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Pug Rescue New York – What to Look for While Rescuing Pugs?

Pug is one of the most popular small dog breeds, and if you are planning to bring home one, it is a considerable idea to think of pug rescue. However, it is not an easy job to find the one which fits perfectly to your lifestyle and home conditions. Welcoming a new four-legged canine friend to your family is an exciting affair if you are prepared for it.

Selection of a pug from the shelters may seem to be overwhelming initially, but it ought not to be so. You need to know a few things. If you live in New York, there are many rescue facilities around that you can explore. Further, we will discuss a few things you should know before attempting pug rescue and the shelters you can find in NY.   playful pug

A few things to know before pug rescue

At the first point, you should understand a few general things about pugs if you are planning to be a pet parent for the first time.

Pugs seem to shed a lot of hair
Pugs may be friendly even with strangers
Pugs are fond of socializing
They snort, snore, and grunt a lot
Pugs as sensitive to extreme temperatures
Pugs love food and eat a lot
Pugs are generally friendly, loyal, and loving

Doing pug rescue

Ideally, you can start your search at the local shelters. We will discuss about a few good ones below. As there are a lot of rescue shelters available in New York, you are encouraged to go to as many as possible to explore the options there. Fix an appointment in advance to ensure that the facility is open and you can visit the pugs personally.

Get all details

Upon reaching the shelter, you can ask about all the pugs available for adoption. Keep your questions ready, and ask the caretakers about the health, history, current condition, and special considerations if any about the canines. Watch the pug for sometimes to identify how they behave and respond. Some specific things to note while observing pugs are:

Their vision

Whether there is a large amount of discharge from eyes
Whether there is any limping or notable bruising on the body
Whether expressing extreme aggression or shyness
Energy level while playing or running around
How the dog get along with you

cute puppy pug

Don’t settle with the very first option you come across. Take your time and visit multiple facilities to take a final decision. Some of the best pug rescue facilities to visit in and around New York are.

1. Hairy Haven

Hairy Haven Rescue & Sanctuary Inc. is located at Albany, NY, aiming at sheltering adoptable dogs and cats by providing them temporary homes. Hairy Haven also takes initiatives all across the State of New York and entire Northeast to increase awareness in animal welfare.
Hairy Haven has a renowned pug rescue NY program under Hill Hounds, which is a non-profit organization functioning with an objective of providing safe temporary or permanent housing to dogs and cats when their owners are unable to take care of them. You can also contribute to the Hill Hounds rescue program which is registered under 501(c) (3), as a private, non-profit organization and get 100% tax deductions for the donations.

2. Buffalo Pug & Small Breed Rescue

Buffalo Pug & Small Breed Rescue is another non-profit shelter for pugs and small breeds, which is funded and operated by dedicated volunteers. To adopt pugs from here, an adoption application needs to be submitted, and this will be scrutinized to identify whether the dog in foster care matches the requirements of the applicant. Upon finding a perfect match, the applicants will get a phone call or email from the facility.

Upon receiving such intimation, the applicant can review the said dog and also get the foster family’s phone number to get more details about the dog. The only setback is that interested individual needs to take a decision of adoption without meeting the dog.

3. Green Mountain Pug Rescue

Founded in 2002, Green Mountain Pug Rescue (GMPR) is another 501(c)(3) non profit pug rescue center functioning under unpaid volunteers from the New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine & different other parts of New York. Pugs usually come here through shelters, surrenders, puppy mill breeders, and other places.

Pugs are placed in foster homes to evaluate their personalities and to identify which home will suit them the best. GMPR also ensures all the shots, lyme tests, heartworm, and necessary blood work to ensure health of pugs. Dentals and spay/neuter are also done if needed.

GMPR also takes care of treating the medical needs including surgeries of the rescued pugs, educate public about the pug breed, and assist in specialized pug rescues throughout United States.

4. Pug Rescue of North Carolina

Pug Rescue of North Carolina Inc. (PRONC) is another dedicated pug shelter, which is also a non-profit organization. Volunteers here focus on rescuing pugs in crisis and carefully nursing them back to health both physically and emotionally. Each pug in the shelter is treated as family until locating a suitable home after screening and approval for adoption.

The pugs usually come to PRONC with minor to major health issues. Each pug is evaluated by a veterinarian, spayed/neutered, heartworm checked, and updated with all vaccinations.

5. Adirondack Pug Rescue

Adirondack Pug Rescue is an ideal place if you can’t afford having a pug at home, but want to help one. You can simply sponsor a pug by sending the donation. The sponsor will also get a monthly newsletter by getting updates of the progress of the rescued pug. The facility also has a new rescue home at Queensbury, NY. You can simply email to asaprescue@aol.com if interested in adopting a pug.

Visiting these places may help you get a better insight about pug rescue and how you can associate with these to help and protect these poor canines. Rescuing or sponsoring a pug is indeed an act of kindness. Those who want to go a step ahead and do something more for these canine friends can also enroll with the pug shelters and rescue organizations as a volunteer.