Pug Rescue Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is also known as the “City of Bridges”. It got this name because it has the highest number of bridges (446 bridges) in Pennsylvania. It has the highest population in the Appalachia region. Because of its picturesque view and economic progress, a lot of people are staying there.

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It has a peaceful and progressive environment. But, there are still a few challenges like animal welfare. Stray dogs and cats still linger in the streets. Overpopulation and crowded animal shelters are some of these concerns.

This is sad news but we are still thankful because there are many pug rescue and animal rescue groups in Pittsburgh. They save the lives of these tiny paws from euthanasia and abandonment. If you like to get a new friend into your home, we recommend that you adopt one from any pug rescue in Pittsburgh.

Let’s get to our list.

Best Pug Rescue Groups in Pittsburgh

Humane Animal Rescue in Pittsburgh (HARP)

6926 Hamilton Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15208


(412) 345-7300

Humane Animal Rescue in Pittsburgh (HARP)

HARP is one of the famous and large animal shelters in Western Pennsylvania. They aim to provide shelter for homeless pets and wildlife. They take in stray and neglected dogs and cats regardless of their condition and age. HARP also cares for wildlife. All rescued animals will be given medical treatment and care to restore their health before adoption.

Right now, they have two veterinary centers that annually save 6,500 pets from diseases. Around 7,000 dogs and cats are spayed to control the population. Also, their Wildlife Rehabilitation Center is licensed to operate in the US.

They also have events for different occasions. You can check them out on their website. All their staff collaborates in planning for any event for the HARP. They also do that to raise funds and awareness on the community.

In terms of pug rescue, you can lean on HARP. They have saved pugs and other dogs in Pennsylvania. Their staff also educates pug breeders on the best practices of dog breeding. All their efforts are directed towards animal welfare.

Do you want to adopt a pet from HARP? You can inquire through their website or by calling their telephone. They also feature a list of adoptable pets on their site. You can view them in advance, so you can choose well.

If you need more details about their company and adoption process, visit their website.

Animal Advocates

35 Wabash St, Pittsburgh, PA 15220



(412) 928-9777

Animal Advocates

This nonprofit organization started serving the city in 1984. Animal Advocates is 100% no kill and they save pets from high kill shelters and puppy mills. They rely on donations and volunteers to continually save more pet lives. They take in dogs and cats that are abandoned or in line for euthanasia.

They have the main shelter, but for the excess rescued pets, they will be turned to volunteer foster homes. All their volunteers are trained and passionate about saving the lives of these tiny paws.

All their volunteers go to local communities to advocate proper dog ownership and breeding. This is part of their mission of fostering animal welfare in the city. They teach dog breeders about the dos and don’ts of proper dog breeding.

They also have specific campaigns for pug breeders to ensure this niche is taken care of. If you want to adopt a pug, you can visit their website or Facebook account to get more information.

If you want to adopt a cat or dog, you need to fill out an application form. After, you will have an interview with their coordinator for the assessment. Once you pass the interview, you will be scheduled for a meet-up with your suitable furry friend.

There will be an adoption fee that will help the company continue with its works. If you want to support Animal Advocates, you can make a donation via PayPal. All donations are tax deductible and they can issue a receipt for that.

Animal Friends

562 Camp Horne Rd, Pittsburgh, PA 15237



(412) 847-7000

Animal Friends

This organization values the safety of animals. They save dogs and cats of all breeds in the city. Animal Friends value the strong relationship between man and his best friend. They provide affordable services to treat and rehome pets in need.

Animal Friends is dedicated to creating a community that protects animal rights. Pet owners must be aware of the best ways to care for the health of their fur buddies regardless of breed. That’s why they have staff that educates the family who wants to adopt a pet. This is part of their support for those aspiring pet owners and breeders in Pittsburgh.

This group has volunteer based foster homes that take care of their rescued pugs and other dogs. All their pets receive medical care for any diseases from their partner veterinarian. Grooming and vaccinations are also given to help restore their vigor.

Once a pug or pet is ready for adoption, it will be up on their website. You can search a list of their adoptable pets online and then apply for adoption.

They also serve other states in the US, and so they keep their communications open. You can contact them through their website, Facebook page, or telephone.

Paws Across Pittsburgh

346 Orchard St, Springdale, PA 15144


(412) 495-2799

Paws Across Pittsburgh

This group is purely not for profit and all their efforts are supported by donations. They also rely on volunteers who are willing to be foster homes for all rescues. Their board members are Yvonne McAvoy, Jackie Armour, and Jessie Volaric.

This group also has vet center partners that provide medical treatments and vet care for all dog breeds that they will rescue. All pug rescue will receive medical attention like vaccination, spaying, heartworm tests, microchip, and behavioral evaluation. They are doing this to restore the good health of all their pugs and other dog breeds.

Before putting a pug for adoption placement, they will evaluate their personality. Not all pugs are nice, some are temperamental, so they need to be tamed. To do that, they employ the Force Free method. They use positive reinforcements to train pugs and other dogs. No harsh physical disciplinary actions are given to all their pug rescue.

Do you have questions about the Force Free methods? You can e mail them at info@pawsacrosspittsburgh.com.

Do you want to get involved and help them with their goals? There are several ways for you to do that:

  • Volunteer as a foster home
  • Volunteer for any of their operations
  • Cash donations
  • Donating items for cats and dogs

Petland Robinson

1530 Park Manor Blvd, Pittsburgh, PA 15205



(412) 494-7387

Petland Robinson

Are you looking to find a new pet to adopt? This organization is the right place for you to get one. That’s because they have a wide range of dog breeds like pugs, English bulldogs, and others. All their pets receive the right veterinary care and grooming to prepare them for their forever homes.

They also do events that foster awareness of animal care and breeding. As a pet owner in the future, these learnings will be helpful for you in the long run. By doing these campaigns, this group hopes to secure a loving community for pets.

You can contact them through their website or telephone to inquire about their adoption process.

Hope this article has helped you searching for your pug buddy. For inquiries about pugs, just read the blogs of our website.