Pug Rescue Minnesota

This state is famous for its lakes and natural views. It is a rich state where large companies are located. The twin cities Saint Paul and Minneapolis are one of the rich cities in MN.

Besides that, it is also a hub for popular animal shelters that rescue dogs and cats. A lot of animals are transported to their animal shelters since they can better take care of them.

Are you looking to get a new pug from Minnesota pug rescue groups? Check out our list below.

Best Pug Rescues in Minnesota

Secondhand Hounds (SHH)

5959 Baker Rd #390, Minnetonka, MN 55345



(952) 322-7643

Secondhand Hounds

This 501 c 3 non profit organization is one of the best midwest pug rescue in Minnesota. They started in July 2009 and have saved hundreds of dogs and cats. They save both strays and animals from high kill shelters in the US.

If you can no longer take care of your pets, then you can turn it to them. Their foster homes are equipped to take care of these animals prior to adoption.

Their staff also raise public awareness for proper dog ownership and breeding. SHH is one of the leading MN Division rescues promoting “No Kill” motto. They believe that all curly tailed friends deserve a second chance to live happily.

For pug lovers who wants to adopt, you can contact SHH. They post their adoptable puppies in their website. You can also visit their facebook page. After reaching 5 applications for adoption, the pet will be removed from the list.

Visit their website if you’re interested to adopt their pug rescue.

Ruff Start Rescue

12526 319th Ave, Princeton, MN 55371



(763) 355-3981

Ruff Start Rescue

A non profit volunteer organization that saves abandoned animals in MN Division. They aim to find a safe and loving sanctuary for all homeless animals in Minnesota and in the south.

They take in pugs, other dog breed, and cats. All abandoned and neglected pugs receives adequate care from their foster care. This group is also dedicated to educate dog breeder for the best practices in breeding.

All their efforts are directed toward providing fairy tail endings for pug rescue. If you like to support their cause, you can gives donations. It is tax deductible and you can save many pet lives.

Underdog Rescue MN

3345 Dakota Ave S Louis Park, MN 55416, United States


(952) 929-0777

Underdog Rescue MN

This group aim to achieve the fairy tail endings for all their pet rescue in MN. Shannon McKenzie created this group in 2020. Also passionate of finding a permanent loving sanctuary for all pets.

They are also one of the leading pug rescue Minnesota. They rescue pugs and all dog breed in MN and in the south. Their MN division rescues save hundreds of pugs, cats, and dogs every year.

In there Midwest pug rescue MN, all pugs receive medical care to restore their good health. Their MN division works with different networks of professionals in doing their mission. They have partner veterinarians, shelters, communities, and corporations.

When they have fundraising community events, they partner with MN MPR to broadcast it. They also use their facebook page for public awareness.

Do you want to adopt a pug rescue from them? Call them or visit their website.

Small Dog Rescue (SDR) of Minnesota


(507) 358-0210

Small Dog Rescue of Minnesota

This volunteer based organization started in 2008. They provide shelter for abandoned and abused dog and cat. Pug rescue MN division keeps educating the community towards good pet ownership. They also talk to dog breeder to enhance their knowledge on dog breeding.

As a known pug rescue Minnesota group, they raise public awareness on kind pet ownership. They have various community events for that, and for fundraising. Their MN division rescues hundreds of pugs and other breed from high kill shelters.

Are you interested to adapt a pug? Do you want to support them by giving donations? Visit their website to get more information.

Fur-ever Home Rescue Minnesota Division

Zimmerman, MN, United States, Minnesota



(651) 707-4701

Fur-ever Home Rescue Minnesota Division

They started in 2013 in giving temporary shelter for all homeless neglected pugs. They save dog and cat and put them into temporary shelters. All their staff search a permanent loving sanctuary for their pet rescues.

They are also the leading Midwest pug rescue since 2013. MN division works with different networks professionals. They work with veterinarians, corporations, and local communities for their mission.

All curly tailed friends are treated and showered before placing them for adoption. The adoption fees will depend on the treatment cost of restoring the health of a pug, dog, or cat.

For pug lovers, you can search their website to get more information for their adoptable pugs. Adopting is the best way for you to get a new pet. You can also help them save more anima lives.

The group’s works are funded solely by private donations. Donate to them to support their cause.

Midwest Animal Rescue and Services

4084 83rd Ave N, Brooklyn Park, MN 55443




Midwest Animal Rescue and Services

Midwest Pug Rescue and Services is a volunteer organization. Their goal is saving the lives of homeless animals. They also take in neglected pugs and cats. Minnesota division keeps raising public awareness on proper pet ownership and breeding.

They have various community events to collaborate with shelters, individuals, and private corporations. All the works of their Midwest pug rescue MN group are funded solely by donations. Without your help, it won’t be possible for them to achieve their mission.

Their staff also reach out to dog breeder to educate them about vet care and breeding. If they want to control pet population, you can visit their clinic for a free spay service.

Pet Haven Inc of MN



(952) 831-3825

Pet Haven Inc of MN

This animal rescue started in 1953 and is one of the earliest pug rescue MN division. They also have Midwest Pug Rescue MN that saves lives of abandoned pugs and pug mixes. They also save cat and other dog breed.

All their rescued pets are place into foster families. Until they find their safe and loving sanctuary. All adoptable dog and puppy receive medical care, behavioral therapy, and grooming. Microchips are also inserted for tracking.

If you want to adopt a puppy, visit their website to apply.

All adoption process will be manage by their adoption coordinator.

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