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New Jersey or “The Garden State” is one of the best places to live in the United States. It boasts easy access to different big cities! Whether you are looking for a quick day trip or a weekend getaway, NJ can give you an easy and beautiful route.

The best part of living here is the culture and experience. Imagine day-tripping to Niagara Falls on the weekends or taking the kids to the MET.

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Besides that, New Jersey is a very convenient location. Most people working in New York or Philadelphia consider this state their home. No matter where you live here, you are always near major highways, such as I-287 and I-95.

The Garden State also offers plenty of open spaces. For instance, Kittatinny and Ramapo boast lots of forests and mountains. During summer, residents enjoy nature with their pets. They usually visit local parks like Sourland Mountain Preserve in Hillsborough.

New Jersey is among the safest and healthiest to live in the country. Aside from that, it is pet-friendly, too! This state is famous for pug rescue groups and animal shelters. It also offers adventurous outdoors for leashed pets to enjoy. Plus, it is a desirable destination for people who want to adopt.

NJ can be a very interesting place. It loves rescuing abandoned and surrendered pugs through pug rescue groups. They also build domestic animal population control programs. We love them because they value our fur friends as much as we do.

Best Pug Rescue Groups in NJ

So, if you are looking for homeless pugs, please join us in the discussion below. We will give you some of the best NJ pugs rescues.

Jersey Shore Animal Center

185 Brick Boulevard Brick, New Jersey 08723

(732) 920-1600



Jersey Shore Animal Center

Jersey Shore Animal Center is our first recommendation. It is an NJ nonprofit corporation rescuing abandoned or surrendered pugs since 1981. We hope you can consider this shelter. Why? Because it is a place of refuge and love for animals awaiting a forever home.

Moreover, Jersey Shore Animal Center offers low-cost vaccines, microchips, spay, and neuter. They advocate for responsible spay/neuter to prevent overpopulation of homeless fur babies.

Also, this shelter helps educate the community about responsible ownership. This team also instructs school children on choosing the right pets for their homes. Sometimes, they provide pet therapy, too.

Adopting a pug at the Jersey Shore Animal Center will help the shelter rescue more pets. Usually, most animals came from owner surrenders, overcrowded shelters, or abuse. The team is very proud and happy to let you meet these fur babies.

Usually, the adoption fee for dogs costs around $250.00. If you prefer seniors (seven years old and up), it will only cost you around $150.00.

The Jersey Shore Animal Center has strict adoption policies. They strongly implement inspection to ensure responsible and educated pug ownership. Usually, applications take 24 to 48 hours. If you want a new pet, please contact the team via phone call. This way, they can guide you on what to do.

Animal Alliance

1432 Route 179, Lambertville, NJ 08530

(609) 818-1952


Animal Alliance

Our second recommendation is the Animal Alliance. It is an NJ nonprofit corporation. It rescues abandoned or surrendered pugs. They focus on animals facing euthanasia and victims of neglect. It has been operating since 2009. They also offer basic veterinary care, such as spaying and neutering. This way, we can prevent overpopulation.

Animal Alliance is a non-profit organization. Thus, they solely rely on volunteers and donations. If you want to donate, you have many options to choose from. You can give in-kind donations. Examples are blankets, carriers, laundry detergents, collars, and more.

Animal Alliance also has an Amazon Wishlist. There, you can select an item to order and ship it directly to their address.

This pugs rescue also appreciates volunteers. They need people who can help rescue dogs during adoption days. They also need someone to walk the dogs and provide temporary foster care. The team also needs creative writers for special projects.

Please visit Animal Alliance’s official website. There, fill out the application form if you want to volunteer. Afterward, you need to download and sign a waiver. You have to bring this document in your first volunteer assignment.

Bloomfield Animal Shelter

61 Bukowski Place, Bloomfield, NJ 07003

(973) 748-0194



Bloomfield Animal Shelter

Our third recommendation is the Bloomfield Animal Shelter. If you leave near the area, we recommend you to visit this pugs rescue. It is a no-kill animal shelter that saves surrenders, strays, and neglect. They also offer veterinary services for Caldwell, Nutley, and Glen Ridge.

Its mission is to provide the best veterinary care for all rescued animals. Each fur baby undergoes evaluation before putting up for adoption. After evaluation, volunteers will give excellent care like socialization, training, and daily walks.

The team can learn more about each rescued pet’s personality by doing this. It will help the shelter match the pet to an appropriate adoptive family. Adoption fees only cost around $200. It is more affordable and buying from breeders.

Before adoption, the team will assess your living conditions, financial situation, and lifestyle. Do you work full-time? Do you enjoy exercising outside? Do you want a small or large pet? These questions will help both parties to decide the best fur baby. Ensure you have the financial security to pay for veterinary care and food.

Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge

2 Shelter Lane, Oakland, NJ 07436



Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge

The last recommendation on our list is the Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge. This pugs rescue promotes domestic animal population control. They also support the community and assist in animal welfare emergencies. They partner with different organizations in Jersey City. It helps in providing low-cost spay and neuter surgeries.

Ramapo-Bergen Animal Refuge supports domestic animal population control. This way, they can help stop the cycle of homelessness. It can also prevent many animals from suffering from abuse.

RBARI is a no-kill animal shelter in Northern New Jersey. They offer behavioral and medical care for dogs and cats. RBARI focuses more on rejected animals, especially seniors. Also, they regularly pull from local facilities to prevent euthanasia.

If you want to adopt a new pet here, you can view available pugs and pug mixes on their official website. If you think you found the right match, please apply for an adoption application. If you have other queries, you can contact the team by phone or email.

Adoption fees cost around $300 for adult dogs (over one year) and $100 for seniors (over eight years). This fee already includes a spay/neuter, deworming, vaccines, and microchips and more.

Wrapping Up

You can give pug pals a second chance for a better future when you adopt. Yet, we suggest you think carefully before adoption. Remember that these fur babies need a loyal companion around them all the time. It is also important to meet their daily needs. This way, you can prevent behavioral problems caused by boredom or loneliness.

For new pug owners or those planning to get a pug, please talk to one of the adoption counselors. We want you to understand the importance of responsible pug ownership. This way, we can guarantee that your future pet will be happy and safe.