Pug Rescue Seattle

Seattle is an amazing city located in Washington state. It is popularly known as the Emerald City in the Pacific Northwest area of the US. It offers beautiful commercial centers and green parks for everyone. You can explore their dynamic culture, food, and coffee.

Besides that, this city is known for being concerned with animals. As a matter of fact, there are many Seattle pug rescue groups in town. Not all of them are 100% no kill, but they are doing their best to save many animal lives.

Are you looking to foster pugs? Maybe adopt some cats and other dog breeds? If that so, Consider getting from pug rescue or animal shelters. Here is our list of the best Seattle pug rescue groups:

Best Seattle Animal Shelters

Seattle Pug Rescue

5806A 119th Ave SE, Bellevue, WA98006

Email: rescue@seattlepugs.com


(253) 655-7847

Seattle Pug Rescue

This nonprofit organization is passionate about saving pugs and pug mixes. They don’t have a permanent animal shelter for now, so they rely on their foster homes. These are volunteers who foster pugs that are saved by the group.

They have a fast adoption process. And so, they cannot update their list of available pugs for adoption. If you’re interested to adopt a dog, you need to fill out an application form and pay a fee of $15. After you pass the interview, that’s the time you will know their available pugs.

The entire process lasts for a month, so you need to be patient. Their coordinator will schedule a home visit to your place. They will interview you about dog ownership and check your capacity to have a pet. You need to wait to know if you pass the entire screening process. After that, their staff will find a suitable pug to match your personality.

Seattle Animal Shelter

2061 15th Ave W, Seattle, WA 98119



(206) 386-7387

Seattle Animal Shelter

This animal shelter save pugs and pug mixes. They also save other dogs and pets. You can find kittens and puppies for adoption in their facility. Besides, their volunteers educate the community on proper pet ownership and dog breeding. If you want to control the animal population, you can spay them.

No matter what age or physical condition, they save any breed of dogs. All their operations rely solely on donations. They conduct fundraising events to solicit donations from people and companies. They do all they can to find a forever home for all their animal rescue.

Ginger’s Pet Rescue

Ginger’s Pet Rescue, PO Box 28518, Seattle, WA 98118



(484) 695-2057

Gingers Pet Rescue

Ginger’s Pet Rescue is a not for profit group that rescues dogs in shelters, families, and streets. They believe that all pets deserve a second chance. That’s why they find a loving forever home for every animal rescued.

They are also a known Seattle pug rescue organization. They save pugs and other dogs in dangerous situations. Right now, they don’t have a central shelter to house all their pets. They rely on their volunteers to foster pugs and puppies. If you want to foster a puppy from them, visit their website for more information.

Their service location is within Washington and nearby states. They have several volunteers scattered all over the place. If you want to adopt a pet, the nearest volunteer will ease the adoption process. They will also conduct a home visit to check on your place.

Church of Pug

Seattle, WA 98165


(206) 992-0708

Church of Pug

This group is 100% not for profit and volunteer-based. They get financial support from private donations and volunteers. Your donations are essential for the group to continue with its mission. That’s to save your pet friend from cruelty and abandonment.

They rescue pugs and pug mixes regardless of age and physical condition. There were many times when they take in dogs that cannot walk. They put on appliances that can help them move. All their staff helps to rehabilitate their pug rescue. They do this before putting them in their loving homes.

They also educate the community about the animal control population. All dog breeders are given insights on proper dog breeding. If you need to neuter your dog, you can contact them.

Other than a pug, they also take in other similar breeds like Boston terriers and Frenchies. Anyhow, they don’t discriminate against dogs of any kind.

Seattle Humane

13212 SE Eastgate Way, Bellevue, WA 98005



(425) 641-0080

Seattle Humane

Christopher Ross is the CEO of Seattle Humane, a nonprofit organization. They provide compassionate services to rescue pug and other dog breeds. They give them vet support and grooming to restore their best health. It’s also to prepare them for their potential adopters.

They believe that all animals deserve a good life in a loving family. To ensure that, their volunteers screen the applicants who want to adopt a dog. You must have the capacity and desire to own a pet. Once you qualify as an adopter, you will pay an adoption that compensates for the vet support given to the dog.

Do you want to know how their adopting process works? You can visit their website to contact them and get more information. Also, check out their Facebook page to view their works.

Puget Sound Rescue

17206 SE 338th St, Auburn, WA 98092




Seattle Humane

This organization is for saving dog lives in dangerous situations for 20 years. They take in dogs from families and high skill animal shelters. Those left in the streets are also taken in for rehabilitation. So far, they have saved 4,000 dogs from being euthanized.

Barbara Wadleigh is the founder and CEO of Puget Sound Rescue. This group is also a known pug rescuer. All pugs under their care receive medical attention like vaccination and spaying. They will also be groomed to prepare them for adoption.

You can schedule a date to visit their office through their website or Facebook page. Barbara wants to make a difference in the lives of these fur buddies. That’s why they offer compassionate services for man’s best friend.

Once you get the pug of your life, adopted from a shelter or not, you need a lot of training on how to be a good pug parent. Learn more from our blogs.