Pugs 101: When Is The Right Time For Dog Diapers?

Having a hard time keeping up with your pet’s needs? Or, are you one of those first-time fur parents who want to make everything easy for their fur babies, especially when they have to pee? No matter what your reasons may be, there are numerous alternatives you can consider for that aspect, including a dog diaper.

Dog diapers have become some of the most essential things for fur parents over the past years. Aside from looking cute on their pets, many pet owners use diapers for varying purposes.

But, before asking about their advantages, it’s important to know first what they’re for. Also, you must know about the general guidelines on how to choose and use your dog’s diapers to ensure obtaining the best results.

Pet with diapers

Dog Diapers: Things To Know

Whatever you’re expecting them to be, you might be right on that. Dog diapers are a type of wearable cover for your pet’s backside. Just like human diapers, these covers are primarily used to relieve your pets whenever they need to. The only difference is that dog diapers have a hole for the tail.

While there are plenty of available options to consider, there are primarily two types of styles for dog diapers. There are those used for male dogs—these have a cover for the midsection and have belly bands. On the other hand, dog diapers for female pets are designed to cover larger parts of their hindquarters and are typically more full-coverage.

For people who are wondering, dog diapers are used to help pups and senior dogs that have trouble with their bowel movements. Also, they could be of great help in providing additional comfort and protection to your pets. As pets may develop urinary tract infection (UTI) due to the bacteria on the floor, diapers may help prevent dirt from entering their urethras.

If you’re wondering about how to care for your pugs appropriately, you can add dog diapers to their necessities. Also, here are some of the most common types of diapers used for pets, especially dogs:

  • Disposable Diapers

If you want a type of diaper that’s easy to dispose of after use and super handy, then, disposable diapers might be the right option for you. Be it for a pug or any type of dog breed, dog diapers could help your pets in many ways. As they’re commonly used to prevent leakage, disposable dog diapers could be beneficial in managing bowel problems in dogs.

When choosing the appropriate type of diaper for your pug, you must not forget about the levels of comfort and convenience they could offer. Particularly, you must search for diapers with elastic garters and adjustable fasteners to ensure the right fit. Aside from controlling incontinence, disposable dog diapers may also help pets that need post-surgical care, or those that are in heat or under training.

  • Cloth Diapers

If you want a more sustainable and more cost-efficient alternative, you can always opt for a washable cloth diaper for your pet. With their washable materials, these dog diapers make for a more environment-conscious solution to your problems.

One of the most notable characteristics of washable diapers is their soft fabric exterior, which allows pets to be more comfortable with their diapers. They’re also usually lined with a soft-absorbent mesh liner that prevents risks of leakage. In terms of usability, washable diapers could be used for a considerable time. Most importantly, they’re waterproof or water-resistant, which could help keep your pets dry.

  • Male Wraps

As mentioned earlier, there are specific types of diapers used for male and female dogs. For male pugs, male wraps are often used as an alternative to dog diapers. If you’re wondering about what they look like, male wraps are wide belts that fit perfectly on the waist area, effectively covering the male parts.

Aside from male wraps, belly bands could also be used for dogs with incontinence. For better absorbency, you can put a sanitary napkin inside to avoid leakage.

  • Pullups

While these may not be among your top priorities of alternatives, pullups could serve as great alternatives to the abovementioned choices. When putting them on, you can place your pet between your legs, put the back legs in the holes, and pull them up. To take them off, you can just pull them down.

When To Use Dog Diapers?

For people with kids, it’s common to use diapers for better protection and comfort. But, for first-time pet owners, this might be an unusual necessity, although many people are using dog diapers now.

Here the best times to use dog diapers:

  • Urinary Incontinence

While some people may not know it, dogs may also suffer from urinary diseases and illnesses that could cause them great discomfort. Particularly, elderly dogs become more at risk of incontinence as they grow older. Incontinence is the type of condition that mainly affects one’s muscles and nerves that hold or release urine. As much as it could affect many people, incontinence may also impact your pets in many ways.

