Pug Grooming Guide

Pugs are one of the cutest small dogs to own. They have unique traits that make them adorable. Many pugs have sensitive skin, so proper grooming is needed. Most pugs have breathing problems, so you need to keep them in a clean place. To help keep your pug furry friend healthy, dog grooming must be done.

In this article, we are going to share some of the best practices of professional dog groomers for pug grooming. As a pug owner, you need these kind of pug tips to prevent infections on your pet.

Checklist for Pug Grooming

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Here is a rough overview of the things you need to do for pug grooming.

  • Brush your pug two to three times a week. This helps remove loose hairs and keep them clean. This also helps keep your pug’s coat shiny and neat.
  • Check your pugs’ nails at least once a month. If they have long nails, they need to have their nails trimmed. You can also bring your pug puppy to a pet shop for nail trimming.
  • Keeping their teeth clean is also important. At least they must have their teeth brushed thrice a week.
  • For your pug’s wrinkles, you need to clean them at least once a week. This includes cleaning those areas near your pug’s eyes. A dog’s eyes is important for the overall health of your pug.

We’re done with the overview, so let’s proceed with the details for your pug grooming.

Daily Brushing

pugs sheds

A pug’s coat is nice but it sheds twice a year. Their loose hair is a concern for most pug owners. That’s why you need to brush your pug. Loose hairs will be everywhere at your house. You might want to consider vacuuming your floor more often.

Pug sheds more during those two times in a year. That’s why we recommend that you use a deshedding tool to make things easier. When your pug shed, you can use that tool to remove those loose hairs.

Your pug’s coat sheds out during summer. Expect dog grooming must be done during that time. When pugs shed, that’s normal since its body adapts to room temperature. They naturally shed their coat to make their bodies cooler for the summer months.

Should I Use Deshedding Tool?

Pug shaved using deshedding tool

It’s terrible for a pug owner to see that their carpet and upholsteries are covered with pet danders, right? For the sake of your super cute pug and your fabrics, using a deshedding tool is your best choice.

Instead of waiting for your pug’s coat to shed off, you can use this tool to strip off their undercoat. It’s quite a bit harsh on their skin, so you just lessen using it on them. It’s advisable to just use this tool once a week or month. Just use it for 20 to 30 minutes to avoid skin issues. You can reduce their double coat using that device.

Using a flea comb is also good for brushing your pug. It’s easy to use and there’ll be no skin issues on your pet.

Bathing Your Pugs

pug bath time

The ideal times your pug must take a bath is three times per week. This allows deep cleaning of your pug’s body parts. All those natural oils sticking on their follicles are removed. This enables you to clean your pug’s wrinkles and pug’s nose. These crevices are where dirt and flea hide most of the time.

You also need to clean dog’s ears so that no fleas and dirt are hiding there. A soft rubbing on those areas is needed for deep cleaning action. Avoid using hard body scrubbers since that can hurt your pug’s skin. Instead, use a thin washcloth for scrubbing their body. Other parts you need to clean are the pug’s paws and ear canal.

If you have a bath tub for pug bathing, that would be great but not necessary. You can use natural shampoo and warm water for bathing your pug. If your vet gives specific advice for your pug’s bath, then follow it. If your vet tells you to have a regular basis for bathing them, that’s in the best interest of their health.

A new pug puppy requires a bath but not too often since they get cold really quickly. When bathing your pug, make sure to ready your absorbent towel to dry them up.

Touch Up Cleaning

wiping your pug's neck

Do you feel like bathing your pug is not enough? Well, you’re right about that. On a regular basis, you can do touch-up cleaning on your pug. You can use grooming wipes in doing this. Gently wipe their belly, areas in between their legs, nose, wrinkles, and ears.

These grooming wipes are moist and can gently clean those sensitive areas. Touch up cleaning is part of pugs’ grooming. You’ll never know if you miss those hidden areas when bathing your pug.

