Different Colors of Pugs

Pugs come in different colors. This makes us wonder which color is the most common, and which is the most unique. But one thing is certain, we are amazed by this variety of pug colors. How many different colors do you know? Some would say that they have only seen white, black, and fawn pugs. Though this is true for most pugs, we need to know that there are other colors and markings that might have resulted from mixes, depending on the genes that they have inherited.

Pug Colors

Here are the different colors you need to know:

  • Fawn – the most common color of pugs. It can vary from light to medium tan. It can be intermixed with other colors and results in variation like Apricot and Silver Fawn.
  • Black – this is the second most common color of pugs. It could either be solid black or with some markings.
  • White – a rare color of pugs. Some people mistakenly think that white pugs are albino, but that’s not the case. White pugs have pigments on the face.
  • Silver – appears gray. Many owners think they have a black pug when in fact, it is a silver pug. This color is rare, though. And many owners consider this color as a beauty, like a look of a moonlight.
  • Brindle – this can result from intermixing Fawn and Black. It could either be Silver Brindle, Apricot Brindle, or even a reverse Brindle which is darker. Others believe that this is not necessarily a color, but a pattern of stripes.

Do Pugs Change Color?

Have you noticed a change of color in your pug’s coat? Many have noticed that their pugs were born black, but later on became silver. Some have pugs born with fawn color, but later on gradually change into apricot. Others born solid black later manifest the appearance of a brindle. The fact is, pug do change color as they mature. It is normal to see a pug’s coat change, to a degree, when it reaches adolescence. The most common change that could happen is the lightening of color. As mentioned, some born solid black may later on turn into silver or even bridle. Quite rare though, darkening also happens as in the case of a fawn pug that could turn into a more apricot, or orange shade.

Does Color affect Personality?

You might have heard about a pug owner saying that his black pug is more active than the fawn pug, and that the fawn pug is more docile. Others would support this statement, saying that the pug personality is directly affected by its color. There are also a number of conflicting opinions about this. While we do respect other people’s viewpoint, we want to make sure if this is true. After all, we don’t want our decisions to be influenced by mere assumptions. So, does the color of the coat really have something to do with a pug’s personality? Actually, there is no scientific basis for this. It is good to remember that pugs in general are playful, friendly, and sociable. However, each pug is unique. So every pug has his own personality regardless of its color.

This breed of dog is awesome, adorable and such a good companion. Therefore, all wonderful colors of pug need the same kind of love and care that they deserve.