14 Reasons Why You Should Own Pugs

1. From the moment they are born they are just adorable…

From the moment they are born they are just adorable


2. They love your children…

pug loves baby


3. Pugs are good listeners

Pugs are good listeners


4. They love your cats

They love your cats

5. They make you laugh

They make you laugh

6. They love shower

They love shower

7. They can be a good driver

They can be a good driver

8. They love to drink

love to drink

9. They love hugs

they love hugs

10. They love to sleep

they love to sleep

11. You can squeeze them and they love it

squeeze them

12. You can carry them in your hand

carry in your hand

13. You can make fun of themmake fun

14. They love cowboy hats

they love hats
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