Pug Puppy Feeding Tips

When it is your first time to have a pug puppy, then the basic question is, how am I gonna take care of him, let alone feed him? With no reference in mind and only the internet as your guide. But, with this article, we will be with you in overcoming your concern.

1. Basics Feeding Pug Guide

Be very careful not to give your pug puppy a mil, cows milk for instance. They cannot digest this kind of milk. Therefore, buy a formula milk recommended by your vet or the breeder. Also, since they are not yet ready for solid food, you may opt to give him cerelac. But this should not be the only source of nutrition. Three meals a day is deemed necessary for puppies 6 months and younger. Also, make sure to give him fresh water regularly. When you are planning to switch or update his diet, remember not to do it abruptly. Try to mix the current and the new diet your planning to give him. That way, you will not upset his stomach.

2. Healthy Snacks For Pug

During their developing years, you want to try and discovers treats for your pug. Of course, there are always flavored chewable for the puppy. But, if you want to be extra cautious about their health, you might want to try frozen fruits like banana. Peel and sliced banana is actually a fun and healthy treat. Banana is known to be low in cholesterol and saturated fats this can lower the risk of heart attack which is common among pugs. However, you should also avoid fruits that have seeds that can lead to choking such as grapes. Aside from fruits, vegetables can also be served as snacks such as carrots. You may boil the carrots but do not overdo it. Just enough that it can be chewed by your puppy. Carrots is rich in vitamin D which is good to enhance the pug’s fur.

3. Thou shall not forget

When scouting for the best dog food, of course, it is always best to consult your vet. However, on a basic note, remember to choose a dog food that is rich in protein. Preferably whole meat flavored dog food. Not just those meat flavored, but look for those ingredients which are non by-product. Fat is also necessary for the development of the pug. So make sure that your pug’s diet includes fat from a good of source.

4. Last but not the least

Now that your little-wrinkled face pup is starting to make use of his teeth, make it a habit to brush his teeth. Not only that you avoid him smelling awful, but also to avoid the dental problem in the coming days. Help him digest his food by letting him drink water as often as possible.

Challenges vary depending on many factors. But always bear in mind that when it comes to the health of your pug, you should always take an extra mile. Never hesitate to consult your vet when in doubt or when a problem arises.

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