Pug vs Boston Terrier

pug vs boston terrier - pug

We are giving ideas about the pug vs Boston terrier dog breeds.

We will be sharing with you tips on how to raise and learn more about pug vs Boston terrier dog breed. I will be sharing my ideas based on my experience with the veterinary clinic for several years.
pug vs boston terrier - boston terrier
The pug comparison we tackle here is between pug and Boston terrier.

And they had a lot of similarities and differences in their wants and needs as pets. If you want to choose one that might be right for your home or a first time dog owner, or looking for companion animals.

Let us start reviewing more about pug and Boston terrier dog breeds. Choose the correct one to stay at home!

History of the Pug and the Boston Terrier

Let us start First begin by taking a brief look at the history of the lovable Chinese pug. They believe to be relatives of the mastiff around 2,000 years ago in China.

Pug is over two thousand years old, they made it out of China, and because of the Dutch traders around 300 years ago.

The main reason why pugs were already known in Europe, and many first time dog owners have them as companion dog.

The Boston terrier has long considered the national dog of the United States according to history. They recognized as a non-sporting breed by the American kennel club in 1893.

The first Boston terrier created in 1875 by Robert Cooper from Boston who bought a dog named judge.

According to the dog owner, this dog was a cross between an English bulldog and a white English terrier and bred with a small a short-tailed stocky white female named Bernice jib and with that, the Boston terror was born.

Boston terrier was the official name in 1891 and consider as popular dog breeds.


boston terrier vs pug
pug dog

A pug is a small but they are sturdy and describes as having a barrel-like appearance. They have is cute shorts with their unique flat face. Their chest is wide enough to cuddle and a tail that has a natural curl with one loop or two. And there dog’s eyes are adorable.

Pugs’ distinct facial feature includes deep wrinkles on their face and forehead. They accompanied by a thumbprint whistle. Not seen on every pug, this common feature is a smudge of black across their four head.

Boston terrier is recognizable, to their tuxedo styled coat compact body, and short tail.

They are sturdy and muscular dogs with a smooth straight coat distinct. Large ears that sit erect on their heads and they also have a flat-nosed face dog with no wrinkles.

American kennel club recognized three colors seal, a black with a red tinge to it. brindle with equal marks of white. Some Boston terrier has also other mixed colors of solid black tan and black mouse. Boston terrier also has a white marking across its chest between its eyes and on the muzzle.

Size and Weight of the dog breeds

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Both the pug and the Boston terrier are small dogs. But most of our records show a Boston Terrier to be between 15 and 17 inches tall and weigh between 12 and 25 pounds.

For male Boston, terrier weighs 25 pounds while the female up to 20 pounds.

But no matter how the Boston terrier weighs they should never look skinny. They will always look sturdy and muscular playful dogs.

While a pug is 10 to 13 inches off the ground and weighs 14 to 18 pounds.


boston terriers require

Aside from dog food, pugs and Boston terrier also eats fruits and vegetables

For these dog breed you can let them eat small pieces of cucumber, strawberry, and give banana milkshake during hot weather.

Grooming of the dog breeds

pug breed
flat faced dogs

For pug grooming. You should have a little grooming session every day. This includes their wrinkles being wipe over-brushing.

Their coats with a pointy brush as pugs fall off and are sure to check the

ears of the pug to make sure it’s clean, and the dog owners of a pug

can give them a bath every three weeks or if they get dirty playing especially during cold weather.

Boston terrier don’t need much grooming in fact a weekly brush with a grooming mitt.

The hair brush will keep their clothes with an elegant and clean appearance

and they will need the occasional bath to stay mud-free.

Training Tips for Boston Terriers and Pug Dogs

As a dog owner of a pug, the training can be difficult as they can be a stubborn breed but it’s not impossible as they are intelligent dogs, it’s essential that manners and obedience training needs to start as soon as you bring your new pug puppy home. Despite their small size, they can make a good watchdog but they are not known to excessive barking or be yappy.

The Boston Terrier is an intelligent, affectionate, and lively breed, they were once wild fighting dogs, but it can’t be beyond that.

In fact, they are now loving and loyal, but they can be a bit stubborn at best. The best way to train a Boston terrier is with motivational training as they are sensitive to your tone of voice. Punishing them too hard may cause them to lose interest in you and training them is a good idea to consider, create training with a Boston terrier whilst house.

For a Boston Terrier and a Pug. I would tell that ensuring toilet training goes your pup should take outside to the toilet every half an hour also after every time your puppy eats or drinks and both of them are playful dog.


Boston Terriers need about 30 minutes of exercise a day, they also need a lot play sessions and they love nothing more than a long game of fetch although not a clingy dog breed.

Pugs are excellent companion dogs but if you are looking for a guard dog or a dog to hunt and retrieve then, this is not the breed for you. Knee training and socializing activity are important with this breed as it affects their temperament.

Pugs are curious and playful and will approach people and held by them, they are loyal charming as well as being a little mischievous.

Boston terriers and pugs need to be careful not to be obese as these dogs are small in stature. They are part of the brachycephalic breed. Give them some reward treats after exercise. Don’t forget to give them some water especially during hot weather.


pug vs boston terrier winner

If you have children at home, being a pug owner is a good choice. Pugs are most happy when they‘re around people they love. They come to you when they want attention and affection.

They go off and do their thing, they are especially friendly even with people they don’t know and other dogs. They are also companion dogs when you are alone at home.

They are so small they have great activity between small children and other dogs, but always remember to be cautious during their playtime because accidents might can and do happen. Especially if both the pug is having fights. Sometimes pugs tend to be small companion dogs that are playful dogs, give them dog toys and, they will not stop playing.

They are not known to show aggression towards other dog =, but as seniors always tell us, better safe than sorry.

These are some of the reasons that a well-socialized pug is a popular choice for a family companion.

But if you are single or don’t have any children at home. Boston terrier is the best to have. They are a nice dog breed but, they can become a little territorial of other dogs.

When Boston terrier also invades their territory. It has usually seen more in males than females and they can avoid plenty of socialization like the pug. Training in manners and obedience, and engaging with other dogs.

Boston terriers need full training using dog signs and a toy dog. For them to have engagement together with other dog breeds

Whichever breed makes you happy as a dog owner. Always remember that pug and Boston terrier are some of the friendliest dog breeds.