Do Pugs Like to Cuddle?

Pugs are one of the cutest breeds out there. Their funny expressions, their folds, and their size can make any fur parent swoon and go in there for a cuddle. But the question is, “do pugs like to cuddle?” is still lies in the heads of Pug owners out there today.

Here, we will answer the question, “do pugs like to cuddle?” and some pug tips to become closer to him/her.

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  • Pugs & Cuddles
  • Knowing Your Dog’s Cuddle Style
  • Hugging & Cuddling
  • Hating Cuddling
  • Knowing When They Want to Cuddle with You
  • Making Your Dog Cuddle with You
  • Being Sensitive To Your Dog’s Needs
  • Getting to Know Your Pug Better

Pugs & Cuddles

most pugs are perfect lap dogs

If you have been wondering if Pugs like to cuddle, the short answer to this is YES. This is one of the dog breeds that enjoy cuddling. Pugs absolutely love cuddling.

Pugs love to cuddle with humans and their owners. In fact, they’re natural cuddlers that they crave cuddles like it’s their life. This is because the Pugs love pleasing human companions. Additionally, this is one of the reasons they’re a great family dog.

Generally, dogs enjoy cuddling because they get warmth. Cuddles also give them a chance to bond with the family members or pack.

When pets cuddle with humans, their brain also releases the feel-good hormone oxytocin that makes them enjoy touch and bond. This is also because they’re domesticated and they are now raised to be with humans. Moreover, their love for cuddling also has something to do with their desire to be in social groups with others dog.

In fact, dogs that are out in the wild usually cuddle with their pack to show subordination and bond with them. So, when your pet cuddles with you, it’s a sign that they trust and love you.

So, now that you know you can enjoy cuddling with your Pug dog, there are other things you need to know to ensure you and your Pug really enjoy the experience.

Knowing Your Dog’s Cuddle Style

happy pug love hugs

Pugs love to be cuddled in many ways, and it’s important you know this. Some dogs love snuggling on their human’s lap, and others want to keep their distance but will allow belly rubs.

When cuddling with your dog, you need to remember that the comfort needs of your dog should come first before yours. Let’s say they don’t like to be on your lap, what you can do instead is to get down to their level and sit on the floor with them.

Never force your dog into a position that they’re not comfortable them. Also, make sure that you are mindful of any discomfort signs.

To know your Pug’s cuddle style, you need to study the position of their bodies. There are some small dogs that will roll over on their backs for a belly rub, while some will keep their bellies fully protected and have their ears scratched instead.

As you develop a relationship with your pup, you’ll be familiar with their cuddling styles and when they usually seek affection. There are some pups that enjoy cuddling that when you’re seated down, they’ll seek you out by placing the head on your thigh—a clear sign that they want touch.

Other small dogs may be so enthusiastic that they’re roll over when you walk past, which indicates that they seek physical touch.

Hugging & Cuddling

adorable pug love cuddles

Many people use hugging and cuddling interchangeably; however, these two are not the same. It’s possible that your Pug may prefer one over the other or both. That’s why you need to know the difference between the two. Some enjoys bear hugs, while some enjoy gentle snuggles on the couch with their humans.

Cuddles are when your Pug is close to you physically and snuggles with you. On the other hand, hugs are when your Pug is wrapped around your arms for the most part. Not all pugs enjoy hugs or cuddles, so what will you do when this happens?

Hating Cuddling

naturally produced oxytocin

Pugs may look the same and they may share some traits, but every Pug is still unique. Therefore, you may encounter or even have a Pug who doesn’t like cuddling.

It’s unusual for Pugs to HATE cuddling. Instead, they may have their “moods” as well when they’re just not into hugs. When this happens, make sure not to force them for a cuddle, and don’t feel frustrated about it as well.

There are some cases when Pugs don’t like cuddling when they don’t trust you enough yet. Additionally, if your Pug tried cuddling you in the past and you responded differently, they might take this as a sign that you don’t like snuggling with them and they will stop trying.

Always remember that your relationship with your dog is two-way. If they don’t feel like cuddling with you, don’t feel frustrated. Instead, respect their boundaries and they will do the same to you.

Suppose that you have a Pug who doesn’t really like cuddling. Don’t worry about it, because for sure they have other ways to show affection that you haven’t noticed in the past.

