Best Pug Rescue Louisiana

Louisiana is a wonderful place to visit, even if you’re not a big fan of the swamp tours. Beyond the amazing culture and great food, there are many wonderful places for adoptable pets, such as pug rescues, that shouldn’t be overlooked.

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Here is a list of some pug rescue places that go above and beyond to give rescued animals a new life in the state of Louisiana, as well as provide care for those looking to adopt.

Louisiana SPCA Pug Rescue

1700 Mardi Gras Blvd. New Orleans, LA 70114

(504) 368-5191

Louisiana SPCA Pug Rescue

The Louisiana SPCA provides “comprehensive medical, surgical and behavioral programs” so they can better prepare their pets for adoption, as well as having an onsite habitat with pet boarding available for those who need it.

This pug rescue takes in over 8,000 homeless pets every year. They have several programs dedicated to helping people take better care of their pets as well as helping those who are looking for pets to adopt, such as their “Loving Paws Program” which is a half-off of the program.

The Louisiana SPCA also offers veterinary services and pet boarding, if needed. You can check the map shows online for this rescue center’s office.

Animal Rescue New Orleans

271 Plauche St, New Orleans, LA 70123

(504) 571-1900

Animal Rescue New Orleans

Animal Rescue New Orleans is an organization that helps animals in need, specifically animals of the 5th Ward. The organization also helps provide supplies for pets that are being fostered while they’re looking for homes.

Animal Rescue New Orleans is a non-profit organization that offers dog walking services if needed, as well as low cost veterinary services. They are mostly funded by donations and fundraisers, but there are volunteer opportunities available on their website if you are interested in helping out more directly.

Villalobos Pitbull Rescue Center

4525 N Claiborne Ave, New Orleans, LA 70117

(504) 229-4229

Villalobos Pitbull Rescue Center

The Villalobos Pitbull Rescue Center has two locations with lots to offer! Their main location in Clairborn Avenue also takes in lost pugs. Their mission is to help them find a new family through foster families.

Moreover, they offer low-cost veterinary services for those who have been rescued by the organization. The other location in Zachary also has adoptable pugs and a community pet wellness clinic.

Appropriately named, Villalobos Pitbull Rescue Center is a non profit charity founded after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans and many pit bulls were abandoned.

Since then, they’ve saved over 500 dogs from “discrimination and abuse” all across Louisiana! Villalobos believes that needy pugs should be treated like any other breed of dog. They take in homeless pets that might otherwise end up on the streets or worse. They take in these dogs regardless of age, ability, or medical condition and ensure that they’re well taken care of.

Best Friends Animal Society

3015 Hwy 22, Ste 100, Zachary, LA 70791

(225) 936-2889

Best Friends Animal Society

The Best Friends Animal Society location in Zachary is almost like a 24 hour facility where people can come at any time to give these dogs some much needed love and attention. There are also fostering programs available for those who want to help by providing the dogs with a home until they find their forever family!

Some pugs that were saved from New Orleans were placed into foster homes during hurricane season just to be safe there were no problems so more pugs can be cared for in this way.

Best Friends Animal Society also offers reduced cost veterinary services and donates time, supplies, and money to neuter programs. In addition, they are an organization dedicated to making sure that fewer animals go into shelters every year.

There is also an adoption center at this location if you’re looking to add a pug to your family! The group aims to provide a forever home for the dogs they rescue.

Humane Society Adoption Center of Monroe

920 Freight Dr. Monroe, LA 71203

(318) 387-9553

Humane Society Adoption Center of Monroe

This organization is dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating, and rehoming pugs. All of the dogs that come into their care are spayed or neutered before being adopted out to the public. They also have a great foster program for pugs and other pets. Volunteers’ mission is to help take care of your pup until you’re ready for adoption!

The Monroe location is known as Bayou Dogs Adoption Center, so if you visit please consider bringing some pug or dog treats along with you- both are welcome. Their mission aims to provide loving homes in the Orleans area as well. For more information, contact them on their website.


When it comes to animal shelters for dogs and pugs, there are so many different options in the state of Louisiana! If you’re looking for an organization to help out with your community, any of these organizations can be a great place to start raising pugs or any new pet.

Be sure to contact each one directly if you want more information on their services or how you can get involved.