Pug Diet

Promoting a healthy diet for a small breed like pugs is challenging. The food requirement of pug puppies is different from adult pugs. You need to have good knowledge about this to give them a strong immune system.

You have plenty of dog food options. You can have a wet food or dry dog food. Homemade dog food for pugs is also trending today. They are made from natural ingredients like brown rice and green beans. There are fewer artificial additives in this dog food.

In this article, we are going to help you prepare the right pug diet meal. It will help build muscle mass for your pug puppies and better overall pug health. Gain weight is something you need to avoid since it can impact their health.

How many times should you feed your pugs?

feed your pug

There are two main ways that pug owners feed pugs – free and scheduled feeding. Free feeding means you’ll just leave them puppy food on their plate. They can freely access this food anytime they want. Although this is convenient, there’s a huge chance that it can ruin their balanced diet. You will most likely have an obese pug for this feeding instruction.

Pugs are prone to obesity, which can lead to diabetes, heart disease, dental problems, and other health problems. Pugs need a diet that is high in fiber and low in fat. They also need plenty of exercise to keep their weight under control.

The Pug diet should consist of:

– A high-quality dry food (no more than 10% protein)

– Raw vegetables or cooked vegetables

– Low-fat meat (chicken or fish)

– Limited amounts of dairy products (cheese or yogurt)

Pug owners may have noticed that their dogs are not eating as much food as they used to. This is because their stomachs are too small to hold a lot of food.

Pugs need to eat more often than other dog breeds in order to maintain a healthy weight and avoid the risk of obesity.

Pugs should be fed three or four small meals per day, instead of two larger ones, which can help them feel full for longer periods of time.

Scheduled feeding instructions mean you are going to give them food at a specific time. It can be wet food or dry dog food. Using this method, you can promote good digestive health for your pug puppy. Feed pugs using this method and you’ll have better control of their body weight.

How many times do you feed your Pug Puppies based on age

0 to 45 days

A pug puppy at this age only needs milk. You can feed them with a milk bottle (30-60 ml) 4 to 5 times daily. Most pug breeders won’t allow you to bring a pug puppy home if they are not older than 45 days.

45 days to 3 months

During this age, you can start giving them dry food. Some of these starter dry food includes chicken brown rice, farmina puppy starter, curd rice, and royal canin mini starter. You need to feed them with dry food mixed with water three times daily.

3-6 months

You can feed your pug with either wet food or dry dog food. That is one-third cup dry food or four ounces wet food. Feed them thrice a day. You can buy commercial dog food or have a homemade food for your pug puppy.

8 weeks to 6 months old

For this age, you can feed your pug puppies three times daily. This can be done in the morning, at lunch, and at dinner. You can also feed them some healthy snacks. There are different dog food brands you can try in the market.

6 to 12 months

Feed your pug with a three-fourth cup of dry food or nine ounces of wet food. This applies for any pug breed. Commercial food or homemade food can be given to your pug puppy or adult pug. Feed them at least twice daily.

1-8 years

Pug eats half a cup of dry food or six ounces of wet food. Feed them twice per day to ensure they have a balanced diet. Home cooked food cor canned food can be given for this age bracket. Cooked meat is also good for this dog age.

8+ years

As most dogs age, their diet also decreases since their digestion slows down. This helps prevent obese pug. The ideal food intake for this age is one-third cup dry food or four ounces wet food. Feed them twice per day to give them good health. Make sure they have fresh water to drink.

What are the different types of pug dog food?

adult pugs

You can feed your pug with either natural or commercial food. Promote a healthy life for your puppy and adult dog by giving them the best food. You can also give them essential vitamins to boost their immune system.

A pug likes different food and here are some of the best foods for your pugs:

Dry Dog Food or Kibble


Commercial dry food for your pug is a life saver. It’s both nutritious and easy to prepare. Royal Canin is one of the best kibbles for your pug puppies and adults. The manufacturer is known for many years, and most pug lovers like it.

Most kibble has a balanced nutritional content that helps give your pug a nice coat. It also promotes good digestive health. You can find lots of kibble for adults pugs and young ones in the market. You can ask your vet for a suggestion on what kibble suits well for your pug.

Wet Dog Food

Commercial or natural wet food is also good for your pug dogs. They are denser than kibble since they have more fresh ingredients. There are times that you can also mix your dry food with freshly made broth for your pug’s wet food.

Wet food for pugs is usually made from fresh meat. This gives your pooch high quality protein. It’s essential for giving strong structure to your pug’s body. This food type is challenging to prepare and store. But it gives nutrients and protein to your pooch.

Wet food is also pricier than kibble. This is one setback for pug lovers. But you can feed your pug both with kibble and wet food alternately per day.

Raw Food

raw dog food

Giving natural food to your pugs promote better immunity and a nice coat. Some of these raw dog foods are the following:

  • Sweet potato
  • Brown rice
  • Corn gluten meal
  • Real meat
  • Milk

These natural food are rich in protein, calcium, and vitamins. This is good for most pugs in different life stages. Whether they are 3 months or older, raw food provides less allergic reactions for most pugs.

