Pug Rescue Michigan

Michigan is the 26th state of the United States. It’s also known as The Wolverine State because there were many wolverines before in the area. Its name was taken from Lake Michigan, which literally means “big lake”.

Besides that, there is a pressing concern about stray dogs and cats in this state. Luckily, there is a decline in euthanized pets for the past eight years. Around 1,402 animals were saved from euthanasia.

These pets were relocated to different Michigan pug rescue groups for rehabilitation. After that, the volunteers will find families who will adopt them.

Are you planning to adopt a pug for a pet? Don’t buy. Consider getting from a rescue shelter. Here is a list of the best Michigan pug rescue shelters for your reference.

Best Pug Rescue Groups in Michigan

Mid Michigan Pug Club Inc

41110 Fox Run Rd. Apt. T19, Novi, Mi. 48377



Best Pug Rescue Groups in Michigan

Mid Michigan Pug Club Inc was formed in 1978. It is also in partnership with the Pug Dog Club of America. Their efforts are all on pug rescue since the need arises. More and more dogs are abandoned by their friend owners. So, they take in these pet rescues and put them in a foster home.

Their veterinarian will check on the health conditions of their pug rescue. Proper grooming will also be given to them before adoption. All their dogs receive vaccination, spaying, and bath. To announce their adoption campaigns, they send out three to four newsletters per year.

You can visit their website to get more information about it.

Michigan Pug Rescue “Pug Luv”

Michigan Pug Rescue, 23927 Wesley, Farmington, MI 48335


(248) 473-8389

Michigan Pug Rescue

Pug Luv is one of the leading Michigan Pug Rescue groups in the US. They started in April 2000 and have saved more than 700 pugs and pug mixes. They have a network of volunteers dedicated to rescuing all pugs in Michigan.

Pug Luv does not have a central facility to house their rescued pugs. Instead, all of their pets are placed in a foster home. You need to schedule an appointment for a home visit if you want to see the pug.

Pug Luv has years of experience in this industry and it’s their mission to save dog lives. They want to find a new home for all their pug rescue. By adopting their dogs, you are helping them save more animal lives. They rescue pugs from pug mills and high kill shelters.

Pug Luv also teaches proper breeding for individuals and dog breeders. They also neuter all their dogs to control the population. All their programs are funded by private donations. If you’re interested to support them, you can donate to them.

Almost Home Animal Rescue

West Bloomfield Township, MI 48325, United States



(248) 200-2695

Almost Home Animal Rescue

This non profit organization started in 1999. Gail Montgomery Schwartz and Lauren Montgomery created this group. They decided to make this group to save those animals in high kills shelters. They are for the “No Kill” motto and will do their best to find a new home for all their rescued pets.

They rescue all breeds of dog and rehabilitate them in their foster homes. This is to prepare them for adoption. All potential adopters will be evaluated by their coordinator to ensure proper matching with pets.

They spread their motto inside their Facebook account and website. Proper education is one key to promoting good dog ownership.

Do you want to see their pets? You can also visit their Instagram to search and view your future fur buddies.

Misfit Angels Rescue

P.O. Box 8119 Eastpointe, MI 48021


(586) 339-5443

Misfit Angels Rescue

This organization is passionate about saving dog lives in dangerous situations. They take in abandoned dogs and those from high kill shelters. Right now, they don’t have a shelter to house all their pets, so they mainly rely on foster homes.

All their dogs are placed in foster homes before they get adopted by a loving family. They will review all adopters to see if they are qualified to adopt. Once approved, you will pay an adoption fee depending on the amount of vet care given to the pet.

All their operations are funded by donations. You can search their website for these events and show your interest by supporting them.

SPCA Southwest Michigan

6955 W Kl Ave, Kalamazoo, MI 49009, United States


(269) 344-1474

SPCA Southwest Michigan

This not for profit animal shelter has been serving the community since 2002. They rescue dogs and cats that are in dangerous situations. They advocate a second chance life and “no kill” motto for all animals in southwest Michigan.

They do not receive any funding from the government and corporations. Instead, they solely rely on individual donations. You can show your interest by supporting them in their fundraising activities. By adopting their pets, you are also supporting their mission.

They also have an online shop where you can buy pet items. All proceeds from their store help support their operations. Besides, you can also sign up as a foster home for them.

You can search their website for any cat or dog you want to adopt. There will be a fair adoption fee to compensate for the vet care given to their pets.

SPCA also sets up fundraising events to get financial support for their cause. Don’t hesitate to support them.

Michigan Animal Rescue League (MARL)

790 Featherstone St, Pontiac, MI 48342, United States


(248) 335-9290

Michigan Animal Rescue League

This group is passionate about finding a forever home for all their rescued cats and dogs. They provide high quality care for all their pets regardless of their age and health condition. This is to restore them to their best health before adoption.

It may be challenging to find a permanent loving home for their pets, but they’re willing to wait. All their operations are funded by private donations. You can get to know them by visiting their website and social media.

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