Incontinence can be a result of many underlying factors, such as UTI, diabetes, weakened sphincter muscles, or bladder issues. One of the most common signs of incontinence is the pooling or spotting of urine under your pet even when they’re relaxed. In most cases, dogs suffering from incontinence may have a hard time controlling their urge to pee, which increases the risks of leakage.

Senior dogs, in particular, may have lesser control over their bladder. If you’ve been noticing several symptoms in your dog, it’s best to take them to a veterinarian. In a way, dog diapers may help keep them dry and clean, especially because they don’t have to go to the toilet.

  • Senior Dogs

Aside from incontinence, you must also not forget about the consequences of aging on your pets. As they’re more prone to several health issues and illnesses, senior dogs may suffer the most if not well-taken care of. Due to their weaker immune systems and bodies, elderly dogs may experience numerous diseases, including incontinence, canine cognitive dysfunction (CCD), or cognitive impairments.

Elderly dogs may also suffer from gradual deterioration in their body functions, and may have a hard time moving around, even if they need to urinate or defecate. In some cases, cognitive impairment could increase the risks of bladder issues and incontinence.
While you may consider various types of medications for them, diapers could be of great significance.

  • Heat Seasons

Pets, especially female dogs, experience going in heat several times in their lives. While humans may undergo a seemingly similar cycle, which is the menstrual period, female dogs experience an estrous cycle. Generally, female dogs may undergo heat seasons after reaching the age of sexual maturity. This stage happens when female dogs become receptive to mating, also called estrus.

To better understand them, you must first learn about the signs of heat season among your pets. When in heat, their levels of estrogen may increase, and they may release bloody-red discharge and become agitated.

Furthermore, they’d often leave stains on carpets and floors. Female pets may instinctively clean themselves, so having a diaper may prevent them from doing that excessively. Using a diaper may also help keep your home cleaner and prevent the possibility of any litter.

  • Training

Teaching your dogs to go to the toilet whenever they need to pee or poop is good. It’s even a better alternative than having to clean your house every time they litter on your floor. However, that could be a challenging task, especially if you’re dealing with puppies and elderly dogs.

Puppies and senior dogs may have a hard time relieving themselves due to their age and cognitive impairments, so you might consider using a diaper. To lessen the hassle of cleaning, you can opt for dog diapers. Through this alternative, they won’t have to go to the toilet while they’re still learning how to housetrain.

Also, you can use diapers whenever you’re training them. Potty training, in particular, could help you save money over time, so doing this is a must.

  • Dogs Recovering From Injury

Dogs who are suffering from an injury or post-surgical impacts may require additional attention and care from you. It’s because some veterinarians may instruct them to be at a crate rest. When that happens, they can only be allowed to urinate and defecate within five minutes, at most.

However, your dog may pee more frequently than you can prepare for, so it’d be better to use dog diapers for them. A dog diaper could significantly help them relieve themselves easily and hassle-free.

  • Dogs On Medication

Medications are also some of the most common reasons why dogs often have a hard time managing their urination. Specific types of medication could increase the risks of urinary imbalances and make your pug urinate more frequently. These may include steroids, furosemide, and diuretics.

In most cases, these medications could cause frequent urination among your pets. Consequently, your dog might need to pee often and you need to look after their litter. Rather than closely monitoring your pet’s activities and trying to keep up with their urges, you can use dog diapers.


Looking after your pet’s welfare can be a challenging task to accomplish, especially if you’re a first-time fur parent. With many things to consider and numerous risks to be mindful of, it’s easy to get intimidated by your responsibilities as a fur parent. Fortunately, there are various alternatives you can consider to enhance your pets’ quality of life, including using dog diapers.

Whether it’s for a pug or any type of dog breed, these diapers could benefit your pets in more ways than one. For a sound buying decision, you can consider the above-mentioned tips.

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