For example, they may show affection through other ways, such as licking, which is a sign of them kissing you. Yawning is also a sign of affection because when they do this around you, it shows that your dog is comfortable around you. There may also be times when they mimic your yawn.

Finally, one thing to keep in mind is that if your pup that usually enjoys cuddling start to avoid it, it could be because they feel hot for cuddles. In that case, they will likely crave their own space to cool down.

Knowing When They Want to Cuddle With You

happy dogs - love hormone

So, how do you really know when your Pug wants to cuddle with you? The truth is, it isn’t rocket science because they will usually come to you.

Similar to other dog breeds, you should also assess their body language. This will help you understand if they’re ready for some snuggles or not. When they wag their tail, make eye contact, rollover, maneuver their head, paw, or body into your personal space, then they are asking for affection.

One of the cutest things some Pugs love to do is to even give their owners a paw nudge or a gentle talk to let them know they want to be snuggled.

One thing to keep in mind that even if the dog already accepted your touch, it’s best not to go in there are and cuddle right away. Take a few minutes and pay closer attention to their body language. This also applies to other dog breeds, even those who love cuddling with their humans.

When you notice their eyelids are dropping and their body is relaxed, then it’s safe to assume that they love cuddling and content with it. On the other hand, when they show signs of aggression or they’re tensed, they they’re likely not comfortable yet to be snuggled. Give them their space and try again some other time.

Lastly, be mindful of too much cuddling. Some pugs tend to have separation anxiety and you don’t want to deal with that.

Making Your Dog Cuddle With You

Let’s face it, most humans enjoy cuddling, especially cute dogs like this specific breed. The good news? There are tricks you can to encourage your dog to cuddle with you:

  • Be playful: This type of breed enjoys it when you give them attention. So, if you want some cuddles, then you might as well give them attention first by playing with them, petting them, and rubbing their bellies.
  •  Brush your Pug: As a dog owner, you’re aware that you need to brush your dog’s coat regularly. Doing this will make them look great and healthy. Moreover, brushing their coat is also a form of bonding you can take advantage of to get them to cuddle with you.
  • Give them treats: There is no single dog on this planet that will refuse treats. And sometimes, you need to bribe them to do what you want. Have some treats in handy when you want to teach them to cuddle with you.
  • Start early: As soon as you have your Pug with you, it’s recommended you start training them while they’re young. Let your dog climb the couch or bed with you. This is because pups who sleep with their humans will likely enjoy cuddling.

Being Sensitive To your Dog’s Needs

You and your pup may enjoy cuddling, but you also need to be sensitive to their needs. For example, when they start to squirm while cuddling them, this could mean you’re cuddling them way too much.

Also, always let them come to you. Again, don’t force them into cuddles because this may stress them out.

Making an Effort to Cuddle Your Dog More

Cuddles are therapeutic for humans, as well as for your Pugs. There are many reasons you should cuddle with your pup.

One is that your dog needs cuddles. This is because they’re domesticated mammals like humans, which means they need physical touch and bonding.

Another thing you should snuggle with your pet is that it will help build your relationship with them. Interacting with your dog regularly will increase the levels of oxytocin in the blood, and this is important in building relationships.

Cuddling can also help release stress for you and your dog. As mentioned, when oxytocin is released, human cortisol levels will drop, and will calm the heart rate after a good cuddle sesh.

You can also lower the risk of stroke just by cuddling. Cuddles are a great way to relax and unwind and cuddling your pet can help you avoid a stroke.

Furthermore, there are times in our human lives when you feel depressed. Your dog can feel that as well, and he might likely be depressed as well. There’s a simple solution to that and that is cuddling that will not only increase levels of oxytocin, but serotonin, dopamine, and other brain chemicals that will elevate both your moods.

This is also why cuddles are a natural pain killer due to the increase in oxytocin that helps the body deal with pain. And it’s not only about what you would feel. Your dog will feel it, too!

You should also make an effort to cuddle your pet because it can help reduce anxiety, especially young dogs that tend to have separation anxieties from their owners. Cuddling and petting are great ways to help them cope, especially when they feel anxious.

And finally, who doesn’t want to cuddle a Pug? They’re just the cutest and they’re hard to resist! So, get in there for the cuddles and snuggles.

Getting to Know Your Pug Better

When you’re training your Pug to cuddle, it’s crucial to get to know them better to know their personality. This way will have a harmonious relationship with a lot of cuddles and snuggles. Use this information to gain more cuddles from your Pug!

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