Pug Rescue Indiana

There are many pug rescue shelters in Indiana that take in surrendered pugs. They provide vet care and love for their rescued pug lives. All members are volunteers and they offer a temporary foster family for the needy pugs.

Are you searching for these dedicated non profit rescue organization in Indiana? Lucky for you since we made a list of these groups. Check their website links to know more about them.

List of Animal Shelters that Rescue Pugs in Indiana

Kentuckiana Pug Rescue

498 Illinois St, Indianapolis, IN 46206



(877) 784-7988

Kentuckiana Pug Rescue -KPR

Kentuckiana Pug Rescue is committed to help needy pugs in the streets and those for euthanasia. They serve the states of Indiana and Kentucky. This group doesn’t have a central facility to place all rescued pugs. They are just placed in a foster family of their members until forever homes are found for them.

Are you searching for a dog friend? Adopt a dog from them. Visit their website and Facebook page links to know more about it.

Indianapolis Animal Care Services

2600 S Harding St, Indianapolis, IN 46221



(317) 327-1397

Indianapolis Animal Care Services

It is a volunteer based group that cares for dogs and cats. Their service location is in Marion County. But they also collaborate with animal shelters outside Marion County.

They take in abandoned dogs and pugs into their foster homes. Their members treat medical issues of rescued pugs before sending them to an adoptive home.

This group rescues all dog breed regardless of health, personality, and age. They advocate pet life as equally important as humans.

Visit their website and Facebook links for more information.

Heaven After Hell

6819 W 21st St, Indianapolis, IN 46214


(317) 455-5758

Heaven after hell rescue

The mission of this group is to provide a second chance for adoptable pugs and dogs to find their forever homes. There are three things that they do for advocating pet welfare:

  • They give a voice to furry human friends
  • Help control and manage pet population
  • Prepare stray dogs for adoption

They have helped thousands of abandoned dogs get adopted since Heaven After Hell was founded. If you plan to adopt a dog, there will be a screening process. Once you pass, you will pay an adoption fee that will help the organization’s mission.

Indy Humane

7929 N Michigan Rd, Indianapolis, IN 46268



(317) 872-5650

Indy Humane

This not for profit organization is committed to rescuing dogs and cats. They have been doing their mission since 1905. If you’re in search of a sweet pet that you want to cuddle with, then contact them.

This group rescues dogs with love. Pug rescue on a leash is sometimes necessary if the dog is temperamental. They do behavioral support to train dogs so they will be friendly when the right adopter comes.

Furever We Love

6110 W 25th St #24503, Indianapolis, IN 46224



(765) 410-0206

Furever We Love Dog Rescue

Mike and Robin are the couples who started this company. Their mission is to find a caring home for their adoptable pugs. They also rescue other dog breeds and cats.

They want pets to continue with their happy lives even after the death of their guardian. It’s done by finding them the right adopting family. Their staff will visit the potential adopter for screening. It’s done to ensure the welfare of their pug rescue.

The adopter needs to sign an agreement that if he can no longer support their pets, the group has the right to take them back in.

Rosie Southside Animal Shelter

1614 W Edgewood Ave, Indianapolis, IN 46217



(317) 781-0755

Rosie Southside Animal Shelte

Rosie Ellis is the founder of this organization. They offer pug rescue to help those dogs that are in a dangerous situation. They save pet lives regardless of breed, health, personality, and age. And then they search for the right people to adopt their pug rescue.

They send ambassadors to local communities to educate on pet ownership. This is essential for people who will be adopting pugs and other breeds.

If you plan to adopt from Rosie Southside, they will review your desire and capability to take care of pets. In case, you cannot support your pets anymore, they have the right to take them back.

They also have a yard where they let their pug and other rescues play and roam around.

Are you searching to adopt a specific dog breed like a pug? Visit their website and Facebook page to get more information.

Humane Society for Hamilton County

10501 Hague Rd, Fishers, IN 46038



(317) 773-4974

Humane Society for Hamilton County (Indiana)

This nonprofit group believes in the “NO KILL” philosophy. Some groups say “no-kill” but what they mean is a 90% placement rate. Does that mean the 10% will be mercifully killed? The Humane Society exhausts all their means to get that 100% alive rate for all their rescues. They rescue a pug, a cat, or a dog.

They provide rehabilitation to make all their rescues healthy and ready for adoption. All their pets receive up to date immunizations for their health.

Humane Society is also known for doing good with its pug rescue campaign.

All their charitable works rely on donations and fundraising activities. If you plan to donate via PayPal, please refer them as friends or family to free them from the charge.

Visit their website to gather more information about them.

What You’ll Do If You Find A Stray Dog or Cat?

stray dog and cat

  1. Post a photo of the dog or cat in any of these Facebook groups:
  2. https://www.facebook.com/Pet.Alert.Indiana
  3. https://www.facebook.com/LostPetsIndianapolisIN
  4. https://www.facebook.com/LostDogsIndiana
  5. Bring the stray to a nearby vet clinic and scan their microchip to get more information about the pet
  6. Bring the stray to your city Animal Shelter.
  7. You cannot immediately rehome the stray. There are only 30 days allocated time for rehoming strays.
  8. Do your own campaign to find the owner of the stray.

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