Pug Rescue Arizona

Arizona, the sixth largest state in the United States. It became famous for its weather and geography. Northern Arizona has beautiful canyons and forests. Meanwhile, Southern Arizona offers a hot desert climate.

Besides that, Arizona is one of the Four Corner states, together with Colorado, Utah, and New Mexico. Also, it shares a border with Nevada, Mexico, and California.

Arizona Pug Adoption Rescue

Aside from taking good care of nature, Arizona also commits to the health and well-being of the community, including animals. If you live within or near the area, we recommend visiting one of its pug rescue groups.

To help protect one another, this state has various animal shelters where you can get much more than a friend. Once you adopt, you can get unconditional love, peace of mind (knowing you saved one’s life), and of course, a new best friend.

Several friendly Arizona pug adoption centers are ready to help you. They can find the perfect pet for your home and lifestyle. Whether you are looking for a pug rescue or other dog breeds, they will have something special for you.

Here are some of the best pug rescue groups in Arizona.

Best Pug Rescue Groups in Arizona

AZ Pug Life Rescue Society

AZ Pug Life Rescue Society P.O. Box 11311 Glendale, AZ  85318


(602) 730-0107


AZ Pug Life Rescue Society

The first one on the list is the AZ Pug Life Rescue Society. It is a volunteer org and non-profit Arizona pug adoption group that has been committing to help every pug in need and its brachycephalic breed throughout Arizona.

But, the AZ Pug Life Rescue Society has no central facility that you can visit. Why? Because each rescued fur baby lives with a foster family until they can have a new adoptive home. Since this group is volunteer-based, they rely on donations to care for the pugs. But no worries, because all donations are tax-deductible.

If you wish to volunteer, that’s great, too! All you have to do is visit their website and sign up through an online volunteer application. Once you fill up the application, they will reach out to you via Facebook, where they will call for help. Usually, this Arizona pug adoption group needs volunteers during adoption events, expo events. You can also volunteer as a transporter and even foster.

Besides that, AZ Pug Life Rescue appreciates all kinds of generosity. If you want to make a financial contribution, you can visit their Amazon Wish List. You can also send money through PayPal, Venmo, Cash App, and Google Pay.

Please visit their website and fill up the adoption application form for adoption concerns. Adoption fees range from $200 to $450 depending on the dog’s age, breed, and medical condition.

Hug a Pug AZ Rescue & Adoption Group


Hug a Pug AZ Rescue & Adoption Group

Hug a Pug AZ Rescue & Adoption Group is another trustworthy pug shelter in Arizona. It is also a non-profit organization that rescues pug and other mixed breed of pugs in South Arizona. Most fur babies wind up here via owner surrender or from the streets.

Here at Hug a Pug AZ Rescue & Adoption Group, the team provides veterinary care, food, and safety to all animals. Since it is a volunteer-based group, veterinary expenses can be an obstacle in saving more pug dog breed and other pets.

For that reason, we recommend you support them and donate. We can guarantee you that they appreciate all kinds of caring and consideration.

We can all make a difference and help Hug a Pug AZ Rescue & Adoption Group. We ask you to take a few seconds to check out their website and share it. Many pugs at the rescue wait for their new forever homes, and some need veterinary attention.

Besides that, this Arizona pug adoption organization accepts donations, such as food, leashes, crates, and beds. However, most pugs here have special needs. Also, the organization is falling behind the bills a little bit. So, any help you can provide can be a big help.

Arizona Small Dog Rescue

1102 W Hatcher Rd Phoenix, AZ 85021

(602) 944-2440



Arizona Small Dog Rescue

Arizona Small Dog Rescue is one of the popular animal shelters in Phoenix. It is a non-profit and no-kill group with passionate volunteers. According to the team, they rescue dogs from owner surrenders, overcrowded organizations, and kill shelters. They also help all fur babies find forever homes.

Last 2020, Arizona Small Dog Rescue won the 2020 Top-Rated Non-Profit Dog Rescue from Great Non-Profits. This group 100% deserves it because they have been saving the lives of thousands of small dogs since they started.

If you wish to adopt a loving friend here, visiting their website. You can check their available dogs from there, and all information updates nightly. If you want to meet the dogs, the shelter is open from Tuesday to Sunday (11:00 AM – 6:00 PM) at 1102 W Hatcher Road, Phoenix, 85021. If you have queries, feel free to email them at adopt@azsmalldog.org.

Adopting at Arizona Small Dog Rescue will help cover all medical expenses of the animals while they patiently wait for their new homes. It will also act as a donation to help the volunteers continue its rescuing and rehoming pets and other pugs.

Arizona Humane Society





Arizona Humane Society

Arizona Humane Society has also made it on our list. If you didn’t know, this organization has a great back story. Back then, they struggled with a pet overpopulation crisis since they took in thousands of

homeless animals. For that reason, they decided to have a radical shift. The team began launching several initiatives to focus on the most vulnerable animals in the community. Currently, the Arizona Humane Society prioritizes all sick, abandoned, and injured fur babies most of them are already scheduled for euthanasia in other shelters).

But since the team has a no-kill policy, they ensure that they will never take away any pet’s life. Every effort of this organization has been worth it. Since 2013, they have reduced the euthanasia percentage by 82%. [1]

For adoption and donation concerns, visiting their website. They accept monthly gifts starting from $50. You can send money through PayPal, ApplePay, Masterpass, and Visa.

Wrapping Up

If you are ready to take your heart for a spin, you can choose from our recommendations above. This way, you can see all their adorable fur babies looking for forever homes.

All pug rescue groups listed above have a pretty constant flow of pugs, both puppies and adults. So, we can guarantee that these organizations will take your breath away.

Refer to our blogs if you need additional guide in raising your pugs.