Pug Rescue Utah

Pug Rescue Utah

This non profit organization dedicated to rescuing pugs and pug mixes in Utah. They take in homeless animals and put them in loving animal shelters. All these pug dogs receive vet care, behavioral support, and grooming to prepare them for adoption.

Besides, there are many animal welfare organizations located near Utah. Some of them can be found in Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and the Montana areas. These are neighboring states of Utah as the map shows and you can also find pug rescue groups there.

Are you looking for a volunteer-based organization on pug rescue in Utah? Check out our list below.

List of Pug Rescue Groups in Utah

Heart 4 Paws

4540 West 3100 South West Valley City, UT 84120



(801) 867-9564

Heart 4 Paws

They are a volunteer based organization with a mission of rehoming pug that is abandoned. Their clinic provides medical care for all pug rescue before placing them for adoption. They also send ambassadors to educate the community about pug dog breed. This is to promote good pet ownership.

Heart 4 Paws is a 501 c 3 non profit organization dedicated to providing foster homes for homeless pets. Your donation can support the well being of of purebred and pug crosses.

Utah Animal Adoption Center (UAAC)

8465 S 700 E, Sandy, UT 84070



(801) 355-7387


UAAC is a 501 c 3 non profit organization that protects the rescue pugs line up for euthanasia. Every year, they help 1000 dogs and cats find their forever homes. They have been doing this since 1983, saving pet lives from dangerous situations. They also educate current dog owners with the best practices in pet breeding.

UAAC partner with animals shelters to save cats and dogs from mercy killing. They source tax deductible donation from private individuals and corporations. The adoption fee you pay also helps save the life of one pug.

Visit their website to know more information about adopting puppies and senior dogs.

Second Chance Rescue

200 Gordon Ln, Salt Lake City, UT 84107



Second Chance Rescue

This organization was founded in 2000 by the leadership of Rhonda Greenhalgh. Second Chance Rescue is a 501 c 3 nonprofit group that rescue pugs and other dog breeds. Their main office is in Salt Lake City. But you can visit their website to get details for volunteering in foster homes or for adopting dogs.

All rescued cats and dogs get medical care such as spay, vaccination, and grooming. These are done before their team find homes for their pug rescue.

They take in homeless animals and put them in foster homes before finding a suitable adopter. Regardless of dog temperament and health, they rescue them from dangerous situations.

Owning a pet from Second Chance is like helping a friend get a better life.

Humane Society of Utah

4242 South 300 West, Murray, Utah 84107



(801) 261-2919

Humane Society of Utah

This is a 501 c 3 nonprofit organization that is dedicated to rescuing cats and dogs in shelters. They are also rescuing pugs that are abandoned in the streets. They are put into foster homes where they get proper nutrition and care.

As a volunteer based group, they solely rely on private donations. You can send them via PayPayl as friends or family for them to be free of charge. They also educate the community to support their mission of saving animal lives.

Their members also spay their rescued dogs and pugs to avoid overpopulation. It’s part of the medical care they give to their pug rescue.

Best Friends in Utah

2005 1100 E, Salt Lake City, UT 84106



(801) 574-2454

Best Friends Animal Society

This 501 c 3 animal care nonprofit group is dedicated to saving all homeless pets. You can find their head office in Salt Lake City, Utah. All their members are volunteer based and they get financial support from donations. The adoption fees and income from their shop also support their mission.

They rescue pug and pug crosses that have gone stray or sick. They will be put in animal shelters to receive adequate care until they find their forever homes.

Are you interested in adopting a pug? You will need to have a one on one meeting with their coordinator for screening. Once they find you suitable, the adoption process begins. You will then have new friends inside your home.

P.A.W.S. Adoption Center

1125 W 1130 N, St. George, UT 84770



(435) 688-9748


PAWS is a not for profit organization dedicated to rescuing pugs and other dogs. Their operation relies on private donations, fundraising events, and their online shop. All proceeds goes to supporting their mission of rescuing the lives of homeless cats and dogs.

They invite friends and the community to adopt a pug rescue to save lives. Owning one means you care for them and the organization. Their volunteers also go to local communities to share education on proper pet ownership.

PAWS educates current dog owners about animal rights. This is done to foster animal welfare and proper dog breed education. Because of that, they are one of the leading pug rescue groups in Utah.

Being pet owners is challenging, so they also give medical support.

Murray Animal Shelter

5624 300 W, Murray, UT 84107


(801) 264-2671

Murray Animal Shelter

Are you interested to adopt a pug rescue? This animal shelter is one of your best options for getting new pugs into your family. Besides adoption, this group educate current pet owners about animal rights and vet care.

This group is volunteers based so they rely on private donations and corporate matching. When you adopt a pug, the adoption fees are one of their sources for funding their cause.

They treat any dog breed as friends, not just as animals. Just like pug pals rescue, they send ambassadors to communities and businesses to share their mission. They rescue pugs and other dog breeds. And then they place them in animal shelters where they are prepared for their forever homes.

Do you want to adopt a dog? Adopt one to save one.

Also, Looking for a Pug Rescue in Idaho?

Pug Pals, Inc

P.O. Box 191175, Boise, ID 83719



(208) 571-9482

Pug Pals

Pug Pals Rescue is one of the leading pug rescue group in Idaho. Their pug rescue campaign stretches in Montana areas, Utah, Oregon, and Washington. Pug Pals recues dogs that are homeless or sick. They place them in a foster home for recovery.

All members rescue dogs to save them from euthanasia and danger. They take in different kinds of dog breed, health, and age. All dog rescues are treated like friends in Pug Pals. Their main goal in pug rescue is to find forever homes for their rescued dogs.

Support their cause today! All adoption fee goes to their mission.

Save more animal lives by volunteering or donating to them. For more information about pugs, visit our homepage or if you want more pug rescue topics click here.