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Pugs Home is the official website for Pug owners and those that are planning to be one.

We have every bit of information specifically on Pug breed to help you out on your daily routine with your pug and decision making in case problems arise. All from pug puppy to the senior pugs

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These flat faced toy dogs are a real handful if you lack the proper knowledge. Older owners benefit on our contents the most since we do our best to make each guide as effortless as possible and to require minimal maintenance for them.
Jenna D Collier

Jenna D. Collier

Jenna D. Collier is a former veterinary technician based in Austin, Texas. She is the editor-in-chief of Pugs Home. Her almost 10 years of veterinary experience makes her a qualified source of professional data and advice about Pugs.

She has a network of practicing vets who shares her passion for pugs and whom she collaborate with for more information and ideas on the science of proper Pug health care.

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The whole team are avid fans and dedicated owners of Pugs. We help Jenna publish all her knowledge to the world.

As a family of Pug-parents, we love our pet pugs and it is our life long commitment to support the Pug community worldwide.

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Note: All the tips and topics we cover here are carefully verified and fact checked by non-biased veterinarians before publishing. To be extra safe, you may contact your veterinarian before doing anything as well.

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