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Welcome to Wisconsin Pug Rescue! If you’re planning to adopt pug rescue in Wisconsin area, you’ve come to the right place since we will guide you in connecting to pug rescue groups, website, contact details, and more information about them.

We also have listings of pug adoption organizations in Milwaukee County, Wisconsin, and other nearby state like Illinois. Below, our map shows the different locations of these pug rescue groups in WI.

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List of Wisconsin Pug Rescue Groups

Milwaukee Pugfest


Milwaukee Pugfest

This is a social non-profit organization spearheaded by Richard Kopaczewski that aims to protect the welfare of pugs. Currently, they have six employees and some volunteers in the company that help advocate the proper care and adoption process of new dog pets, particularly pugs.

They also have an annual Pug Fest event that is intended to raise funds to support the daily needs of their pug rescue in Wisconsin.

Great Lakes Pug Club

10N956 MAPLE ST, ELGIN, IL 60123


Great Lakes Pug Club

Another non-profit pug rescue group provides information to make people aware of the proper ways of grooming and adopting an adult or puppy pug. If you want to adopt and breed your pugs, you can get good advice from them.

Emily Thiel is the President of the Great Lakes Pug Club, and they have the experience and skills in fostering the welfare of this lovable breed of dogs. Whether you want male or female adults or puppies, they can help you search and adopt one.

Homeward Bound Pug Rescue and Adoption Oklahoma

Oklahoma, Norman, OK

(405) 706-1492


Homeward Bound Pug Rescue and Adoption Oklahoma

Gail Tucker formed this company in 2003 and all employees are volunteers to the cause of adopting dog rescues in Oklahoma and nearby states like Wisconsin and Illinois. They also have volunteers in Milwaukee County, WI, who help in rescuing and adopting abandoned and abused dogs.

This non-profit pug rescue organization is dedicated to educating and fostering the health and welfare of pugs. Their awareness campaign is directed to all people, especially dog breeders who are interested to adopt and breed this dog.

Why It’s Good To Adopt A Pug?

pug hugs photo

Who wouldn’t fall in love with this cute dog? It has big expressive eyes which happily blend with its wrinkled face and flat snoot.

Whether you get a male or female pug, it is unquestionably adorable and lovable. Are you on the fence about adopting one? Here are the best reasons why it can be an ideal dog for you.

Smart and Fast-Learner

training a pug

This dog is naturally smart and attentive, so you can easily train them. Because they are observant, these dogs easily observe where you hide your treats, and they’ll just grab it when you’re not there.

They are slightly stubborn, so you need to have extra patience in handling them. Nevertheless, they are good-natured dogs.

Highly Affectionate

person hugging a pug

Pugs are expressive and affectionate pets. They love to play and hang out with their owners and other pets. Among other dog breeds, they tend to sleep more like cats. Therefore, this dog is both a comedian and snoozer. That is something interesting to note, right?

Easy To Take Care

person brushing a pug

Contrary to the myth that pugs are difficult to take care of, this breed is gentle, friendly, and only takes light grooming. In terms of shedding, they don’t shed that much and you’ll just have to use a soft-bristled brush to comb them.

Also, they can easily adapt to any weather changes, yet a cooler room would be more suitable for them. Make sure to check your air conditioning units to ensure your home is not too warm for your pugs. Their ideal body temperature is between 101 to 102 degrees Fahrenheit.

A Little Exercise Works for Them

This breed of dogs has a compact body, so they are good for apartments or small houses. Unlike other huge dogs, a 20-minute exercise or walking is already great for your pug’s fitness. In terms of appetite, they are prone to obesity, so better watch their diet to avoid that.

Find the Best Wisconsin Pug Rescue

We hope to have helped you find the most reliable pug rescues in the state of Wisconsin and nearby areas. You can click on their website or Facebook page links to contact them and know their company backgrounds.

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If you’re located in another state, you can still click on the link to jump to their sites and ask them about a foster home or volunteer near you, or check out other resources here in our site.

Some of them have an online report form where you can fill them out if you’re interested to contact them for adopting a dog. Besides that, you can also help in advertising any of these agencies to help for their cause.