Pug Rescue Georgia

There are many animal shelters in Georgia and you can choose one to get your pet dog or cat. These groups provide a foster home for pug rescue and pug mixes. They give love, care, and vaccinations to prepare them for their forever homes. Also, these pets are spayed or neutered before giving them for adoption.

Are you looking for an animal organization in Georgia to get your adoptable pugs or cats? Here is a list of pug rescue groups in this state.

List of Pug Rescue Groups in Georgia

Southeast Pug Rescue and Adoption

Address: 3245 Peachtree ParkwaySuwanee, Georgia 30024

Website: http://www.rescuepug.com/

Telephone: (770) 887-9741

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Southeast Pug Rescue and Adoption provides shelter and care for dogs and cats. Their pug rescue service covers the Southeast that including GA, FL, SC. They adopt different dogs and cats regardless of age, health, weight, and breed.

Their pug rescue service aims to educate households to prepare them for adopting a dog or a cat. This is also to ensure they have the right knowledge as a breeder.

All their volunteers got training for vet care before turning them into a loving home. All dogs and cats are neutered for the adoption process. This is the mission of Southeast Pug Rescue.

Their staff ensures that the pugs’ personalities matches with the prospect adopter. Then you will sign a form for their adoption agreement.

Puglanta Dog Rescue, Inc

Address: Atlanta, Georgia

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/puglantadogrescue/

Telephone: —


This animal welfare group promotes the welfare of pugs and pug mixes in Georgia. Their pug rescue services include shelter, adopt, and vet care. They believe that pet life is as important as humans. These pugs also dream of a sweet friend for their new home.

The financial support for their southeast pug rescue comes from donations. You can send them via PayPal and all donations are tax-deductible. You can also volunteer as foster care for their pug rescue before they can find a new home for them.

They also have an Amazon wishlist shop for you to buy items that will support their cause. Puglanta Dog Rescue Inc also promotes adoption of pure breed pugs and pug mixes.

List of Shelter/Organization Near Georgia

Harlee’s Angels

Address: Kansas

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Harlees-Angels-224832710926527/

Website: https://www.harleesangels.com/

Telephone: —


They are a small volunteer group of animal shelters that rescue sick and old animals. They are also happy to accept surrendered pets. If you live in Georgia and you happen to search for a reliable pug rescue group, they are one of your best options.

This group also gives financial and medical help for the pet owner. That’s to avoid worsening the health condition of their pet dog or cat. Visit their website and Facebook page for more information.

Adopt A Bull Rescue

Address: Adopt-A-Bull Rescue, Inc. P.O. Box 8035, Coral Springs, FL 33075

Website: http://www.adoptabullrescue.com/

Telephone: (954) 213-7648

Fax Number: (954) 827-0939


This nonprofit group is in the state of Florida. Its main goal is to rescue and adopt English bulldogs. They also provide southeast pug rescue services in Florida and Georgia. They are proud to help a dog owner support their pet friend.

Their animal rescue service caters to different situations. They take in English bulldogs and pugs that are for euthanasia. Their team also provides shelters for stray dogs and cats. For that person who can no longer care for their pets, you can turn it into them. You can fill out their form to surrender your dogs.

All their volunteers are happy to learn many things about English bulldogs and pugs. Besides that, they thankfully accept donations that will finance their operations. All donations are tax-deductible.

If you are looking to adopt a bulldog or pug, contact them.

Champlain Valley Canine Rescue

Address: Washington County, Plattsburgh, NY 12901, United States

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ChamplainValleyCanineRescue/

Website: https://cvcaninerescue.org/

Telephone: —

Champlain Valley

This small group of volunteers fosters pet care and shelter. They take in senior pugs that are for euthanasia and those who are surrendered by their owners. All pet dogs are in foster care with their volunteers until they are for adoption.

The adoption fees depend on the age and health of the dog. All revenues go to supporting the operations of the group.

Finding a loving home for their pugs is challenging. They will match the pug’s trait with the prospect adopter. If they pass the screening, they will fill out and sign the adoption agreement form. The best factor to pass is to have that genuine love for animals.

They also provide training for owners to avoid their pugs from making a mess.

You can visit their website to get more information about their adopting procedures.

Mid-Atlantic Pug Rescue

Address: —

Website: https://midatlanticpugrescue.org/index.html

Telephone: (704) 452-7841


It is a nonprofit animal welfare group providing shelters and love for pugs. They also give foster care for other dog breeds. All their volunteers come from different industries and they unite for a single cause. That is to rescue pets that are astray, abandoned, or in line for euthanasia.

This group serves North and South Carolina, Maryland, Virginia, and Eastern Tennessee. Do you want to volunteer or adopt a dog? Visit their website to fill out a form for processing your request.

Currently, there are looking for more adopters who like to take in their southeast pug rescue. They also have volunteers in Georgia whom you can search and contact.

Found Your Southeast Pug Rescue?

We hope to have help you search for the best southeast pug rescues in the state of Georgia and nearby areas. Do not forget to check out their links for more information. These animal shelters are doing a heroic deed saving the lives of your pet friends.

Help them spread a word of their mission in finding shelters for abandoned and injured pets. Let’s care for them. Write down your comments below.

Your donations will help them continue with their mission and it is tax-deductible. Let’s help them.

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