Pug Rehome: Steps to Rehome Your Pug Properly

You dream of having a pug and being with him for maybe 10 to 12 years. You were happy bringing your pug puppies into the house. All the joy showering in your face. However, unexpected things happened, and it leaves you no choice but to give away your pugs. This is sad, yet it’s the best way to save pugs since you can no longer support them.

Rehoming your pug is your best choice. If you’re looking for the proper ways of rehoming them, then you’re in the right spot. This article will give you tips and going to help you understand the best practices of pug rehoming so that you can secure their welfare even when they’re no longer in your arms.

What does it mean to rehome a dog?

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Rehoming your dog is not the same as abandonment. When you rehome your pets, you are finding a suitable new home that will take care of them. A good home that will provide them the love and care you are giving them while they are in your care.

You have two main options for rehoming your pugs. The first will be to surrender your pugs to a dog shelter. The second option will be to give them to your neighbor, friend, or relative who loves dogs and who would want to take care of them.

The final decision will depend on you. Oftentimes, most pug owners would go for the second option since they know the person who will take care of their pugs.

What are the reasons why pug owners would resort to rehoming their pugs?

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Giving away your pet is a sad story. This would be your last resort if you can’t find a way to keep them. We have witnessed many pug owners giving away their pets for many reasons. We have compiled them and narrowed down the main causes of why pet parents give away their pugs.

Financially unstable

Having a pet is great. You have a companion and guard dog at the same time. Although pugs aren’t the guard dog type, still, they look after their owners. But having a pet isn’t that cheap since you will spend for their food, grooming, and medication.

The average cost of caring for a pug is around $40 to $100 per month. If they get sick, you will spend more on their medication and veterinary services. Now, if you’re financially struggling, you will have a hard time caring for your pet. Of course, you love them, yet you would also prioritize yourself and your family before your pet’s welfare.

Because of that, you will have no choice but to give up the care of your pugs. Surrender them to someone you know who loves dogs, and who has the capacity to take care of them.

Pug Health Problems

Your vet bills will increase if your pug is sick. If they are suffering from a serious disease, you will be forced to take a medical loan from your vet. Now, if this becomes a financial burden to you, you will be forced to give up the ownership of your pet. Turn them over to a shelter or another person who is willing and capable of financing their medical bills.

Dog Behavioral Problems

Are you having a hard time taming your pugs? Did they accidentally bite someone? If you’re experiencing behavioral challenges from your pugs, this is a strong reason why you can give them away. If you don’t have the extra patience to work on them, the more you need to surrender them to a pug rescue or person who can better handle them.

Basic Steps To Rehome A Pug

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If you’ve been with your fur buddy for a year or longer, then we understand how hard it will be for you to give them away. But rehoming them to another person or shelter does not mean you’re abandoning them. You are taking the best route for you and your pug. Below are the steps for rehoming your pug:

Describe your pug

You will need to write down on paper the traits of your pug. This includes their physical, behavioral, and personality. You are doing this to help the new pet owner know and understand your pug.

You need to include any allergies or special conditions of your pug. This will help the new pug owner prepare themselves in embracing their new family member.

Describe their happy home

No one best knows the happy environment of their pug other than their former owner. That said, you need to describe and share with the new owner what is a happy home for your pug. This includes the things and activities your pug does daily in your house.

You also need to share with them what makes your pug happy. Do they want to be hugged most of the time? What treats do they like? These kinds of stuff make their eyes twinkle with happiness.

By sharing these thoughts with the new owner, you are not putting your pug into shock. They will experience the same thing even when they transfer from one home to another. The new owner can even give more to make their new family member happy in their care.

Review the contract when you adopted your pet

You as the first owner might have adopted your pet from a pug rescue or animal shelter, right? That means there’s a contract that comes along with your adoption process. This is necessary to ensure your adoption is legal. If that’s the case, you will need to review your contract to ensure you’re not obliged to return your pug to the shelter where they come from.

Oftentimes, the person to whom you plan to surrender your pug will ask if there’s an adoption paper for your pet. They will need to look into that for their own protection as well.

Contact a pug rescue organization

If you haven’t found someone to adopt your pug, you might as well contact a local pug rescue group near you. Avail of their foster program so that they can take care of your pet.

There are some pug rescue groups that only take in purebreds. Therefore, you will need to ask if they adopt pug mixes in case yours is not purebred.

How To Find A Pug Rescue Near You

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You can find many pug rescue shelters online. It can be an Ohio Pug Rescue or an Alabama Pug Rescue Group. What matters most, you can verify if the pug shelter is legit in its operation. Also, their pug adoption application procedure must be transparent.

Before adopting a pug from any pug rescue group, here are some questions you need to ask to know if they are reliable:

  • Will there be a free for submitting an adoption application?
  • How much is your adoption fee? What does it cover?
  • Is the dog adoption program open to all breeds or specific to pug only?
  • Am I allowed to meet your available dogs before adopting?

Is Adoption Fee Tax Deductible?

Adoption fee is not tax deductible. But the excess money you pay to the pug rescue can be written off from your tax expense.

If you donate to a pug rescue group, your donation can be written off from your tax due. By donating, you’re not just helping these fur buddies, you are also reducing your tax expense.

Below are some scenarios where your pet expense become tax deductible:

  • When you need to get a pet for medical purpose. For instance, when your doctor or therapist prescribes you to get a pet for therapy.
  • When you get a dog to guard your business.
  • When you volunteer to shelter lost pets.
  • If you’re a professional dog breeder, your pet expense will be tax deductible.
  • If you’re a police and a dog handler at the same time.

Ready to Rehome your Pug?

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Finding a new home for your pet isn’t easy. It will be emotionally challenging for most pet owners as they have been attached to their pugs. However, for the sake of your dog, you would want to find someone who can better take care of them. Give them adequate food, care, and veterinary services to keep them healthy.

At Pugs Home, we prepare different blogs for our beloved dogs and breeders. We post them to our website and social media accounts. But you can also contact us to inquire about the details and other suggestions.

We hope we have helped you understand the proper ways of rehoming your pugs. If you need help with this, you can contact us today.