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Find Out About Rescued Pugs And How To Own One

A Pug Rescue mission is all about saving the life of the animal and giving it a new life. This is what many Pug Rescue organizations and dog lovers club do. They would rescue a Pug, and keep it with them in a healthy, playful, loving and good environment with full care to sustain it for the rest of the life. And these rescued Pugs are not just left to live their life at the rescue homes, but they are actually highlighted before the world, and in their area for adoption. There are many dog lovers, and especially lovers of this breed, who would gladly accept and adopt a Pug from such a rescue home. If you have learned about such rescue program homes and rescued Pugs, and want get one rescued Pug then read on to know more.

Why do Pugs need to be rescued?

There are many incidents which render a Pug cozily owned and petted at a home, totally homeless and masterless. It may be due to many reasons. Shifting of the family to a distant place thus abandoning the dog, simply abandoning the dog and leaving it far away at some distant place just to get rid of it, or the death of the master or the full family due to a mishap

are some of the reasons, that a Pug may get alone without a caregiver and master. Besides, there could be other reasons like the Pug getting lost in traffic, or some chaos, mobbing, terrorism, commotion, natural calamity, disasters etc. Sometimes dogs are kidnapped too and it may escape out of captivity to find the world that is without its master, family, and caregiver. In all such situations, the cute and affectionate animal feels totally helpless and is at the mercy of other animals and situations.

If such helpless Pugs are found which are claimed by nobody, then they are rescued. There are rescue programs in every state in the US, and in all countries of the world. People finding a Pug in such a state may come and deposit it to a rescue home, or it may be found by people of the rescue home too.

What is the objective of a rescue mission?

The objective of Pug Rescue missions is to give the dog a better life, the care and love, food and medicines and all that it deserves to live healthily and happily. Without a master, a dog already feels helpless and terrified in the big world. And it’s, therefore, important to make it feel comforted, and establish a bonding of trust with it. But at the same time, rescue workers

want their rescued dogs to be adopted by caring and loving masters and families so that the pups may get a good home and all that they deserve.

How are the rescued Pugs treated and kept?

The rescued Pugs are treated with care and compassion they are kept in a home-like environment. Though it’s not easy to make a kennel into a home, yet rescue program workers try to make every dog home into a nice place where the dogs may feel secure and safe. They are given all medical care, medicines, timely vaccines and all, which they would have received if they were in the family. Such rescue homes are run both by government funds and also by charities and private donations.

Why is it good to get home a rescued Pug?

You can always invest money in a new Pug pup. But when there are already so many pups awaiting adoption, and they would give you all the love, care, and dedication in return to what you do for them, there is no point investing on another new pup. You would, in fact, get more love and affection from a Pug which was homeless in a short time, as it would appreciate your efforts in making it a part of your family. But you will have to be ready to take home a rescue Pug as there are some things that need deep understanding and consideration from your side.

What are the advantages of bringing home a rescued Pug?

The first good feeling you get is of self-satisfaction of giving back the animal a fresh and new life, where it can make a fresh start. A dog without its master is an orphan who would be obliged to get the slightest care and love from a new caregiver. The same happens with these poor rescue Pugs. They are sport, active, happy, sometimes fussy, funny, playful, and loves companionship, and all that they miss is a true companion. If you can be the companion of one, you would know how joyful it is to own a Pug. It makes life happy.

How to set your expectation about a rescued Pug that you adopt

When you are adopting a rescue Pug, you need to know some very important things about it. You must know its age, health problems if any, vaccines received, other medical services it received like sterilization, neutering, anal gland removal etc. you also must know as much as possible about its bad and good habits. You also must know what it went through actually that it got abandoned. This will help you train it to your way’s faster. You also would be able to set the expectation of how many years you probably are going to get it as a companion as per its age. It’s important to mention here that the average life expectancy of a Pug is 14 to 17 years.

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What if the Pug cannot adjust to your place?

After you adopt a rescue Pug and bring it home, your place will often be inspected by a person from the rescue home to find out if the Pug got the ideal home or not. Sometimes the Pug may gel up with you sooner or within a few weeks. In some odd cases, things may not go well, and the Pug may not feel that good at the new place. If the bonding fails to establish, and the Pug is not in the right place, then the rescue home people will take back the Pug from you and put it once again at the rescue home. However, you need not worry too badly. As these affectionate dogs are really easy to go, it will start loving you if you show it enough love and care, and give plenty of attention.