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South Carolina is one of the best places for vacation in the US. Myrtle Beach is one of its top spots for tourists and locals. There are lots of commercial centers and natural parks to visit in this state. You can also find the largest tea plantation in the US here, in Charleston County.

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Right now, South Carolina is doing their best to be a 100% no kill state for animals. North Carolina is also doing the same thing, and this is good news for everyone. The former ranks 16th as a “no kill” animal shelter in the US. Around 28 to 30 percent of their animal shelters are implementing the not for kill policy.

For you to support their movement, it’s best if you adopt a pet from any pug rescue group. So, are you looking for one today? Here is our list of the best animal and pug rescue groups in South Carolina.

Best Pug Rescue Groups in South Carolina

Charleston Animal Society

2455 Remount Rd, North Charleston, SC 29406


(843) 747-4849

Charleston Animal Society

This animal protection agency was formed in 1874. It’s one of the first organizations to save animals from cruelty. As a known southeast pug rescue group, they have done several works in fostering animal welfare. With their efforts, they have saved around 20,000 pets from death row and abandonment.

Charleston Animal Society is a leader in pet care and pug rescue. They use community based programs to spread the principles on good pet ownership. This group adopts pugs, other dogs, and farm animals. They have enough facility and staff to provide care and medical treatment for all their animal rescue.

Their veterinary clinic passed the standards of the American Animal Hospital Association (AAHA). You can bring your pets there for low cost vet services like spaying and vaccinations.

They also have a number of volunteer foster home in the state that takes in abandoned dogs and cats. All these rescued pets are showered and vetted to prepare them for their loving homes. Are you interested to know their adoption process? You can visit their website to get more information about it.

Pawmetto Lifeline

1275 Bower Pkwy, Columbia, SC 29212



(803) 465-9150

Pawmetto Lifeline

This organization is dedicated to solving homelessness among dogs and cats in South and North Carolina. They provide foster homes and shelter for all their rescues. Their pet retention plan started in 2012 and has saved around 43,123 animals from euthanasia and abandonment.

They also provide affordable spay or neuter services to help control overpopulation. No matter what breed of dog or cat, you can bring it to them for spaying and vaccinations. They are also a known pug rescue group in the midland communities. They take in purebred pug and pug mixes in the streets and puppy mill.

Every year, they save around 11,000 animals from homelessness. Their volunteers are able to find loving homes for many of their pug and cat rescue.

Do you want to get involved with their cause? You can volunteer as a foster home, or give donations to support their works.

Humane Society of York County

8177 Regent Pkwy, Fort Mill, SC 29715



(803) 802-0902

Humane Society of York County

This “not for kill” shelter has been saving dog and cat lives for forty years. Every year, they are able to find 1,000 loving homes for all their dog and cat. They also take in other breeds like English bulldogs and smaller dogs like a pug.

Humane Society advocates the care for the life of humans’ furry friend. They deserve a second chance and it’s their mission to help them find a forever home for all their pet rescue. Are you interested to get involved with their cause? Here are some ways for you to help them:

  • Volunteer foster home
  • Donations to support Humane Society’s annual operational expense
  • Adopt a pet program

If you want to adopt a pug or puppies, you need to be a responsible owner. They can teach you how to do that by knowing the essential needs of a dog or cat. As a good owner, you must never discriminate any breed of dogs and cats.

They also send some volunteers to go to local communities in California, Hampshire, Maryland, and Mexico to advocate responsible breeding and ownership. By increasing public awareness, they have a higher chance of letting the community get involved with their cause.

On the other hand, you can sign up for their daily newsletter to receive updates about their operation and for a list of their adoptable pets.

Richardson Rescue

1968 State Rd S-46-168, York, SC 29745



(803) 628-5084

Richardson Rescue

This nonprofit organization nests in York, South Carolina. Their main goal is to preserve pet life and happiness just like humans. They also educate local communities with the best practices of being a pet owner and breeding.

Once the pug or dog stays inside the foster home, they will receive grooming and medical treatment. They spay stray animals to control their population. You can also avail of their spaying service for an affordable price.

Basically, Richardson Rescue prepare all their rescued pets before turning them to their forever homes. If you want to adopt one, fill out their online application form. Wait for 48 hours for processing your application. Once you passed, they will send you an email for a scheduled visit of your house and meet up with the pet.

Cullen’s Archangel Rescue

NOT A SHELTER, 1481 Pisgah Church Rd, Lexington, SC 29072


(803) 622-9813

Cullen's Archangel Rescue

Cullen is not a shelter but an organization that provides foster homes for the homeless dogs and cats. They rescue all dog breeds like pug and English bulldogs. Their staff don’t discriminate any breed since they value all of them equally.

All the pets they rescue will be trained, showered, and vetted. Their personalities will be identified to help them match with their prospect owners in the future. Rest assured, their adoption coordinator will give you a pug that matches your personality.

You can also donate to them via PayPal to support their operations. They solely rely on donations and volunteers to continue their cause.

Eunoia Rescue

South Carolina




Eunoia Rescue

Eunoia is also a foster home type of pug rescue. They have volunteers offering foster homes and care for all their rescued pugs and other dog breeds. They have multiple locations for their foster homes, depending on where their volunteers are living. Some of them are in Georgia, California while others in Maryland.

Just like other pet rescue groups, there is an adoption fee that you need to pay to support their veterinary services. Also they get their fund source from donation, either from individuals or corporations.

If you’d like to adopt a pug from them, you need to apply to be screened by their personnel. By adopting a pet, you are helping them save more lives.

Hope this article has helped you find the pug information you need. Browse for more.