Real meat can give them high quality proteins. But you still need to keep a balanced diet and regular exercise. This pug diet can be costly, yet it gives the best health for your pet. If you want to give them bone-like food, there are snacks in pet stores you can buy.

Homemade dog food

natural dog food for better pug's skin

Homemade food for your active dogs is also good. You are confident of less chemicals in their diet. It promotes a healthy weight for young and adult pug. Sweet potatoes and cooked meat are some of the best food for your pooches.

The common ingredients for this pug diet are eggs, salmon oil, chicken, brown rice, and vegetables. You can add water to make them wet foods that are easier to digest. But how much food do you need to give to your pug? That can be half to one cup of dry food given twice to thrice per day.

Do not feed your dog too much to avoid excess weight gain. This pug diet allows you to choose friendly food for your pugs. It helps you prevent skin infections while promoting a healthy digestive system.

You can also have this diet for other dogs. If you’re not sure, you can ask for advice from your local veterinarian.

Dog Treats and Snacks

dog treat

Giving treats and snacks to your pug dogs is also good. It is an opportunity for you to train your pet. If they can successfully obey a task, you can reward them with a dog treat. Dog snacks can be given thrice or four times daily. You can ask for a recommendation from your vet for the best dog treat for your pet.

Dog treats can be dry or wet food. You can have these two given alternately to your pug. Check the nutritional label of the dog treat you will be buying from the store.

Grain-free pug food

This dog food type is popular since it’s considered healthy. It means there is less carbohydrate for your pet. But you need to read the label if they replaced the grain with other fillers like peas and potatoes. Not all grain-free dog food is healthy for your pet. You can ask for advice from your local veterinarian.

Some of the known grain-free commercial dog foods are Wellness CORE, Merrick Lil Plates, and Halo Grain-free dog food. Instead of grains, they replaced them with low-carbohydrate vegetables. Some of the common substitutes are carrots, broccoli, spinach, and apples.

Wet Food or Dry Kibble

If you’re concern with your pug’s teeth, dry kibble food is better than wet canned dog food. But if your dog lacks teeth, then having wet food is safer.

An alternative food you can prepare is chicken or beef broth mixed with dry kibble. This is both nutritious and safe for the teeth of your pug puppy. Don’t forget to place fresh clean water beside their plate.

What is the average calorie intake of a pug?

pug diet

You must avoid letting your pug gain so much weight. If they are obese, it will lead to breathing problems. This is something pug lovers want to avoid to keep their pug dogs living healthy.

For a pug puppy, the average calorie requirement is 55 calories for every pound of their weight. If your pug weighs 10 pounds, then you will have to provide them with 550 calories of dog food.

Once your pug reaches middle age, its metabolism slows down. That means you will have to reduce their calorie intake to avoid making them overweight. Senior pugs eat less than pug puppies, so you need to plan for their diet.

If your pug dog plays more each day, that also means they will need more food to sustain their energy. You can also consult your vet for the right food suitable for your pet.

What do you need to avoid for your pug’s diet?

Our pets deserve the best food that will help them grow healthy. That also means you need to be responsible for the food you will be giving to them. Your pugs will have allergic reactions to certain food chemicals. That means you need to avoid those harmful chemicals that can threaten your pug’s health.

Here are some of the food components you need to avoid:

  • Man-made preservatives like BHT and TBHQ
  • Synthetic flavoring and coloring
  • Any kind of soy products
  • Corn-based dog food
  • Commercial dry or wet dog food that has high grain content
  • Artificial meat or vegetables

These compounds can cause health problems to your pug puppies and adult dogs. These small breeds are sensitive, so you need to be careful with their diet.

Things you need to look for in your pug’s diet?

Natural ingredients for your pug diet are highly recommended. You are confident there are fewer harmful chemicals in their food. This concept also applies to our diet. We go for meals with less synthetic preservatives, flavoring, and coloring. These foods are less harmful to our liver and kidney.

To ensure you are choosing healthy foods for your pugs, here are the important things you need to look into:

  • Natural flavoring and coloring
  • Fresh chicken, beef, or fish
  • Food that contains less gluten, grain, and sodium
  • High protein meal for your pugs
  • Essential vitamins prescribed by your veterinarian

Why you must not underfeed or overfeed your pug?

pug diet food

Balanced diet is important for the overall health of your pug. You must be cautious with the food intake of your pet. Once you fail to do this, it can lead to obesity or malnourishment. Your first step for this is to visit your vet for an overall checkup of your pug.

Once you know the health condition of your pug, you can tell what important foods you need to give to your fur buddy. It could be that your pug needs more protein or fiber. By knowing that, you can plan on what food you need to prepare for your pug puppy.

Good food will help promote healthy pug skin and coat. This applies to small dogs and large ones. By giving your pet the right food, you can prevent them from being underweight or obese.


Planning for your pug’s diet is crucial. You need to consider their current health and the kind of dog food you will give to them. Maintain a balanced diet to give the best health for your small breed pug. You need to have a balance of protein, carbohydrates, and fiber in your meal. You also need to understand how many times you need to feed them.

We hope to have given you enough idea about the pug diet. If you have any questions, feel free browse our other pug-related contents.

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