Pug Rescue Alabama

Alabama is the 24th most jam-packed state in the United States. We usually call it “The Heart of Dixie”.

If you didn’t know, this state also takes part in the top states in the country with the most dogs. According to Dog Time’s website, 44.1% of the population are dog owners. It means that pet ownership is becoming more common throughout the area.  [1]

So, if you are planning to save one, like the cute little pug dog breed, you have to join us in the article below about pug rescue shelters or all volunteer organization dedicated on rescuing pugs in Alabama.

What is a pug dog breed? The American Kennel Club describes pug dogs as a “playful breed with great charm”. But unfortunately, some of them are struggling with abuse, neglect, and medical issues. Some of them are also searching for loving foster homes.

Adopt From Alabama Pug Rescue Groups

We recommend visiting a nonprofit Alabama pug rescue organization if you wish to have a new dog. Why? Because you can save a life and give a happy adoptive home.

Experts estimate hundreds of euthanized dogs each year, including lost pugs. It is due to overcrowding, and only a few people consider adoption.

Once you adopt, you can help reduce the number of euthanized pug friends and other dogs. It is also better than buying.

Please keep reading to see the top four compassionate pug rescue groups in Alabama.

Best Pug Rescue Groups in Alabama

In Alabama, animal rescue brims happy and healthy pugs waiting for kind people to take them home. Like other sweet dogs, these pugs also need responsible pet ownership.

Most of these rescue dogs wound up there because of human problems like a divorce or a move. It is not because they were bad and did something wrong. You can’t believe a pug breed is bad right? Besides, most of them live with kids and are already house-trained.

Here are the top four all volunteer organization or Alabama pug rescue shelters for your reference.


4101 Highway 72 Killen, AL 35645




H.A.S.R.A. stands for “Heart of Alabama: Save. Rescue. Adopt”. They devote themselves to protecting homeless, abandoned and abused pugs and other animals.

Since North Alabama animal shelters are always full, the founders decided to form H.A.S.R.A.

The organization’s mission is to cater love, care, and attention to more animals. This way, the said nonprofit group can prevent other shelters from euthanizing some pets.

Currently, this group supports other North Alabama animal shelters for pug rescue. They also save various displaced animals every day.

If you plan to visit for a pug rescue, the shelter is open every day. But, make sure to book an appointment first since they follow a strict schedule. You can contact them at 256-702-0888.

To get to H.A.S.R.A. facilities, you have to drive along the gravel side road beside the building. You can also opt to turn around the Arx parking lot.

For pug rescue donations, feel free to contact them by phone. You can also sign up for a monthly sponsorship to help with the dogs’ medical care.

Let’s help this compassionate pug rescue group save more dogs.

Greater Birmingham Humane Society

300 Snow Drive – Birmingham, AL 35209



Greater Birmingham Humane Society

The second dependable Alabama pug rescue group is the Greater Birmingham Humane Society. They have rescued both animals and children since 1883.

During the 1880s, a young educator named Dr. John Herbert Phillips came to Alabama. She realized that children must learn compassion towards other people and even animals.

We placed this nonprofit Alabama pug rescue group as second best. Why? Because they have been promoting humane treatment among animals for decades.

If you want to apply for pug rescue or adoption here, you can inquire through their website.

You can also book an appointment by phone (205-942-1211). Keep in mind that adoption hours in from Tuesday to Saturday (12:00 PM – 5:00 PM) only.

You have to meet all the requirements for same-day adoption and submit all documents by 4:00 PM. Yet, we do not guarantee that they will approve you right away. The shelter reserves the right to refuse unqualified adopters and pug rescues.

Let’s protect animals from future horrible conditions and promote responsible pet ownership.

Enormous veterinary expenses and adoption supports can also be stressful. You can send money through PayPal to help. Let’s help this Alabama pug rescue save more dogs.

You can also visit their donation page and select your preferred donation type for pug rescue donations.

Alabama Pug Rescue and Adoption Inc.

125 Rock School Rd, Wilsonville, AL 35186





Alabama Pug Rescue and Adoption Inc.

This rescuer is also one of the most trustworthy dog saviors in the area that promote rescue. They have been sheltering different pugs for over 23 years.

All pugs under this rescuer have updated vaccinations, microchipped, and heartworm-negative. Besides that, the team has spayed or neutered some of them.

The adoption fee will only cost you around $300.00. According to the nonprofit group, the rate has not increased since 2008.

For other pug rescue inquiries, feel free to contact them by phone (205-999-2733). You can also email them at alabamapugrescue@gmail.com.

They also have a Facebook page (Alabama Pug Rescue and Adoption, Inc).

The Haven: No-Kill Animal Shelter

559 South Section Street in Fairhope, AL 36533




The Haven

Another nonprofit compassionate pug rescue group that we love is The Haven. They have been promoting community awareness of pet overpopulation and responsibility since 2000. This shelter is a sanctuary for pug rescue, regardless of how long it takes to find their new long homes.

Dr. Teresa Marshall is the founder of this organization. She is a local veterinarian that provided animal care with the City of Fairhope last 2000.

As mentioned above, this nonprofit community promotes no killing. If you didn’t know, it made them one of the highest save rates in Alabama. Isn’t that cool?

They adopt animals with scheduled euthanasia from partnering shelters. Then, they provide medical care for illness and injuries.

Currently, adoption fees for dogs start at $175. Keep in mind that the team spayed or neutered all animals. They have also received all necessary care, such as deworming and other vaccinations.

Potential adopters will undergo screening to ensure pets enjoy a happy life.

The Haven appreciates all kinds of interest and questions, so do not hesitate to contact them at info@havenforanimals.org or (251) 929-3980. If you have pug rescue questions, they can assist you, as well.

Final Words

Hope we have provided you the key effort in finding the pug puppies of your life in Alabama. To help in their fundraising events, public events and rescuing pugs and dogs in horrible condition we offer our help.