to adopt, you can submit your adoption applications to these facilities in New England. However, also take some time out to meet the volunteers if possible to know the various aspects of adoption in detail. As discussed above, many of these facilities also arrange for outreach programs through which you will know about various aspects of caring for rescued dogs if you are new to it.

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