10 Steps To Bathe Your Pug Correctly

Bathing your pugs can be a daunting task. Their face is loaded with wrinkles that tend to trap bacteria so they can become quite odorous. Ideally you need to bath them once or twice per week. This way you can keep your pugs clean all the time. Not all the pugs enjoy being in the water so it is imperative for you to set up a space that they will like it. So below are the 10 steps you can follow.

Step 1

Fill the bathtub or sink with 2 to 3 inches of warm water.

pugs bathe

Step 2

Invite your pugs into the bathtub

Step 3

Begin Rinsing their fur coat and get ready for the bath

Step 4

Apply mild shampoo to their fur coat and work up a good lather with your both hands

apply shampoo to pug

Step 5

Use Bath Glove to softly scrub them from head to toe for few minutes

Step 6

Rinse out the mild shampoo with shower head or rinsing cup

Pug Shower

Step 7

Apply mild conditioner to add extra shine to their fur

Step 8

Rinse the mild conditioner out from their head to toe with the shower head

Step 9

Pat the pug dry until their coat is just slightly damp

Step 10

Dry your put with towel to get rid of as much excess water

Bonus Step

Put on bathrobe to keep them warm

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