Pug Rescue Colorado

Colorado is one of the few states in the country that offers great scenery. It has a lot of river canyons, landscape desert, and the Rocky Mountains. But, Colorado is also home to a lot of animal rescue centers. This is especially those that shelter pugs and other dog breeds.

If you are planning on visiting Colorado soon with a pet, you don’t have to worry if you lose them or in case if you want to get a pug from pug rescue. An animal rescue organization in Colorado can help you.

In this article, we will feature different pug rescue centers in the state of Colorado where you can find help. Most of them are breed rescue network that specializes in foster pugs.

Colorado Animal Rescue

2801 Country Rd.. 114, Glenwood Springs, Colorado

(970) 947-9173


Colorado Animal Rescue - Pug rescue

Colorado Animal rescue has been practicing animal care, education, and advocacy that helps value an animal’s life. They have been servicing pets of all kinds in the state for many years. Their vision is to provide a loving and safe home for animals and dogs they save.

When it comes to core values, Colorado Animal Rescue believes in six values. This includes gratitude, education, community, compassion, home, and collaboration. This organization is a non-profit animal care organization. It caters to Garfield county and its surrounding states as well.

Their shelter for rescued animals provides freedom for starvation, disease, pain, and discomfort. If you need help in rescuing animals in town, Colorado Animal Rescue is here to help.

Animal Rescue of the Rockies

13918 E Mississippi Ave., Aurora, Colorado

(970) 389-8324


Animal Rescue of the Rockies

Animal Rescue of the Rockies is a non-profit Colorado pug rescue. Started by a group of friends in 2003, they aim to provide shelter for rescued pugs and animals. Through the years they have served their vision and have already given foster homes for more than 10,000 cats, puppies, and pug dogs.

The group works with several foster forever homes that help them make their vision true. ARR helps in providing transportation and adoptions for rescued animals. They also give them a foster home where they can recover. The organization does not receive any local or federal funds. All fundings come from donations and fundraising activities of the public.

Dumb Friends League

2080 Quebec St. Denver

(303) 751-5772


Dumb Friends League


Dumb Friends League is another nonprofit organization that rescues animals in the state. They also open adoption events for their rescued animals so they can have a home and family of their own. The group aims to provide life-changing services for their rescued and homeless pugs. They give medical attention, foster care, and behavior training. The founders aim to give animals a chance to find a new family they can have a new beginning with.

Dumb Friends League has catered to over 13,000 animal surgeries, saved 100% of their rescued animals’ lives. Moreover, they have received over $4.7 million in donations from sponsors. So, if you find an animal that needs help in Colorado, call on Dumb Friends League today.

Teller County Regional Animal Shelter

308 Weaverville Rd, Divide

(719) 686-7707


Teller County Regional Animal Shelter

Teller County Regional Animal Shelter not only rescues stray animals and pugs but also shelters them in good condition. This organization has saved over 700 animals in 2021, opened adoption for 250 dogs and 270 cats, and returned 170 pets to their real owners.

Although the organization has a limited shelter, they still aim to provide each pet with a companion for their well-being. They do not offer euthanization. But instead, give animals the medical attention and support they need to be better.

The founders are passionate about animals and dog pets. It pushed them to open this shelter and save animals who are in need. If you’re interested to help, you may send your donations to them.


So there you have it! Four pug rescue organizations in Colorado will cater to your need. If you have dog pets, this is an opportunity for you to save them from suffering or being homeless without a family of their own. Pugs Home and these groups are here to help.