3 Reasons Why You Need a Kentuckian Pug Rescue Team for Your Next Pet

Dogs and cats are the most popular pets found in homes, and Kentuckians love their animals dearly. Unfortunately, there are some situations where people find it necessary to give up their animals.

You can help these abandoned animals by calling your local rescue teams or non profit rescue organization. You can adopt them as your next pet!

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For more information, head on to their website or FB page..

Why do you want a Kentuckian Pug Rescue?

Here are few reasons:

1) They’re already vaccinated, flea-free and ready to play!

Kentucky is ranked as one of the top 10 states for human health and overall well-being, but unfortunately, this doesn’t mean our furry friends will be exempt from any illnesses.

Many pet parents lose their pets to preventable diseases prevented by routine veterinary care or vaccinations.

vaccinated Pug
When you adopt a rescued pug from your local rescue teams, they will have been given the required vaccinations and treated for any parasites such as fleas!

They’ll also come spayed/neutered and microchipped, which is a great way to make sure no lost furry friends ever go “missing” again!

2) You’ll get a new best friend without having to worry about finding one on your own!

Kentuckians love all kinds of animals – there’s even a strong belief that we should treat them as family members. We love our pets so much that many of us will go out and get one the same day we bring home our very first apartment or house.

If you’re not sure what to look for in a pet but want to give your new furry friend a haven for them to grow up in, why not adopt an animal through your local rescue teams?

Then, they’ll be ready to play with you all day long!

Find a Kentuckiana Pug Rescue

The Kentuckiana Pug Rescue is a good place to start if you need a pet pug and give it an adoptive home. Talk to the community and give a pug a foster family. Here is their Facebook page if you need more details.

image of a pug that is being rescued

3) Your Kentuckian Pug Rescue Team can help you find just the right pre-owned pet!

Many local rescue teams out there have pets looking for new homes – if they don’t get adopted within their expected lifespan, every dog has an extensive pre-owned section that you can look into!

Adopt surrendered pugs

Also, consider adopting surrendered pugs and older animals – most people overlook these cuties, but their age gives them unique traits which make them even more special than young pups.

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Wrapping Up

If you need to find needy pugs, you can always go to a non-profit organization and find out if they have abandoned pugs for rescuing. If you need a pug rescue team in Kentucky, you may visit their website at https://www.kentuckianapugs.com/.

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