Green Mountain Pug Rescue (GMPR)

Green Mountain Pug Rescue (GMPR) is a non-profit organization that aims to help rescue those abandoned and abused breed of pugs. It was founded in 2002 by 60 volunteers and now the Board of Directors for this organization.

Their employees are unpaid volunteers who help provide care, good health, and home placement for all pugs. Overall, GMPR provides the basic vet care and needs of these rescued pugs so as to prepare them for adoption.

Do You Want To Help Green Mountain Pug Rescue?

All the efforts and support GMPR gets for their pug rescues are coming from donations and voluntary works done by people within Vermont, Maine, New Hampshire, and some areas in New York. Currently, they are still looking for more volunteers in the area, and you can join today!

Green Mountain Pug Rescue

This organization will help you turn into a great person since you learn and exercise care and compassion for pets.

They accept all kinds of assistance you can offer to ensure all pug rescues receive the best care and are returned to their good health. These pugs also receive the necessary vet care (Lyme tests and shots) they need to stay healthy.

Want To Adopt This Adorable Pet Buddy?

Do you find happiness in adopting a new member to your family this coming holidays? You can find lots of adorable dogs at Green Mountain Pug Rescue today!

Green Mountain Pug Rescue

Our adoption process is simple. You can contact us to get more information. In a nutshell, we will assign an adoption coordinator who will screen the family who will be adopting our rescue.

This is a great opportunity for you to change the life of our rescue. Treat them with the compassion and care that they deserve. Make that happen now.

Why You Should Own A Green Mountain Pug Rescue

This organization advocates the welfare of dogs, and they are proud to say that they have rescued 20 dogs last year in China from their alumni. The team wants to share this compassion with everyone, and so here are some important reasons why you need to adopt one rescue.

  1. Naturally adorable pet
  2. They are friendly to children
  3. Excellent listeners
  4. Love taking a bath
  5. Hugger
  6. Love drinking
  7. Easy to carry around
  8. Fun with costumes
  9. Happy pill
  10. Warm friend

Because of their friendly and warm nature, the team cannot avoid feeling pain when they see an abandoned pet. They are committed to the goal of rescuing these dogs from neglect and abuse.

Shop While Helping GMPR This Christmas

Get treated by shopping for the holidays while also helping GMPR. Visit their Facebook page to see their fundraiser campaign. For each item you purchase from Scentsy, a portion of it goes to funding GMPR.

Donate To GMPR Cause

They also accept cash donations via PayPal, and if you want to get a Charitable tax incentive for this, send an email to Phil Douglas, treasurer. Give them your complete name and email address, so they can send your total financial support for the fiscal year.

Phil Douglas is GMPR’s treasurer and he is responsible for all financial donations received by GMPR. If you have questions regarding giving cash assistance to the organization, feel free to reach out to him.

Walk for a Cause by Woof Trax

You can also help GMPR earn monetary assistance from Woof Trax by using this app while taking your dog for a walk. Here are the mechanics:

  • Visit the website to download the app.
  • Register and create a profile using the app.
  • Choose the “Walk and Win” Challenge and select GMPR as the beneficiary of your participation in the game.
  • Visit the website of Woof Trax for more information.

Don’t forget to visit their Facebook Page for the fundraiser campaign, and for joining the Woof Trax Challenge.

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