A Reliable Place for Finding Your First Puggle - Puggle Rescue

A Reliable Place for Finding Your First Puggle – Puggle Rescue

If Pugs are widely loved by pet lovers, can Puggles be far behind? After all, it owes the lineage to the adorable Pugs that have been crossbred with the Beagle tom to produce this new breed. Considering that this new breed was introduced in the US in the eighties, Puggles have been around for nearly three decades. While the Pug appears to be the predominant choice of breeders producing mixed breeds, the Beagle has been chosen perhaps due to its superior intellect and inherent skills. Puggles enjoy a large share of the popularity of Pugs due to their affable nature and ability to live well in a domestic environment.

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Mild tempered and well behaved

The soft temperament and the obedient nature of Puggle make it easy for pet owners to get it trained for adopting it in homes. The spirited and playful Puggle can often deceive onlookers with its Pug like appearance with some difference in the size and build.

Your search for adopting a Puggle could land you at one of the rescue homes that are well known across America. Rescue homes also trade in puppies of all kinds but enjoy a different status than that of breeders. Arguably, rescue homes are often considered more reliable over breeders whose primary intention is business.

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The den of animal lovers

Dogs are always endangered as many dogs aren’t often placed in suitable homes. There are various circumstances that can drive dogs homeless and leave them under the open sky with no one to take care of them.  It has been the mission of groups of animal lovers to address this issue that has prompted them to set up rescue homes and shelters for dogs of all breeds. Throughout the length and breadth of US you will find such rescue homes that are committed to protect deserted dogs and provide them with a lovable home. The dogs that are kept at rescue homes are sold to pet lovers who are interested to adopt it. In this respect, rescue homes and shelters that are primarily dog saviors are also outlets for offering dogs.

Why are Puggles abandoned?

Although it might sound cruel, it is true that Puggles are abandoned by their owners who had once lovingly adopted it. There could be many reasons why this happens. Financial inability to rear the pet dog, family restructuring and changes in the attitude of family members, death in the family and paucity of time to look after pets are some of the common reasons for throwing them out of the homes. Whatever may be the reasons, the affected dogs are exposed to risks that can harm them and even cause death.

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Grooming Puggles for homely adoption

The Puggle rescue homes and shelters are like nurseries that groom dogs for easy adoption at homes. This aspect is well taken care of because it is the ultimate goal of rescue homes to send every Puggle to a suitable home where it will be loved and cared for. At these places, Puggles are allowed to mix with other animals so that they develop the habit of peaceful coexistence and get along well with other species. This training improves its tolerance for other dogs and animals including humans that facilitates the process of rehabilitation in new homes.

Healthy and partially trained Puggles

With proper rehabilitation for Puggles in mind, the rescue homes take all measures to prepare them for easy adoption at new homes. Puggles are trained for being obedient and are taught to behave well so that they attract buyers. Making it ready for adoption increases the chances of sale. Pet lovers too get Puggles that are easily manageable and can be inducted into the family without any trouble. Above all, the Puggles that you find at rescue homes are all healthy and active, duly vaccinated and meeting all other health requirements.

Your search ends here

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There is one thing common to all rescue homes and shelters — their commitment to find homes for dogs. Some of the notable rescue organization across the country has been listed below.

Angels Among Us – Catering to the region of North Atlanta, this rescue home for dogs and cats have the animals looked after at foster homes. After rescuing animals from distressed environments, they take it to foster homes and finally sell it out to a lovable new owner who promises a new home for the animal. The application for adoption can be made online by clicking on the given link.

Hope for Paws – Based in Los Angeles, California, this is also a non-profit organization that acts as a rescue home for pet animals. They have a network with other rescue homes to facilitate the adoption process that helps in finding new homes for the animals. Initiate a search for pets for adoption by entering the data on the website page.

AAOFUS – Animal Advocates of the United States (AAOFUS) has helped thousands of pets to be rehabilitated in the past 10 years in US and Mexico. After viewing the pictures of the pets on the website, submit an online application for adoption and complete it by paying $400 for dogs and $119 for kitten/cat.

Best Friends – The adoption process from this rescue home begins with a survey that you have to take up to make your intentions of adoption very clear. This would be followed by subsequent interactions that culminate in getting you chosen pet at home by paying the designated fees ranging between $250 and $450.

Adopt a Pet – Considered to be the largest rescue home in North America, cats, dogs, horses, rabbits and other pets can be found at this place. From pet search to application for adoption, everything can be done online on the user friendly website.

The adoption fees cover the costs involved in maintaining the good health of animals after they have been rescued, and includes the cost for spaying, neutering, vaccines and other medical expenses. Adoption gives you a chance to demonstrate your concern for pets in distress by offering them a loving home.

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