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Pennsylvania is one of the most recommended states to live in the US. It claimed the second spot in the quality of life and seventh in safety. [1]

Pennsylvania’s realty market has boomed even during the pandemic with various fun destinations. Besides that, it is home to Amish’s unique culture. Undoubtedly, its tradition and simplicity still draw visitors and immigrants.

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Moreover, Pennsylvania offers different historic areas. The Liberty Bell and Independence National Historical Park in Philadelphia are some of the best national treasures.

If you love going to amusement parks, you will surely enjoy Hershey Park. It is one of the main attractions in the city, especially for kids. This place has 90 acres of rides and aquatic shows. Other attractions are video arcades, bumper cars, trains, and midway-style games.

Pennsylvania has several interesting places to visit. Residents also enjoy its natural scenery, creative arts, and great food. When it comes to lifestyle, this state can offer you many options.

Charming, tight-knit towns? Check. Pet-friendly apartments? Check. If you don’t know yet, PA is one of the most recommended and pet-friendly states to live in. It also offers significantly lower costs of living than other East Coast metros.

Pug Charitable Organizations in PA

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We believe that PA continues to thrive. Why? Because of its empathy towards all living beings, including animals. More residents get interested in pets every day.

Thus, city officials and animal shelters are taking extra steps. Their goal is to become more accommodating, especially to abandoned and homeless fur babies. That’s why Pug Rescue centers are here.

PA knows that pets make people’s lives better regardless of where they came from. These fur babies can also bring so much happiness to the community.

Here are some of the famous pug rescues in PA.

Best Pug Rescue Groups in PA

Delaware Valley Pug Rescue

Avondale, PA 19311





Delaware Valley Pug Rescue

Delaware Valley Pug Rescue is a famous and non-profit charitable organization in PA. It rescues all pugs in need. Many volunteers here have been saving lives for more than ten years.

Delaware Valley Pug Rescue needs donations, both supplies and monetary. Most pugs that they rescue often come without leashes and collars. So, they will appreciate it if we donate. They also accept crates, treats, foods, and toys.

The rescued pugs and their foster families will be more comfortable during the transition periods with our donations. If you donate money, they will use it for veterinary bills.

Please visit Delaware Valley Pug Rescue’s official website if you plan to get a pug here. The first task to do is to fill out an application. Remember that the team takes time to review all applicants. This way, they can assure that you and your preferred pug are a perfect fit.

If you know someone who wants to relinquish their own pugs, Delaware Valley Pug Rescue can help, too. We suggest o give the team a call or sending an email. Afterward, they need to fill out a relinquish form. You can access it via Delaware Valley Pug Rescue’s official website.

Southwest PA Pugs with Special Needs

Donora, PA 15033




Southwest PA Pugs with Special Needs

All pugs that need a fresh start are welcome at Southwest PA Pugs. They value each animal equally. Plus, they provide veterinary care for sick and injured pugs. The adoption fee here depends on your preferred pet’s condition. We all know that some animals need surgeries, behavior training, and medical treatment.

If you are wondering how to help in the Southwest Pennsylvania area, you have many options. The first is by fostering. They consider fostering crucial because they don’t have an actual facility. They need foster homes to house rescued pugs until they are ready for adoption. If you want to open your home, please visit their official website.

The second way to support is by giving. Remember that 100% goes towards rescue support, housing, medical costs, and care. Southwest PA Pugs also values volunteering since it is a huge part of their work. You can work at a fundraising event, transport a rescue, and do home inspections.

Besides that, you can do networking. It will help the team spread the word about its mission. If interested, please visit Southwest PA Pugs’ Contact Us page.

Main Line Animal Rescue

1149 Pike Springs Road, Phoenixville, PA 19460





Main Line Animal Rescue

Main Line Animal Rescue (MLAR) is another charitable organization in PA. It is actively rescuing pugs. If you want to meet the animals here, make sure to book an appointment first. You can book through the website’s application. Afterward, a Main Line Animal Rescue team member will call you. They will discuss your visitation schedule.

Main Line Animal Rescue’s mission is to unite abandoned pets and responsible owners. Of course, we all want these fur babies to live in loving and lasting families. Therefore, the team inspects the family’s lifestyle and personality before releasing the rescued animal to a new owner.

By choosing adoption at Main Line Animal Rescue, you can help bring an end to pet homelessness across PA. Remember that one adoption can save multiple lives. Once we welcome rescued fur babies to our homes, new animals will take their place at MLAR.

Usually, adoption fees range from $300 to $400, depending on the pet’s condition. Keep in mind that adoption fees are taxable, too.

Every donation here makes a huge difference to support pets in the shelter. If you want to donate, please visit MLAR’s donation page. You can opt to give a one-time donation. You can also choose where you want your gift to go. For instance, “Behavioral Fund”, “Where Needed Most”, or “Medical Fund”.

Animal Rescue League of Berks County

58 Kennel Rd, Birdsboro, PA 19508





Animal Rescue League of Berks County

The Animal Rescue League of Berks County is a generous animal shelter. It rescues over 4,500 animals each year and helps them find second changes in new homes. The team also rescue older pets reunite with their responsible owners.

If you don’t know, the Animal Rescue League of Berks County has been rescuing for over 65 years. They work tirelessly to take care of sick, injured, and abused fur babies. We also recommend them because they offer low-cost veterinary services. The team also offers outreach and education events.

The Animal Rescue League of Berks County has gained our trust because they give the best treatment for animals. They always commit o fulfilling their mission. They also promote transparency, honesty, and kindness.

Since adopting is crucial, the team suggests planning before visiting the shelter. This team also offers one-on-one attention for adopters. If you have other pets at home, they will also ask you to bring them with you to the shelter. This way, you can ensure that they will get along well.

If you are 100% sure about adoption, you will talk with the adoption councilors. They will introduce you to fur babies that best suit you and your family. You will also discuss personal and vet references.

The adoption fees depend on the dogs’ age and medical condition. For instance, six months and younger is usually $350. Seven months up to 3 years old is around $250. Older dogs cost around $75-$150.

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Wrapping Up

Many shelters across PA are actively rescuing pugs and other mixed breeds. Most of them partner with government and private organizations for funds and resources. Offering homeless fur babies will not only improve their quality of life. It will also encourage these pugs to relax and renew hope.

Once you get your beloved pug baby from non profit organization, learn how to take care of them here.