Cleaning Your Pug’s Ears

Pug ear

Cleaning your dog’s ears is part of their grooming. The process depends on your dog’s ear shape and size. Some dogs have a large floppy ears while others have small ones. Regardless of ear size, making them feel comfortable before cleaning their ear canal is important.

Are you scared of cleaning your pug’s ears? Don’t be since you’re doing it for their welfare. Fleas and dirt hide in their ears and ear canal, so you need to regularly clean them. Here are the things you need to prepare for cleaning pug ears:

  • Vet prescribed ear cleaner
  • Cotton or cotton balls
  • Tweezers
  • Towel and Treats

Here’s how you can clean your pug’s ears:

  1. Let your dog smell the things you will be used for cleaning their ears. This helps them calm down since they know what you will be using on them.
  2. Slowly grab and pull their ears out so that you can wipe off the under the surface of their ear lobes. It also gives you access to cleaning their ear canal using the recommended dog ear cleaner.
  3. When your pug starts to shake their head, wipe dry its ears with an absorbent towel.
  4. If there are lots of hairs inside your pug’s ears, you can use tweezers in pulling them out. Gently do this one so that they won’t get hurt.
  5. Rubbing their ear canal with cotton balls must be done for 20 seconds or less only to avoid making them uncomfortable.
  6. Make sure not to reach so deep in cleaning their ear canal since it can hurt them.

Cleaning Pug’s Wrinkles

wiping pug wrinkles

Pugs look adorable with their folds. These wrinkles actually need cleaning on a regular basis to avoid skin infection. Fleas, bacteria, and years can grow inside their folds. If you leave it dirty for a couple of days, you might see your pug feeling itchy.

Cleaning pug’s wrinkles is easy and we’re sharing the best tips with you. Here’s how it goes:

  • Prepare your hygiene kit. This can include a tissue roll, grooming wipes, coconut oil, and treats.
  • Let your pug smell the things you will be used for cleaning their folds. Once they smell it, it helps them calm down since they are already familiar with it.
  • You can use unscented grooming wipes for cleaning those folds. While doing that, you can give your pug a treat for being well behaved.
  • If you don’t have a baby wipe, then use a cotton ball and dip that into coconut oil. This moistens the cotton balls you will be using in wiping their wrinkles and armpits.
  • Once you’re done wiping it with moistened cotton balls or wipes, you can wipe it dry using tissue paper.

Cleaning your pug’s wrinkles can be done thrice a day. The more active your pug is, the easier their body gets dirty and sweaty. Once this happens, bacteria and yeast are more likely to grow underneath their folds. Avoid that from happening by regularly cleaning their face and wrinkles.

Cleaning Pug Nose and Paws

Pug's nose and paws

Pug breeds are known to be prone to breathing problems. That’s because of their facial structure, so they have a sensitive nose. If you hear that your pug is breathing heavily or snoring, that entails breathing problems. To avoid that from happening, you need to maintain their nose clean.

Cleaning pug nose is simple. All you need is unscented baby wipes to clear off dirt on their nose. If you’re using cotton balls, moistened that with coconut oil before wiping it on their nose.

You can also let your pug have a warm bath to help clear off any blockage inside their nose. The steam from warm water helps clear their breathing pathway.

Another area you also need to clean is their paws. The areas in between their paws is common hiding place of dirt, fleas, and yeast. You can include cleaning pug paws during their bath. Touch up cleaning it with grooming wipes is also good.

There are times when their paw pads are too dry that it cracks. This is painful for your pet. You can keep it moistened by rubbing that with a cotton ball dipped in coconut oil. You can also buy a paw balm to moisturize your pug’s paws. This is part of pug grooming that you must keep in mind.

Pug Nail Trimming

Trimming pug nails

Keeping your dog’s nails clean is also part of their good grooming. The ideal time of trimming your pug’s nails is once in six to eight weeks. If you let their nails grow longer, there is a tendency that it curls. This can hurt your pug puppy since it leads to unbalanced gait cycle.

