Do Pugs Bark A Lot?

Many people are curious if they do. Well, there’s a reason for that. Pugs are adorable and they always love to play. We usually see them stick by their owners and they want to be treated as part of the family – but we rarely see them bark. Is that really how pugs are?

Common Pug Characteristics

Generally, this adorable breed does not bark a lot. They may be playful and energetic, however, we don’t often hear them bark. They are typically quiet and sometimes laid-back depending on their mood. They love kids and treats. They are social creatures so they love ATTENTION and they always seek to be with a companion. Pugs are also curious and intelligent so you need not worry about controlling your dog because they are willing to follow instructions. At times they may be stubborn, but they are the most adorable pets and will protect its owner when needed. However, like us, pugs have different personalities. Therefore, some pugs may be barkers, but most are not. But, what are those factors that could make your pug bark?

Triggers to Barking

  • Boredom. When they are left with nothing to do, they have a sense of connecting with other dogs and therefore, start barking.
  • Strangers. If a friend or a mailman approaches you, you don’t see it as a threat. But your pug is protective of you and it wants to drive the stranger away, to keep you safe.
  • Unfamiliar or sudden noise. Barking is your dog’s way of letting you know that something’s not right.
  • Excitement. Your pug has been waiting for you all day. Getting home drives your dog’s excitement and it would bark like crazy to get your attention.

If Your Pugs Barks a Lot

We love to hear them bark occasionally, but there are times when a pug’s barking can turn into a nuisance. Good thing if your neighbor doesn’t complain about it. If your pug barks a lot, how do you handle the situation? Here are a few tips:

  • To counter boredom, you may schedule daily exercise as this would help them release the energy in activities rather than in barking. You may also want to fix playtime as pugs love to play with toys. Look for interesting toys as this will make playtime more fun. And lastly, give your pug your precious time as they are sociable and they absolutely want to interact with you.fix playtime with pugs
  • If your dog barks at strangers, avoid raising your voice for the reason that it would only cause agitation. You may softly tell your pug to keep quiet by saying “Ssshhhh…” while gently giving it a tap. Do this repeatedly until your dog realizes the need to keep quiet. Don’t forget to give your pug a small treat as a reward!
  • When your pug barks too much because of excitement, try not to give it attention when you get home. You may do it for a few minutes by doing something like checking your phone. Your pug will try to get your attention, so be firm not to give in to any of its attention-seeking strategies. After a while, you may approach the dog from the side and care for its bathroom needs.
  • Teach your pug what “quiet” means. How do you do that? Tell it to your pug. We don’t expect that it would readily understand “quiet” the moment we said it. So be patient and repeat if necessary until your dog stops barking. When he finally has associated the word “quiet” to “stop barking”, it would be nice to give your pug a reward – a delicious treat!

You would surely agree that pugs are charming and worth having. Though pugs usually may not bark a lot, there may be reasons when they do so. And when they do, it’s not a hopeless case, they are clever and they are more than happy to listen to you.