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Are you up to find the best pug rescue groups in San Diego? Good thing you are here! We are featuring the best pug rescue in San Diego County. We want you to find the most reputable animal rescue organizations in this area with ease.

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Hope you find the best organization where you can adopt a pug and be their new home. It’s our happiness to help these toy breeds find a loving and caring environment to live. Continue reading until the end to find out more.

Best Pug Rescue of San Diego

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Second Chance Dog Rescue Inc (SCDR)

4284 Cass St, San Diego, CA 92109



(619) 721-3647

Second Chance Dog Rescue Inc (SCDR)

This pug rescue of san diego is non profit, and they rely on donations. This organization started in 2008. Their three starting founders were Sandra D. Simpson, Maria Blake, and Jason Cordoba. SDCR is never picky when it comes to accepting dog breeds. They are happy to announce that they were able to save 11,000 pet lives.

All volunteer opportunities are available for everyone who wants to save pet lives. SCDR is passionate about giving a second chance to all dogs and cats abandoned. They even save those senior dogs on the streets.

They provide shelter and care for all their abused and relinquished pugs. SDCR takes in all dog and cat breeds. After taking in the dog, they provide vet care and spay them to control the population. All their volunteers rehabilitate the animals under their care. After that, they are going to find a permanent home for each one of them.

For their rescue process, there is a 2-week transition period. This is done to have an initial test if the adopter and pet are compatible with each other. Once you pass the transition period, the animal will be turned to your care. SDCR’s adoption coordinator will also do home visits to check on your pet’s condition.

Pug Rescue San Diego County (PRSDC)

PO Box 151449, San Diego, CA, 92175-1449



(619) 685-3580

Pug Rescue San Diego County (PRSDC)

Pug Rescue of San Diego County (PRSDC) is a not for profit organization dedicated to saving pug lives. They save pugs from being abused and abandoned in the streets. If an owner can no longer support their pet, they can give it to them.

Rescuing unwanted pugs has been their mission since day one. The organization started in 1991 and continues to do its purpose. Pug Rescue of San Diego County (PRSDC) is also recognized as one of the most active animal groups in southern California.

All their board directors hold annual meetings to plan for events that will help them raise funds. It also promotes their pug adoption programs. They also try to solicit donations from other local businesses. All their operations are funded by donations.

PRSDC does six major events every year for their organization. Here are some of the common events they have every year:

Pugs ‘N Kisses
Christmas Party
St. Pugtrick’s Day Party
Halloween Party (dog customer party)
Annual Del Mar Pug Party

Among these events, the Del Mar Pug Party is their biggest fundraising event. Here they feature around 400+ pugs. The event is held on the first Saturday of May. The event is usually advertised in various paid media.

You can visit their Facebook page to see the reviews of their customers and members.

Lucky Pop Dog Rescue

Box 3484, San Diego, CA 92163



(619) 333-1345

Lucky Pop Dog Rescue

Lucky Pop is a dedicated non profit group that helps save dog lives in Southern California. They save small and big dog breeds from high kill shelters. Giving them a second chance is their main goal at Lucky Pop Dog Rescue.

This group also saves dogs from high kill shelters in Northern San Diego County. The two founders of this group are Steve Haslet and Christine. Steve is a wedding officiator and he officiated around 3500 couples. Christine, on the other hand, is a registered nurse before. She is also a professional photographer. Their similar passion is for caring for animals.

Lucky Pop started in 2010, and they save both small and large dogs. They serve San Diego and Southern California for rescuing pugs and other dog breeds. They are interested in giving a second chance to all pets who deserve loving forever homes.

To know more about them, visit their website and Facebook page.

San Diego Humane Society

San Diego, CA



(619) 299-7012

San Diego Humane Society

This non profit group aims to provide a safer and happier place for all animals. For many years, they have saved hundreds of pugs and other dog breeds annually. They have a caring environment where to house their rescued pets. All their staff provide vet care and grooming to rehabilitate their condition.

San Diego Humane Society offers animal services to fourteen cities in San Diego County. All their ambassadors do community based campaigns in educating proper pet care and breeding. They have partner local vet clinics providing medical treatment to all their rescued dogs.

Before turning a dog into their new rescuer, they will receive updated shots, deworming, and grooming. Spaying will also be done to control the population.

If you like to know more, visit their website and social media channels.


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