You can use many different brands of nail clippers. Some of these known brands are Boshel and Paws and Pals. Checking on the price and quality of the nail clipper is essential for this matter.

If your pug is walking on hard outdoor surfaces, that can help file down their nails. But it wouldn’t be enough to keep it clean. You will still need to trim their nails on a regular schedule.

When cutting the nails of your dog, it’s best if you trim them when they are asleep. Even when they wake up upon trimming, still, they are too sleepy to struggle with you. You can still take control over them when trimming their nails.

You can also set aside some treats to let them stay relaxed. Having some anti-fungal powder put on their nails helps in cutting it smoothly.

Pug Toothbrushing

Pug toothbrushing

Keeping your dog having a fresh breath is also part of dog grooming. There are many factors affecting the oral health of your dog. The food you’re feeding them is one, and the second factor is toothbrushing.

When they are still young, you can use canine finger toothbrush for your pug puppy. As they grow older, that’s where you switch for an adult dog toothbrush.

If you see some yellowish stains on your pug’s teeth, that means toothbrushing is must be done. Brushing their teeth at an early dog age is ideal. When you do it early, it becomes a habit to them. This prevents them from struggling when you are brushing their teeth.

You can use canine wipes or toothbrush recommended for pets. Giving them dental sticks is also part of their oral health. It helps promote good breath.

Only use those toothpaste intended for dogs. Don’t use random toothpaste since some have ingredients that are harsh for pugs.

Wiping Pug Eye Area

Pug’s eye area cleaning

A pug’s eyes is protruding making them susceptible to dirt and debris. This can irritate your dog’s eyes. That means you need clean the areas around the eye to avoid infection.

In cleaning the area around your pug’s eyes, you need to use a hypoallergenic wipe. It must be unscented and free of any harsh chemicals. You need to do this at least thrice a day to ensure your pug won’t suffer from any eye infection.

Your goal is to remove any eye crust, tear stains, and discharges around the eyes of your dog. Do this carefully to avoid hitting the eyes of your cute pug.

Common Pug Grooming Tools

Brushing your pug

You have the option to either to go to a pet shop for your pug grooming. Otherwise, you can do them on your own at home. Each choice has their respective pros and cons. If you want to save some, doing it on your own is a good choice.

We are done sharing some tips on the best thing you need to do for grooming your pugs. Now, let’s move forward for the common tools you will need for this.

Pet Wipes for Grooming

This will be used most of the time for final cleaning touches. You will use this for wiping your pug’s folds, ears, areas around the eye, belly, armpit, and neck area.

Pet Toothrush

You can buy a few toothbrushes for your dogs in pet shops and stores. This helps promote good oral health for your pugs.

Nail and Hair Clippers

Keeping your pug’s nails short and clean is important. It helps promote heathy gait and walk. Hair clipper is used for shaving the undercoat of your pug. You won’t have to worry about hair loss and pet danders scattering on your floor and sofas.

Pet Hair Brush

A soft hair brush for your pug is also great. It helps take off those loose hairs. You can keep your dog’s coat shiny and clean as well. By brushing your pug’s coat, you will also know if they are shedding already.

Dog Shampoo and Soap

Use natural dog bathing products for deeply cleaning your pug. This is friendly to their skin, eyes, and nose. Take note, they are sensitive to chemicals, so using vet approved bathing products is important.

Paw Balm

Cracks on pug paws is painful. You can avoid that by applying paw balm to keep them moisturized. You can buy this from any store or pet shop near you. If you want an alternative, you can use coconut oil. Dab a cotton ball into your coconut oil and rub that on your dog’s paws.


We hope you learn a lot from this article. We love pugs and any dog breeds, that’s why we are creating contents about them. By ensuring you do good and regular pug grooming, you are confident that they have good health.

Pugs have sensitive health, so you need to care for them more. All these grooming practices are for keeping them healthy. They are prone to respiratory and eye problems, so wipe their eyes and nose more often.

If you have any question about pug grooming and other pug topics you want us to cover, feel free to use our contact form.