Pug Rescue LA

Los Angeles is known to be the central hub of entertainment in America. It holds several museums, shopping centers, and other leisure sites. Despite its entertainment limelight, issues of homeless pugs are rampant here.

Because of that, there are many animal rescue of Los Angeles today. They take in sick or unwanted pugs and other dog breeds. They give proper vet care and grooming to prepare them for adoption placement.

To support the mission of these non profit organizations, they create fundraising activities like Legendary Bingo. Then some of the common venues of these events are in Hamburger Mary’s in West Hollywood.

If you’re from LA and planning to get a new dog, we recommend that you adopt dogs from a pug rescue company. To help you save time, here is our list of the best pug rescue groups in Los Angeles, Southern California.

List of Pug Rescue in Los Angeles

Pug Nation Rescue of L.A.

PO Box 484, Gardena, CA 90248



(310) 327-7871

pug nation rescue of los angeles

The Pug Nation Rescue started with seven board members who were all working for another pug rescue company. When their previous company went down, they had the urge to make a new one.

Pug Nation Rescue of Los Angeles is a non profit organization dedicated to rescuing abandoned, neglected, unwanted, displaced pugs and other dogs. Every year Pug Nation saves hundreds of strays in the street.

Pug Nation Rescue of Los Angeles has numerous volunteers providing foster care for the homeless pug they take in. They save abused pugs and pug mixes in Southern California. All these homeless pets get vet treatments and care before putting them to a forever home.

Their motto is “one pug at a time”. They are passionate about giving a second chance for forgotten pug’s lives. These best friends deserve love and care from us.

If you like supporting their cause, participate and donate to their fundraising events.

Ace of Hearts Dog Rescue

11693 San Vicente Blvd #130, Los Angeles, CA 90049


(310) 358-3344

Ace of Hearts Dog Rescue

Khari Whitman is the founder of Ace Hearts Dog Rescue. The word “Ace” from its company name came from the American bulldog saved by Khari. The dog was saved from euthanasia. This inspires the people to love their pet best friends.

This non profit organization dedicated to rescue pug and other dogs from euthanasia. They only save dogs from animal shelters that are lined up to be killed. Their volunteers help pugs needing a comfortable and loving place.

Do you want to help them? You can help them by either donating or when you own a rescue pug.

Forte Animal Rescue (FAR)

Los Angeles, CA



(310) 362-0321

Forte Animal Rescue (FAR)

This animal nation rescue of Los Angeles saved around 1,500+ dogs. They started their mission to rescue abused pugs and other dogs in 2002. Marie Atake is the founder of Forte Animal Rescue (FAR) and she received a certificate of recognition for obeying the pet control population.

Right now, they don’t have their own pug station, so they spend around $2,000 for every dog under their care. They take in purebred pugs and pug mixes and put them in adoption fairs. This is to help them find their forever homes.

They believe that all dogs and loving pugs deserve a second chance. They are man’s best friends, and so they support the “No Kill” policy.

Dawg Squad

11209 National Blvd #246, Los Angeles, CA 90064



(310) 674-0477

Dawg Squad Animal Rescue

This animal rescue of Los Angeles is passionate to help abandoned, neglected, unwanted, displaced pugs and pug mixes. They rehabilitate a pug rescue before sending them for adoption. A pug is spayed, vaccinated, and groomed before sending them to forever homes.

To own rescue pug, you need to undergo screening. Our staff will conduct a home visit to evaluate your capabilities of pet ownership. Adoption fees range depending on how much vet treatment has been provided for the pug.

Paws of L.A. Rescue

Los Angeles, California




Paws of LA Rescue

This dog rescue of Los Angeles is motivated to save the lives of abandoned and abused dogs. They are also part of the pug nation groups that save these tiny paws from dangerous situations. They take them into their foster care until they can find a forever home for each.

Their volunteers educate the people on how to become responsible pet owners. Vet care and proper grooming are shared every year for this mission. As a nonprofit pug nation advocates, they rely on donations and fundraising activities.

All your donations are tax deductible and they will go to support their operations. If you want to have new pugs, visit their website to apply for adoption.

Perfect Pet Rescue

10737 Venice Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90034



(310) 726-3731

Perfect Pet Rescue

This animal rescue group saves different dog breeds that are neglected, abused, or lined up for euthanasia. Every year, they have volunteers that turn in lost dogs and provide a foster home for them.

As a not for profit pet rescue of Los Angeles, so your donation can help them continue to save animal lives. They also get a percentage from every purchase you make from Amazon Smile. Every time you buy something from Amazon Smile, you can choose them as your beneficiary.

This company is also a recipient of the Bloomingdale’s Fund of Macy’s Foundation.

Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) LA Pet Adoption Center

5026 W Jefferson Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90016



(323) 730-5300


This group believe that animals have the right to receive love and care from humans. They are considered man’s best friends. Their volunteers are passionate about protecting the lives of neglected dogs. And for those that are in line for euthanasia.

Donate to them

Using private donations, they are able to provide medical and grooming services for their dog rescue in LA. All dogs for adoption are vaccinated, spayed, and inserted with microchips. If you want to adopt one, inquire on their website. Otherwise, call them.

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