6 Things to Consider Before Getting a Pet Pug from Pug Rescue Austin

If you need to own a pet, you can always buy or get it from a rescue organization. There are many types of pet dogs out there, and one of these can be pugs.

You may find different pug mixes from these homeless pets. Abandoned dogs need quality adoptive homes. Make sure yours is one of these quality adoptive homes. Be sure that you practice responsible pug ownership.

Before you decide to get that pug rescue, here are some of the things you need to consider first:

1) Check out the pug rescue agency thoroughly.

All legitimate Pug Rescues are non-profit organizations that are not-for-profit organizations. As a group, pugs are one of the most frequently abandoned breeds because there are so many in need of homes.

You can adopt a dog through any Pug Rescues across the country. Do your homework. Check each organization’s references before you commit to adoption.

2) Socialize your Pug.

Pugs are pack animals that thrive on human companionship. They are happiest with their humans., even if that means you work from home, the Pug will remain close to his family.

Pugs love to be close and tend to follow wherever you go in the house like a shadow, making them excellent lap dogs.

There are many unwanted pugs that you can find in a pug rescue. if you adopt one, make sure these unwanted pugs are loved.

3) Get some training.

Pugs respond well to positive reinforcement training methods. However, they can become disillusioned by punitive behaviors.

Punishment doesn’t help correct bad behavior but only teaches your Pug to be afraid of you and not do what you say. If your Pug does something wrong, redirect his behavior or remove him from the situation rather than punishing him for it.

austin pug rescue4) Be mindful of their health.

Pugs are a brachycephalic breed which means they have flat noses and compressed breathing passages. Their eyes are larger relative to their skull size than other breeds, which can predispose them to various health problems.

Another popular surgery is removing the lenses from the Pug’s eyes. To prevent corneal ulcers. Some veterinarians will recommend pugs to have their pushed-in noses opened up. This is so they can breathe better.

Responsible dog ownership includes taking care of the rescued dogs’ health. Make sure these dogs receive treatment once they are injured.

5) Get your Pug spayed or neutered.

If you plan on getting a pet from a reputable breeder, having your Pug spayed/neutered may not be necessary; however, if you adopt your Pug from a shelter, he should already be spayed or neutered.

austin pug rescue

Pugs are very loyal to their human family members and, if allowed outdoors unattended, will do everything in their power to protect you, including confronting potentially dangerous dogs.

These animals may have unique needs make sure that you have loving foster homes for them. Make your house a forever home for these cute creatures.

Unfortunately, this often ends up with the Pug being injured or killed. Spaying and neutering help reduce the risks of these situations by making your Pug less aggressive towards other animals.

6) Pug proof your home.

Pugs tend to try and steal food off tables, so it’s important to be very aware of where you leave all food in the house, especially when you aren’t around.

rescued dogs reside

A pug rescue can give you pug mixes. Support pug rescue shelters at all times. Abandoned pugs need essential care. Make sure you give these animals the best love same as your new dogs. If you know where to go, you can always find a humane refuge for abandoned dogs.

Also, pugs have a habit of snuffling into clothing piles. You need to be careful about leaving anything out that has buttons or zippers. If swallowed, these can get caught on their palate or intestines, which means surgery to remove them is necessary and expensive.


There you go! These are some of the things you can check out before you own a pug from a rescue organization. Once you have these tips, you are ready to be a fur parent and a full-time one.

Ensure quality adoptive homes for these pets. Support pug rescue and give these animals a humane refuge.

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