Important Pointers to Adopting a Pug from Pug Rescue Kansas

If you hunt for a new best friend, consider adopting a pug from Pug Rescue Kansas.

Kansas have a number of non-profit organization that has volunteers to rescue pugs that need homes forever.

Wichita Pug Rescue

If you want to check on their rescued animals, you can check the website here.

For many, the best place to start searching for a pet is at their local animal shelters or humane societies.

But, unfortunately, not all animals that end up in shelters find homes forever. The reasons vary but often include treatment of medical issues like mange and overcrowding.

adoptable pugs

This has led to an increase in foster care throughout the country. Volunteers take on what they can while still attending to their own lives.

They ensure that special needs are addressed; medication or surgeries may be required before being placed into permanent homes with families willing to adopt them.

Midwest Pug Rescue

They have around 20 years of helping pugs.

Check our their site here.

Midwest Pug rescue is one of the best agencies because they make sure that the pug is safe by doing vet care for 2 weeks when it come to them.

Midwest Pug rescue

 If you choose this route, consider these pointers when looking for your new best friend:

 Test For Temperament

Ask about temperament testing. If possible, have potential fostered pugs go through a temperament assessment.
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This helps ensure how they will behave with other animals and people while in your home. This is especially helpful if you have smaller children or are looking for an “only dog.”

You must learn the temperament of the animal you get from Kansas Pug Rescue.

Know The Pug’s Personality

Ask about the pug’s personality. Sometimes, people only get the basics about their future pets. If you are working with Pug Rescue Kansas, volunteers can tell you what kind of personality to expect from your adopted pug.

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For instance, some pugs are more playful than others or “lapdogs,” while others prefer having their own space when relaxing at home.

 Adopt Two Pugs From Pug Rescue Kansas

Consider adopting two so they can keep each other company. Most often, fostered pugs have been left alone all day long while their family is away at work or school.

humane society

This means that they may get lonely or bored, which can lead to destructive behavior. In turn, this makes them not ideal pets for some families.

When you search for a puppy, make sure you know where to go. You can find additional information from Facebook as well.

Talk With Your Veterinarian

Talk with your veterinarian about any medical issues you’re working on. If your potential family member has medical problems, a vet is a valuable resource.

Work on getting the medical treatment needed before adopting a pug. The last thing you want is to have something go wrong after giving your new pug home.

See What Training They Already Have

See what kind of training they’ve had. Any adult dog will benefit from being trained so that it can fit into its new environment better.

small dogs

This is no different for fostered pugs, and knowing if the dog already is around children or other animals can help determine what training is needed.

Pugs Snore

Be willing to put up with some snoring. After playtime or a nap, some pugs can sound like they are snoring. It’s nothing harmful to your fostered pug, but it may surprise you if you’ve never heard the sound before.

Be Committed

Most , you aren’t ready for this kind of commitment if you think this will bother your lifestyle after adopting a pug.

Finally, ask about their diet. Some dogs have food allergies or picky eating patterns, making them more difficult to care for . Also, do not expect them to eat “people food” unless they are used to it already by previous owners. It is fine if your future pet wants treats now

 Know The Dog’s Age

Consider the dog’s age. An older pug might not be a good choice for a family with very small children. Their bones mature slower and more fragile.

Ask your potential Pug Rescue Kansas volunteer to estimate how old the animal is in human years. Knowing the age of the pug rescued will give you an idea on how to treat this pet.

A one-year difference might not seem like much to you, but it can make a difference when looking at life expectancy!

Consider Your Fault Tolerance Level

Finally, think about your fault tolerance level. Adopting an older Pug Rescue Kansas dog might be the perfect match for those who are looking for a companion without too many demands.

If you expect to have a full-time playmate who is always up for trips or can tolerate picky children, adopting an older pug may not be the best choice.

Whatever kind of pug personality you prefer, rest assured you will find it at Pug Rescue Kansas!

Be Open

Be open about what you want out of the situation. If you are interested in adopting, let your new friend know! People often think that fostering means no obligation.

Letting someone know that they have become part of that family tells them that you care. After all, they did give up their time to help the pug in need.


Consider volunteering yourself. If you love dogs and can’t afford to adopt, consider taking on a foster assignment. The more active we are in rescuing, the more we will be able to help!

If you volunteer for an organization, you give these puppies hope. You can help find a shelter for each pug rescue.

Support any shelter for pugs and give these animals a new home. You can always check out the Facebook page of the organization and look for a pet.

Take These Cute Pugs for a Walk

Take your new friend for lots of walks Dogs need exercise and plenty of potty breaks when in new surroundings. It’s also a great way for both of you to get used to and adjust and learn how each other works.

Get Ready

Make sure your family is ready for another addition, even if it isn’t permanent. Please don’t leave them out of the loop. They might change their mind or not understand that it is only temporary after all.

Your family needs to know what you are doing. Each member should be aware that you are getting these needy pugs. Let them know that there are many animal shelters out there. Adopting a pug can be satisfying.

Final thoughts

So, what does all this mean? It means that if you are going to adopt a pug from Pug Rescue Kansas, be prepared with the above information and more. Have your veterinarian’s number ready before you even meet your new pet.

This is to make sure you know what kind of medical help to expect. And a huge tip is to have patience. It takes time for both pugs and rescuers/fosters to adjust to their new environment.

That being said, I recommend adopting from Midwest Pug Rescue as they take great care in placing every pug into each home.

For more information about rescuing pugs or everything pug-related, check our homepage.