Pug Weight Chart

Hello Pug Lovers! Today we will be sharing the important details of knowing your pug weight chart. And how to keep them healthy.

We encounter pug owners who have a fat pug at home.

Most of them don’t have an idea about the pug growth process. And proper nutrition causes obesity in their pug.

Remember that overweight pugs’ weight can cause health problems and shorter life expectancy.

As we go along with this article. We will be showing you the healthy pug weight and healthy diet to have a happy life with your pug.

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Weight Chart for Pugs

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Pugs reach complete maturity at 9 months. They achieve maturity at the age of one year.

Their weight and growth patterns will help you know whether they are healthy or not.

Stages Pug Growth Chart

This is from Birth up to two weeks also call as Neonatal Stage of Pug.

During stage the dog will have these characteristics:

  • The newborn pug will have sensation and flavor
  • The female pug feeds and warms them.
  • These pugs generally feed and sleep.

This is for pugs from 2 to 4 Weeks also call as Transitional Stage.

  • Pug’s hearing and smell will improve.
  • Eyes will grow and open.
  • Teeth will emerge in dog puppies.
  • Pugs rise up, walk, wag their tails, and even bark.
  • Mom and littermates impact a puppy’s behavior.

For 6 to 18 Months for pugs also call as Adolescence Stage

Puppies reach sexual maturity between 6 and 9 months of age. After 9 months, development decreases, and by 1 year, pugs are grown.

This note will provide you with a general idea of how your pug will develop and also how he will put on weight.

  • Pug age 8 weeks- Pug weight 0.90-1.81 kg
  • Pug age: 6 months – Pug weight: 3.17-5.44 kg
  • Pug age: 1 year- Pug weight:5.89-8.16 kg

Average Weight

Adult Pug is 6-8 kilograms ideal weight. And is 10-13 inches high and they are compact and sturdy, not skinny and short.

If your Pug continues to gain weight over 8 kilograms. Check your weight chart because your pugs might gain too much weight. Call your veterinarian as soon as possible for a checkup.

Pug Puppy Weight at Birth

People ask what the typical newborn pug bodyweight is at birth. The weight of pug puppies ranges from 0.075 to 0.35 kilograms.

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You must have a good idea of how much Pug’s weight will grow. It is important to remember that the weight of pug puppies will rise as they become older.

You’ll need to keep an eye on them on the pug puppy weight chart to make sure they’re not overfed.

It is much simpler to get them the appropriate food for newborn pugs while they are still young.

Keep in mind that they can get a weight of 2 to 3.5 kilograms when they reach the age of four months.

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Difference between female and male pug weight chart

The male and female Pugs don’t have much of a distinction in looks.

The male pug is between 14 inches tall and weighs between 9 and 13 kilograms while

the female pug is between 12 inches tall and weighs between 8 and 12 kilograms.

There doesn’t seem like a change, but female pugs seem sleeker and less muscular and stocky than male pugs.

Signs of Obese Pugs

Pugs are prone to gaining weight. They are opportunistic eaters who will overeat. Which is the main reason why they are prone to obesity.

Pug overweight if food consumption is not managed. Or if the dietary food is inappropriate. Inactivity also promotes excess weight.

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While appearances may be misleading. You should check your pug’s health by asking yourselves the following questions. If these rolls of a fat pug on their tummy? Are neck and waist gone? Do they seem bloated? Lack of motivation to exercise.

If you answered yes to any of them. You fat pug.

Another way to determine that the Pug is overweight is to check its ribs.

This might help determine its body weight. Examine the sides and abdominal parts with your hands and check if your pug’s weight is ordinary.

If you can feel the ribs without pushing because when you cant feel the pug’s ribs shows that they are obese.

Reasons for obese pugs.


Most canine obesity. The highest among dog breeds is because of their structural form and their behavior.


The danger rises when the pugs are older because of their metabolism changes.

If elderly dogs consume the same amount of food when they are young while being less active. They may gain weight.

Castration for dogs

Neutered pug dogs are more vulnerable which reduces the metabolism rate of energy. They may consume more calories when their meals and activity are not changed.

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An unbalanced and uncontrolled pug diet may contribute to weight gain issues. Routine treats actually cause harmful weight imbalances.

Pugs are a brachycephalic breed. They requires them to have a regular exercise which can help your pug stay at a healthy weight. Exercising your dog keeps it fit. It also prevents stomach issues.

Influence on society

Pugs living with many other dogs may consume much more and eat faster than those living alone.

Dogs who don’t interact with several other canines tend to get more rewards.

So keep an eye on your pug’s daily food intake.

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Results of Excessive Weight for Pug

Obesity may affect a pug’s life, wellness, and life span. A pug’s obesity is a serious health risk since it may cause:

  • Short life expectancy for a pug.
  • Fat around the neck, chest, and face makes pugs breathe harder.
  • Overweight pugs are more prone to heatstroke.
  • Allergic skin disorders rise with obesity in dogs. The skin folds of Pugs cause skin concerns

Things to do for a healthy life for Pug Dog

  • Give appropriate dog food. Commercial pug dog food with cereals, carbohydrates, and added fiber. May cause malnutrition, making your dog hungry.
  • To compensate for the lack of protein, your pug may get obsessed with finding extra amino acids. You should have a visit with your pug’s veterinarian to know the appropriate diet for your pug to have an adequate weight. With how often pugs love food, you may ask whether pugs are food-obsessed. Food-related emotions and taught behaviors might turn your pug seem food-obsessed.

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  • To prevent overfeeding your dog, you must develop self-control and ignore pleading. Feeding your pug leftover food might cause stomach difficulties, especially indigestion.Give your pug more often, dividing the daily calorie consumption into smaller chunks. Fill her meal dish with water and vegetables to provide quantities without calories. Play with your dog or bring her for a stroll.

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  • Your pug, no matter its age needs proper nourishment at all times. Provide your dog with a healthy meal that is balanced.This refers to meals for pugs that are strong in protein but contain little or no grain. Excessive giving of food should avoid to your pugs. Scheduling meal times and keeping track of pug eats.
  • You’ll decrease the number of times you feed your pug puppy from 8 weeks to one one-year-old you can have two meals a day for your dog.

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  • You can take your pug to the veterinarian to have pug weight measured and development monitored or can do it in your home. Make sure you’re meeting the correct pace, keep an eye on your pug’s reducing weight, and adjust her calorie consumption.

Your pug should lose 0.5–2.0 percent of its beginning body weight every week.

They may lose weight more quickly initially due to a reduction in water weight. When your dog is losing more than 2% each week early on, there is no need to change the daily food supply.

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They may lose weight more due to a reduction in water weight. When your dog is losing more than 2% each week early on, there was no need to change the daily food supply.

Regular exercise is essential for a healthy pug. Consider brisk walks and occasional fetch toy dogs games to have a healthy body shape. If given the chance, your pug will spend the day curled up on the couch with you.

Do not even allow their laid-back demeanor to dissuade you from the everyday workout.

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Best Advice for pug owner

Don’t forget Pugs consider to grow at 9 months, at which point they stop increasing in weight or height. In most cases, pugs achieve maturity once they are one year old. Before any adulthood, there is sexual maturation up to 6 to 9 months old.

Pet owners should take good care of these small dogs and should be conscious of adult weight. To keep them healthy so that we can still have them during senior pugs’ life.

Always consult your pug dog if you can see some changes in their weight.

You can check our blog to learn more about the pug life.